Report: Bucks end extension talks with Brandon Knight


With the deadline for players entering their fourth year to reach rookie-scale extensions looming Friday night at midnight, Brandon Knight’s decision is already made. Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski reports that talks between Knight and the Milwaukee Bucks have ended, and the point guard will be a restricted free agent next summer.

Knight’s value is difficult to pinpoint. He was likely asking for an extension in the range of other point guards who have signed them in recent years, including Kemba Walker’s four-year $48 million deal with the Hornets earlier this week. In his three years in the NBA, Knight has proven to be a solid point guard, if a cut below the Ty Lawson/Jrue Holiday tier that have received extensions for eight figures annually. Knight scored 22 points on 5-for-17 shooting with eight rebounds and 13 assists in the Bucks’ season-opening loss in Charlotte.

As a free agent, it’s difficult to see Knight drawing offers much higher than what he would have received in an extension. The point guard position is so deep around the league that only a handful of teams would view him as an upgrade, and the Bucks can match any offer sheet a team signs him to. It will be interesting to see what kind of deal he gets next summer, but in the meantime, he has a lot to prove this season with Milwaukee.

Josh Smith responds to Kenneth Faried, calls him ‘a clown’


After the Nuggets beat the Pistons on Wednesday, in a game where Josh Smith scored 15 first quarter points but shot just 3-of-12 from the field over the final three periods, Kenneth Faried gave his opinion on what Detroit’s primary problem was.

“Josh Smith, we let him keep shooting,” Faried said. “And he ended up with 25, but he still kept shooting. He shot them out of the game.”

A day later, Smith had plenty to say in his own defense.

From David Mayo of

“I don’t respond to nobody that has dreadlocks and plays basketball,” Smith said. “I don’t respond to people like that. The man’s a clown, man. Quote me on that, too.” …

The teams play again Feb. 6 at The Palace of Auburn Hills and Smith said he would remember Faried’s words that night.

“He knows it’s coming,” Smith said. “In order to make comments like that, you’ve got to be able to back it up, man. And we’re going to see what happens next time.

“I’m gonna have some words while I’m bustin’ his ass, you know what I’m saying? While I’m bustin’ his ass. I back up what I talk. So it’s going to be a pretty good matchup.” …

“He fears me,” Smith said. “He’s scared of me. So of course he’s going to talk about me in the newspaper. He’s not going to do it to my face. If you’ve got to hide behind a smart phone or a microphone or a recorder, so be it.”

On the one hand, you could see how Smith wouldn’t take too kindly to Faried’s remarks, because egos are large at the professional level, and no player wants to believe that a team’s strategy would involve goading him into taking as many shots as possible.

On the flip side, though, the level of trash talk Smith comes back with seems more than a little bit excessive.

Feb. 6 is a lifetime from now in NBA terms. It’ll be interesting to see if the animosity on Smith’s side is still there the next time he meets Faried between the lines.

Ty Lawson tells a(n obviously great) JaVale McGee story


Nuggets point guard Ty Lawson did an AMA on reddit, and someone asked for his best story about JaVale McGee, the Denver center who’s on a $44 million contract and prone to ridiculous errors.


the funniest thing i heard him say was when a fan yelled out ” thats the guy on shaqtin a fool” and javale immediately turned and said “yeah but I’m shaqtin this cash

That is truly JaVale McGee doing a JaVale McGee thing.

Kenneth Faried on Josh Smith: ‘He shot them out of the game’


Josh Smith scored scored 15 points in the first quarter of last night’s Pistons-Nuggets game. His shot chart:

josh smith vs nuggets q1

Unsurprisingly to anyone who has followed Smith’s career, he didn’t quit while he was ahead. Smith’s shot chart the final three quarters:

smith vs nuggets

Detroit lost, 89-79.

How did the Nuggets turn their fortunes?

Kenneth Faried, via the Nuggets’ official website:

Josh Smith, we let him keep shooting. And he ended up with 25, but he still kept shooting. He shot them out of the game.

Right now, all of the Pistons’ future opponents are telling Faried: “Shhhhh.” If Smith ever gets wise to why opponents leave him open outside the paint, he might stop falling for it and taking – and bricking – so many jumpers.

Then again, Smith is in his second decade of NBA play. If he hasn’t figured it out by now, he probably never will. Talk away, Faried.

67 Reasons I’m Excited For Next Season


1. Tom Thibodeau managing his bigs

2. DeMarcus Cousins continuing where he left off

3. Brad Stevens with NBA experience

4. Andrew Wiggins vs. Jabari Parker

5. Victor Oladipo playing shooting guard

6. Return of injured players

7. Warriors’ starting lineup

8. Russell Westbrook being Russell Westbrook

9. Goran Dragic at it again

10. Phil Jackson’s influence

11. Giannis Antetokounmpo at point guard

12. Michael Carter-Williams’ development

13. David Blatt’s offense

14. The mysterious and unexpected Bruno Caboclo

15. Kawhi Leonard playing to get paid (even if he’s not)

16. Tyson Chandler back with the Mavericks

17. Jose Calderon setting up Carmelo Anthony offensively

18. Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph (one last time?)

19. Pacers testing positions’ defensive importance

20. Paul Millsap and Al Horford, the Eastern Conference’s Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol

21. Kyrie Irving’s bonkers All-Star voting

22. Disappointing second-year players looking for redemption

23. Dwight Howard and James Harden doing it alone

24. Chris Paul, NBA’s most underrated point guard

25. Synergy of the Pelicans’ lineup

26. More Kyle Lowry-Greivis Vasquez lineups

27. Chandler Parsons in the spotlight

28. Erik Spoelstra proving his chops

29. Nerlens Noel’s long-awaited debut

30. Tim Duncan doing it again

31. Wizards’ small forwards

32. Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh leading a team without LeBron

33. Emotional swings of Roy Hibbert

34. JaVale McGee doing JaVale McGee things

35. K.J. McDaniels testing the second-round system

36. Isaiah Thomas vs. Sacramento Kings

37. Lance Stephenson on the loose

38. Warriors starters with Draymond Green

39. Byron Scott defying convention

40. Cavaliers’ dramatic turnaround

41. Rajon Rondo playing with (slightly) better teammates

42. Steve Clifford handling more, um, personality

43. Stan Van Gundy developing Andre Drummond

44. Whatever Jason Kidd does

45. Josh Huestis in the D-League

46. Jonas Valanciunas on verge of a breakthrough

47. Damian Lillard getting better and overshadowed again

48. 76ers pissing off everyone. Again.

49. LeBron James back in Cleveland

50. Kobe Bryant out for revenge

51. Klay Thompson proving his worth during NBA games

52. Ricky Rubio playing for a max contract

53. James Young representing Flint

54. Whatever Kevin Durant can do

55. New coaches

56. Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving in the playoffs

57. Suns’ many point guards

58. Dirk Nowitzki surrounded by weapons

59. Nets finding new identity with Lionel Hollins

60. Derrick Favors vs. Enes Kanter, Trey Burke vs. Dante Exum

61. Timberwolves as Canada’s other team

62. Greg Monroe playing out his daring decision

63. Thunder’s young guns

64. Lakers’ train wreck

65. Charlotte playing as the Hornets again

66. Rookies

67. Anthony Davis becoming a superstar

It’s here!