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It’s official: Derrick Rose agrees to max extension with Bulls


This was as expected as Santa’s rounds in a few days.

Derrick Rose has agreed to a five-year, $94 million max extension with the Bulls, reports Aggrey Sam at CSNChicago.com. That actually is a super-max deal under the “Derrick Rose” rule in the new CBA that allows players getting their first extension of their rookie deal to get 30 percent of the salary cap (up from 25 percent) if they have been named league MVP (or have made two All-Star teams). What that means is Rose will make a little more than $10 million additional in those five years.

The big raise kicks in next season, when Rose will make about $16 million.

In case you were trapped in a mine last year and missed it, Rose was named league MVP averaging 25 points and 7.7 assists, essentially carrying the Chicago Bulls offense all the way to the Eastern Conference finals. He is the Bulls cornerstone, the future, the reason they are contenders. This is a max guy without question.

The signing is good news for Bulls fans, who will have Rose around until the middle of the decade at the very least now.

Timberwolves priority to re-sign now thinner Kevin Love

NBA All-Star Kevin Love Holds Press Conference In Times Square

Say what you will about David Kahn — and trust me, we will — the man knows why he still is pulling a paycheck.

And he said at his press conference Thursday that he wants to make sure Kevin Love gets an extension on his rookie deal. Jerry Zgoda of the Star Tribune had the tweet.

Kahn on re-signing Love: “It certainly is a priority. I expect Kevin will be a big part of this franchise for a number of years.”

Don’t screw this up Minny. Love does not qualify for the Derrick Rose rule, so he gets a rookie-max deal. Give it to him.

This is a new, thinner Kevin Love getting an extension, by the way. The Portland Tribune has this note (via SLAM).

Minnesota’s 6-9 power forward will enter training camp on Dec. 9 weighing in at 240 pounds, down about 25 from his playing weight at the end of last season. ‘Haven’t been this low since my freshman year in high school,’ quips Love, 23, the former Lake Oswego High standout.

The secret, clearly, is beach volleyball. Still not sure he fits in a pair of skinny jeans, but better conditioning is a good sign for his production this year.

Top priority for Chicago Bulls: Ink Rose to new deal

Miami Heat v Chicago Bulls - Game Two

Yes, the Bulls need to give some consideration to a two guard (Arron Afflalo is the perfect fit but Denver won’t let him go) and some depth up front.

But those are not the biggest priority.

Job No. 1 — keep Derrick Rose happy. He is the franchise cornerstone, the MVP, the guy who fills the seats and who sponsors pay to be associated with. He’s the meal ticket.

Which is why the Bulls are working on the framework for a new maximum extension for Rose, according to ESPNChicago.com.

Rose’s new deal will start at $17.4 million (next season), a figure he gets thanks to the “Derrick Rose” rule. As part of the new labor agreement, the rule lets rookies heading into their second contract who have made two All-NBA teams or won the MVP (as Rose did) get up to 30 percent of the salary cap (other rookies can get no more than 25 percent, meaning Rose gets about $3 million a year more).

Rose told CSNChicago.com he is flattered by and likes the rule. Ya think?

No real drama here, the Bulls will offer the deal and Rose will sign it. As it should be. There are a handful of cornerstone NBA players and when you have one you do whatever it takes to keep them.