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Boston Celtics v Sacramento Kings

DeMarcus Cousins with not-so-cryptic tweet, shot at George Karl


DeMarcus Cousins isn’t looking to leave Sacramento. Make no mistake, he’s had his frustration with the organization— and with good reason. The last few years of their ownership, theMalloof brothers were a mess with focus elsewhere. Then under new owner Vivek Ranadive the Kings hired a coach Cousins liked in Mike Malone and picked a direction built around Cousin’s style — and in the middle of last season Ranadive fires Malone because he wants to run more. Through it all Cousins has remained loyal to the Kings.

Now comes new coach George Karl, who isn’t putting a system in around Cousins. Rather, he is pushing to trade Cousins. He’s trying to get Ranadive on board.

So how does Cousins feel about Karl?

Karl has had his run-ins before. Remember he said Andre Iguodala was a “mole” for Mark Jackson and the Warriors when Denver (then coached by Karl) and Golden State met in the playoffs.

It’s hard to see how Cousins and Karl could co-exist next season. One of them will have to go, and at this point it seems more likely to be Cousins.

What Karl wants is to revamp the roster and bring in quality veterans, a team that can win now rather than be a slow build. That is something that is not going to happen with the rumored Lakers offer (which is focused around the No. 2 pick in the draft). But there will be other teams that are interested.

Draymond Green got a customized Warriors WWE championship belt


In perhaps the least surprising development following the Warriors’ first championship in four decades, Draymond Green has been given a customized WWE championship belt with Warriors logos on the sides.

Guessing this will be a mainstay in the Warriors’ locker room next season.

Report: Mark Jackson tried to poison Warriors against Festus Ezeli

Mark Jackson

Mark Jackson took an us-against-the-world approach while coaching the Warriors.

That’s hardly unusual.

What set Jackson apart is how extremely he took the strategy. Often, it seemed Golden State’s own management was the “world” and only Jackson and the players were the “us.”

But maybe it was even MORE outrageous, to the point an injured Festus Ezeli became the “them.”

Zach Lowe of ESPN:

When Ezeli was injured last season, Jackson and his staff told the healthy players that Ezeli was cheering against them — so that he would look good, according to several team sources. Players confronted Ezeli in a meeting, and he wept at the accusation — which he denied.

I suppose it’s possible Ezeli actually cheered against his own team. But given what we know about him and Jackson, I doubt it.

More likely, this was just a cheap motivational trick on Jackson’s part – which is a shame.

It puts Ezeli in an impossibly unfair spot. Jackson is too good a motivator to resort to garbage like that, but sometimes his paranoia takes over.

Jackson doesn’t get enough credit for improving the Warriors’ defense. He probably wouldn’t have led them to a championship like Steve Kerr did, but Jackson put them on the right track.

However, there were too many unnecessary problems in Golden State of Jackson’s own creation. Even though he can do good things as a coach, that’s going to make other teams be wary of hiring him.