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Portland Trail Blazers v Miami Heat

LaMarcus Aldridge to meet with Raptors? That’s the report.


LaMarcus Aldridge is done playing hoops in Portland. Well, except as a heartily-booed member of a road team next season, but he’s done as a Blazer.

He might land in San Antonio — that’s his preference, but it requires a delicate financial dance by the Spurs to make it happen (if you see Boris Diaw get traded, the Spurs are likely on to something). The Lakers are reportedly climbing his list, and they will get a meeting. So will the Dallas Mavericks — Aldridge grew up in Dallas, and some Cowboys players are going to help try to recruit him.

And don’t forget about Toronto… wait, the Raptors? Apparently they are in the mix as well.

There may be a little logic to this. Toronto does have the cap space to offer a max deal. They have some quality players on the roster: Kyle Lowry, DeMar DeRozan, Terrence Ross and others. They are in the East, so it’s an easier path to the Finals (save for that LeBron James guy).

But Aldridge is going to not go to contend with the Spurs, not go home to Dallas, not become the face of the Lakers brand, and instead choose to go to Toronto? With all due respect to one of the NBA’s best (and certainly most underrated) fan bases, I just can’t see it. Not when he has better options.

Report: Dwyane Wade will not opt-in with Heat, to become free agent (as expected)

Orlando Magic v Miami Heat

There will be no Luol Deng last minute change of heart.

Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat have been at an impasse for a while now — reportedly as much as a $24 million impasse. So Wade is using the only leverage he has.

Wade will not opt-in to the next year of his contract with Miami, reports Ramona Shelburne at ESPN.

This is the opposite of a surprise. From Wade’s perspective, he left money on the table both to bring the big three together, and then again the Heat to rebuild the roster after LeBron James went home. Now Wade wants to get paid, reportedly seeking in the $20 million a year range.

The Heat front office still wants that flexibility and sees a diminishing on the court role for Wade. They reportedly hoped he would take far less than $16 million a year after this season, maybe closer to $10 million.

When Wade can get on the court he still is an All-Star level player — he averaged 21.5 points a game last season, he can still get to the rim and he had a PER of 21.4 — he’s still fairly efficient. But he has chronic knee issues and only played in 62 games last season, after 54 the season before that. His minutes have to be kept in check at this point.

The real question for Wade and his effort to leverage the Heat: Who is going to give him more money than Miami? That list of teams may be very slim at this point in his career.

But it looks like we are going to find out.

Report: Sense around league is Kevin Love will re-sign with Cavaliers

Atlanta Hawks v Cleveland Cavaliers - Game Four

More and more, people around the league are getting the idea Kevin Love meant what he said, and he said what he meant:

That he plans to remain a Cleveland Cavalier.

Other teams — the Lakers, Knicks, Celtics, Trail Blazers and more — are going to come calling on July 1 when free agency opens. There remains some doubt whether those teams would even get a meeting with Love.

Cleveland is in the drivers’ seat to retain him, especially if they offer a long-term max contract, something Brian Windhorst of ESPN says they will.

Though they cannot formally make an offer until Wednesday, sources say that the Cavs for months have planned to extend a five-year, maximum contract for Love in excess of $110 million despite his shoulder and back injuries last season.

Love may speak to other teams next week, but there is a growing belief across the league that he will back up statements made throughout the season and return to the Cavs. Several sources close to Love have indicated he is likely to stay in Cleveland.

I have said from the start the question is not if Love would return, rather, the question was what kind of deal he would sign.

The Cavaliers want to lock down Love for five years at the max under the current salary cap — five years and $110 million will seem a good deal once the cap spikes with television money after the year. Even if the Cavaliers wanted to go another direction, that contract would not be hard to move.

But just like LeBron James, Love may eye a share of that big television money.

He likely will request an opt out in a year or two (or three at most), so his options remain open.

Either way, expect Love and the Cavaliers to reach a deal. The only question is exactly what it will be.

And how he will fit in with Tristan Thompson, who the Cavaliers also will re-sign (which is why LeBron is playing this “hold out” game with the Cavs).