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NBA basketball player Kevin Durant of Oklahoma City Thunder is greeted by fans as he arrives at a commercial event in Guangzhou

Video: Watch Durant workout, his showdown with LeBron

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The latest installment of Kevin Durant’s 35th Hour is out.

It’s a video look inside the life of KD (put together by his marketing team, so don’t expect any dirt) and you can watch him work out, shop and bowl. Durant really needs a “Bowling Never Stops” shirt to wear around.

The best part is the behind the scenes stuff from the legendary Goodman League vs. Melo League showdown (starts about the 7 minute mark), where Durant and LeBron James went head to head. Check it out.

That’s cold: ‘Melo has two cell phones stolen at Melo league game

Goodman League All-Stars v The Melo League

The Melo League bares the name of Carmelo Anthony — he helped pay for the youth center in Baltimore that among many things hosts the summer pro-am league of some renowned.

The same league that just took on and beat the Goodman League in a showdown. Which makes this report a little cold hearted.

‘Melo had two cell phones stolen at the ‘Melo League game, according to the New York Post.

Anthony’s two cellphones were stolen by an unidentified attendee after the competition. “Fans bum-rushed the court to get close to the guys after the game,” a source told Page Six. “Carmelo’s phones were stolen during all of the chaos.” Fans on Twitter caught wind of the missing phones and tweeted to help him find them. But a rep said they have not been returned to Anthony, who played alongside the Miami Heat’s LeBron James at the charity event at Morgan State University.

Sure, Anthony can afford a couple more cell phones (many NBA players have two, keeping business and personal separate). But man, that is just cold people. Cold.

Video: LeBron James vs. Kevin Durant from Goodman vs. Melo

LeBron James
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We already told you how LeBron James and Kevin Durant really put on a show at the Goodman League vs. Melo League showdown in Baltimore this week.

KD rolled in late (which is why the game started 45 minutes late) and then proceeded to drop 59 while often guarded by LeBron. In return, LeBron dropped 42 including the three that pretty much sealed the win for the Melo League.

The guys at Ballislife.com — some of the best video guys out there — put together a great highlight package of the two going back and forth. Enjoy. This may be the best basketball you get to watch for entirely too long.