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Cleveland Cavaliers v Atlanta Hawks - Game One

Report: Cavaliers ‘have not abandoned’ pursuit of J.R. Smith


Cavaliers GM David Griffin said the team was open to re-signing J.R. Smith, under the right set of circumstances.

Smith declined his player option for next season, and is an unrestricted free agent. He wasn’t much help during the NBA Finals, where his 24-of-77 shooting over the course of the six-game series played a part in the team’s downfall against the Warriors.

After adding some guard depth in Mo Williams, it was worth wondering if the Cavaliers had moved on from their interest in retaining Smith. But the team is reportedly intent on bringing everyone from last year’s squad back if at all possible.

Marc Stein of ESPN.com:

Sources say Cavs remain intent on signing restricted free agent Matthew Dellavedova

Early indications are Cavs likewise have NOT abandoned JR Smith pursuit. They seem intent on keeping whole band together. And adding to it

The problem for the Cavaliers last season — in addition to the obvious, which were the injuries to Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving that left the team extremely shorthanded — was having “depth” that was incapable of providing anywhere close to a consistent level of production.

Mike Miller, Joe Harris, Brendan Haywood, Kendrick Perkins (and even James Jones to a certain extent) took up valuable spots on the roster, but weren’t trustworthy enough to earn significant playing time, when fatigue was clearly a factor during the championship series.

There are other moves that Cleveland is considering, like bringing in Jamal Crawford in trade from the Clippers. But it appears as though they’d like to bring back the rest of the guys who played heavy minutes in the rotation last season, too, as long as the price is right.

LeBron James says his legacy “will speak for itself” (also talks “Trainwreck” movie)


LeBron James is the first NBA superstar of the social media era, and with that has come an odd phenomenon — we have debated his legacy every step of the way. Unlike Bird or Jordan or anyone else, his legacy has been an ongoing discussion since he first dragged a Cavaliers team to the NBA Finals in 2007. Everyone wants to talk about his legacy.

Except LeBron James.

He went on Today here on NBC — along with Bill Hader to promote the movie “Trainwreck” — and Matt Lauer asked him about his legacy.

Here’s the money part. Lauer asks him if he thinks about his legacy.

No, I really haven’t. I think legacy will speak for itself. Who I am as a man and what I do off the floor defines my legacy more than what I do on the court. That’s just how I’ve always thought about it but I don’t really get caught up into it too much.

Do I buy that LeBron doesn’t ever think about his legacy? No. I think that was one of the factors (not a major one but a factor) in his return to Cleveland.

Do I think that LeBron thinks far less about his legacy than fans for the media? Certainly. And he’s right in that it will be what it will be when he’s done, and people will argue about it long after he’s left the game. All I have ever said about LeBron’s legacy is that you can’t compare it right now to Magic or Jordan or Bird or whoever because he’s still playing at the peak of his game. The story is still being written.

As for Trainwreck, if it’s got Amy Schumer in it I will see it.

Report: Mo Williams signing with Cavaliers for most of their MLE

Mo Williams, Kevin Love, Kyrie Irving

Another summer, another former Cavaliers All-Star returns to Cleveland.

Last year, LeBron James.

This year, Mo Williams.

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports:

Williams will get part of the Cavaliers’ $3,376,000 taxpayer mid-level exception. Depending how his deal is structured, they will have between $1,273,311 and$1,176,512 of the MLE remaining. That’s right around a minimum salary (which varies by experience).

So, Williams will be Cleveland’s lone major – used loosely here – outside free agent addition unless someone is willing to take a minimum contract or so.

But the Cavaliers have other chips – most notably Brendan Haywood’s contract. They can still get better.

For now, Williams fills one of the biggest holes on a pretty complete roster. He’ll back up Kyrie Irving and maybe play some off guard if Cleveland wants more minutes for Matthew Dellavedova and/or doesn’t re-sign J.R. Smith. Williams is a scorer first, but he’s also a solid passer. A ball-handler like him was missing off the bench last year.

The Cavaliers didn’t need much. They need even less now.

There’s a reason – beyond the name recognition of LeBron, Irving and Kevin Love – Cleveland is favored to win the 2016 championship.