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Golden State Warriors Road Trip to Utah

Warriors bring back CoCo in championship celebration (video)


The Warriors made O.T. Genasis’s “CoCo” their unofficial theme song this season

But powers from above ended that, because the song is about scary, scary drugs.

Now that the Warriors is championship, nothing is stopping them. Here are they are – posted by Harrison Barnes – loving the CoCo one last time in its full glory.

Drunk Leandro Barbosa basks in ‘we gonna be championship’ prediction

2015 NBA Finals - Game Six

In March, Warriors guard Leandro Barbosa ended a postgame interview by saying “we gonna be championship:”

Well, Golden State is championship.

Last night, an admittedly drunk Barbosa enjoyed being championship:

PBT Extra, Twitter reaction edition: Should Andre Iguodala have been MVP?


Wednesday morning I took to twitter and asked for people’s reactions to the NBA Finals. Then we took some of the best of those and talked them over with Jenna Corrado in this PBT Extra.

At the top of the list: People didn’t love the pick of Andre Iguodala as the MVP.