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Knicks selected Kristaps Porzingis No. 4 in NBA Draft, and fans in attendance were not at all pleased (VIDEO)


NEW YORK — The players selected with the first three picks of the NBA Draft were the ones expected, even if D’Angelo Russell overtook Jahlil Okafor, and ended up going to the Lakers with the No. 2 overall pick.

Karl-Anthony Towns went one to the Timberwolves, which meant that with the early lack of surprises, the Knicks should have had a pretty solid plan as to which way they’d go with the fourth overall selection already in place.

But things remain fluid on draft night, so New York listened to offers to trade down.

Phil Jackson told reporters that he had conversations with other teams, but that any potential offers were contingent on how the first three picks played out.

Since nothing concrete transpired, the Knicks selected Kristaps Porzingis at four — and despite the fact that more than one scout has projected him to be the best player in this draft class once all is said and done, the Knicks fans in attendance at Barclays Center were, somewhat predictably, less than pleased.

“I mean, a lot of fans weren’t happy that they drafted me,” Porzingis said afterward. “But I have to do everything that’s in my hands to turn those booing fans into clapping fans.

“There’s nothing I can do,” he continued. “I was happy about it. I want to be a part of this organization, and I know the fans are a little harsh sometimes, but that’s how they are here in New York, and I’m ready for it.”

Frank Kaminsky wants you to know that his potential isn’t ‘tapped out’

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - APRIL 04:  Frank Kaminsky #44 of the Wisconsin Badgers reacts late in the game against the Kentucky Wildcats during the NCAA Men's Final Four Semifinal at Lucas Oil Stadium on April 4, 2015 in Indianapolis, Indiana.  (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

NEW YORK – Compared to the rest of the guys who will be sitting in the green room at the 2015 NBA Draft, Frank Kaminsky is a 22-year-old senior citizen. He’s the lone guy out of the group who completed all four years of school, which is quite an accomplishment in the one-and-done age.

“People who go to college have to grow up and find their way. It’s not easy to make it for four years in college and maintain a level of success where you get better and better every year,” Kaminsky said during the pre-draft interviews. “I was able to do that. I was able to grow up as a person and grow up as a player.”

Indeed he did. Kaminsky got better and better each year throughout his time at Wisconsin, with the culmination coming in his senior year as he was named a consensus first team All-American, the Big Ten Player of the Year, and the Naismith National Player of the Year. And he led Wisconsin to the national championship game, to boot.

Kaminsky had the highest player efficiency rating in the entire country and had a higher usage rate than Karl-Anthony Towns and Jahlil Okafor, yet his draft projection is all over the place. No one seems to know where the seven foot kid who loves to play FIFA is going to land, but we know it’s very likely that he’s not going to be taken inside the top eight.

You would think that a kid who took it to Towns and Okafor in the NCAA Tournament would be bothered by this notion, but Kaminsky doesn’t seem to care. “It doesn’t matter to me,” Kaminsky told NBCSports’ ProBasketballTalk when asked about what it feels like to have his current draft projections after accomplishing so much in college. “I know what I can do and I know what I’m capable of, so I’m just willing to go to any team and try to make the most of it.”

The one talking point that has bothered Kaminsky is the idea that he’s done evolving as a basketball player. When he was asked if there were any misconceptions about him heading into the draft, Kaminsky responded with a serious, almost annoyed tone, “That my potential is tapped out already. I seem to hear that a bunch of times. People talk about ‘I don’t know how high his ceiling is.’ You know it’s cool, you guys can write all what you want, I don’t really care because I know I’m the person who has control of all that. So I can continue to make myself better and continue to get better at basketball.”

But the question is where will Kaminsky continue to grow as a basketball player? Rumors surrounding the Bucks moving up in order to keep him in Wisconsin have floated around. He’s been linked to the Suns at 13. Most notably Phil Jackson has seemed enamored with the big guy’s ability to act as the center in the Triangle Offense, which means we could see the Knicks trade down from the fourth spot, if Towns, Okafor and Russell are gone, in order to grab Kaminsky along with some other assets.

If Kaminsky were to wind up in New York, he believes it would be a good landing spot. “I think it would be a good fit because they run the offense through some bigs and it’s a lot of screening action,” Kaminsky said. “You know I feel like I can fit into a lot of offenses, but the triangle gives you a bunch of reads that you’re able to make and that’s kind of the offense that we ran at Wisconsin.”

Kaminsky acting as one of the pillars in the triangle would be fascinating to watch as his mobility, patience in the post, and ability to handle the ball make him a nice fit for The Guru’s offense.

The one thing he wouldn’t be looking forward to if he wound up in New York? The congestion.

“I don’t like all of the traffic,” Kaminsky noted.

It’s something he might have to get used to.

Report: If Lakers take D’Angelo Russell at No. 2, Celtics to make “Godfather offer” to Sixers for Okafor

Jahlil Okafor

It’s not clear exactly what the Lakers are going to do with the No. 2 pick, take big man Jahlil Okafor or point guard D’Angelo Russell. According to the well connected Ramona Shelburne of ESPN, the decision is still up in the air. It ultimately falls to GM Mitch Kupchak to make the call, and he’s not a guy to divulge what he’s thinking.

If the Lakers do take Russell at No. 2, the NBA Draft roller coaster will start early and fast.

The Sixers have the No. 3 pick and are loaded with big men. More importantly, Celtics GM Danny Ainge is high on Okafor and sees him as a perfect fit in green. Meaning if Okafor is on the board, Boston is going to go big to try and try to trade for the Sixers No. 3 pick, according to Brian Windhorst of ESPN, via CSNNE.com.

The Celtics are prepared to make a “Godfather”trade offer to the Philadelphia 76ers if Duke’s Jahlil Okafor should slip to the No. 3 spot tonight in the NBA Draft, ESPN’s Brian Windhorst reported on “SportsCenter” Thursday morning….

Windhorst said NBA executives that he’s talked to think Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge will make “a Godfather offer” – one that can’t be refused – to the Sixers for Okafor. Windhorst mentioned Celtics point guard Marcus Smart being included in the offer.


Boston has the No. 16 and 28 picks in this draft, but it’s going to take a lot more than those two picks and Smart to get this deal done. A lot more. Which is why there have already been reports that those talks have stalled a little. Of course, the reality is we don’t know how much Ainge is willing to put on the table until the Lakers make their pick.

Meanwhile in Manhattan, Phil Jackson will host a drum circle in hopes of pleasing the universe so that the Sixers (or whoever gets their pick) take anyone but Okafor, and the Duke big man falls to New York. If not, he’ll take a lot of the same calls Sixers GM Sam Hinkie just got.