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Report: Pacers to sign Jordan Hill


The Pacers are trying to play faster.

Out go Roy Hibbert, David West and Luis Scola.

In comes Jordan Hill

Sean Deveny of Sporting News:

It will still be tough for Indiana to adjust, but Hill is a pretty good fit for its desired new system.

He’s a good athlete, which serves him well on both ends of the floor. He’ll be an effective screener in the pick-and-roll with Monta Ellis, and he can switch defensively.

With Hibbert going to the Lakers, this is effectively a swap of centers. Hibbert is the better player, but Hill might be a better fit with the Pacers. And he’ll surely cost less.

Report: Tim Duncan’s new deal is for two years, starting at $5 million

Tim Duncan

Now that the moratorium has been lifted, the Spurs are starting the process of formalizing their signings for a blockbuster summer. Before signing LaMarcus Aldridge and David West, they’re going to get Tim Duncan’s deal done, and according to NBA.com’s David Aldridge, it’s a two-year deal worth $5 million annually.

It’s a steep pay cut from the $10 million Duncan made last year, but you knew he was going to take less in order to make the Spurs’ signings work under the cap. At 39 years old, his production has yet to decline, so if he continues to perform at his current level, his new contract will be even more of a steal than his previous one.

PBT Extra: Spurs lead Texas winners in NBA Free Agency

Portland Trail Blazers v Miami Heat
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There are questions if you want to be picky: LaMarcus Aldridge has never led a team deep into the playoffs before. Aldridge and Tim Duncan have similar games (they both prefer the left block) games, how do they mesh? How does David West mesh at the four? Can there be too much talent in San Antonio?

I’m sure Gregg Popovich is crying into his Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir.

The Spurs have aced free agency with the precision they seem to do everything, and they are one of the winners in NBA free agency. Actually, both winners we talk about here came out of the state of Texas.