Derrick Rose calls hamstring injury “minor,” a “cramp”


Derrick Rose left another game with an injury, this time a left hamstring issue that came up in the fourth quarter of the Bulls win over the Raptors. After the game, while Rose wasn’t quite as colorful with his language as Joakim Noah, he did say this was no big deal, as you can see from the video above (courtesy

“I had cramps in my hamstrings but I think it’s minor. They decided to pull me out, so they left it like that.”

“It feels like just cramps. I sat out, we got a good team, we had the game we were up 10 by then so I was fortunate.”

Rose said it’s too early to know if he will be able to play Saturday when the Bulls host the Pacers.

The Bulls as an organization are treating Rose with an abundance of caution. To put it kindly. I think they covered every sharp corner in his house with bubble wrap. It is very possible he sits out a game or four if he is anything short of 100 percent. That’s what they’ve done in regards to his ankles. Rose has talked about wanting to be healthy for life after basketball (and there’s not anything wrong with that) but Tom Thibodeau and the organization know when they really need him right is the playoffs, because with him they’re contenders (they did just knock off the team with the best record in the East Thursday).

Joakim Noah defends Derrick Rose: “Everybody needs to chill out”


The Chicago Bulls beat the Toronto Raptors 100-93 on Thursday night, but the victory was marred by a hamstring injury suffered by Derrick Rose near the end of the game. The timing wasn’t great, because Rose had caused a stir this week with comments about planning for his long-term future.

But his teammates seem to have his back, and after the game, Bulls center Joakim Noah defended Rose in typically memorable fashion:

Noah’s comments reinforce how much Rose’s teammates believe in him, and how difficult it is to understand the things these players put their bodies through. Hopefully, Rose’s injury isn’t serious and he’s back on the court soon.

Derrick Rose leaves Bulls-Raptors game with left hamstring injury (VIDEO)


Derrick Rose slipped and injured his left hamstring late in the fourth quarter of the Chicago Bulls’ Thursday night matchup with the Toronto Raptors.

Rose came up limping and was subbed out of the game. He was walking around afterwards, so hopefully it’s not anything serious. But considering Rose missed four games already this season with sprains in both ankles amid all the scrutiny around him, it’s certainly not ideal for him or the Bulls.

Kobe Bryant admits he’s “jealous” of Tim Duncan’s stability in San Antonio


Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan are two all-time great basketball players, each with five championships all with the same team, who are in the twilights of their careers. But they’re in extremely different places right now: Duncan’s Spurs are the defending champions and look to make another title run this year; Bryant’s Lakers missed the playoffs last season and are likely going to again.

In a feature on the pair’s relationship by the LA Daily News‘ Mark Medina, Bryant admits that he’s somewhat envious of Duncan’s situation in San Antonio:

Instead, the indisputable difference involves Duncan’s unmatched stability in playing for Popovich through his entire career, while Bryant has played for seven coaches.

“I’m in a system that allows me to play well,” Duncan said. “With the kind of teammates I have and players we put together, it’s not just on one person’s shoulders. We can spread it out and continue to win.”

Bryant enjoyed that luxury when he teamed with Shaquille O’Neal during the Lakers’ three-peat (2000-2002) and with Pau Gasol on back-to-back championship teams (2009, 2010). All of those teams featured the steady presence of Hall of Fame coach Phil Jackson and trusted confidant Derek Fisher.

In between those title runs, Bryant played with the likes of Smush Parker and Kwame Brown for one missed playoff appearance and two first-round exits. Bryant wondered aloud what would have happened had Jackson, Gasol, Fisher and Lamar Odom stayed on his team longer.

“I can’t express to you how much I’m jealous,” Bryant said of Duncan’s career stability. “I’ve been up and down.”

In a lot of ways, Duncan and Bryant are opposites, and Medina’s story outlines a lot of them. They both have almost unprecedented longevity, but the Spurs have never fallen out of contention. Part of this is due to the willingness of Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili to take pay cuts while Bryant is making a league-high $48.5 million over the next two years.

Dirk Nowitzki breaks record for points by international player


Dirk Nowitzki, one of the NBA’s greatest offensive players and global ambassadors, has cemented his status in the league’s record books.

By scoring 17 points against the Kings tonight, the Mavericks star passed Hakeem Olajuwon for most points by an international player:

Player Birthplace Points
Dirk Nowitzki Germany 26947
Hakeem Olajuwon Nigeria 26946
Tim Duncan U.S. Virgin Islands 24962
Patrick Ewing Jamaica 24815
Rolando Blackman Panama 17623
Steve Nash Canada 17387
Pau Gasol Spain 16723
Tony Parker France 16157
Kiki Vandeweghe Germany 15980
Detlef Schrempf Germany 15761

Fittingly, Nowitzki’s record-breaking points came on a mid-range jumper, his signature shot. Nowitzki uses his 7-foot height to take shots over defenders unlike anyone has before him. It’s a style developed in Europe, where big men were more commonly taught skills outside the paint.

As Nowitzki’s style has influenced the NBA, he has helped spread the league’s profile overseas. Germany, thanks to Vandeweghe and Schrempf, already had an NBA presence, but Nowitzki took it to a whole other level.

Of course, Nowitzki’s impact is felt here, too. With a championship and increasingly impressive career marks, Nowitzki has a strong résumé when it comes to debating the all-time greats. He now ranks ninth all-time in points:

Player Points
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 38387
Karl Malone 36928
Michael Jordan 32292
Kobe Bryant 31859
Wilt Chamberlain 31419
Shaquille O’Neal 28596
Moses Malone 27409
Elvin Hayes 27313
Dirk Nowitzki 26947
Hakeem Olajuwon 26946

If Nowitzki matches his scoring total from last season, he’ll pass Elvin Hayes, Moses Malone and Shaquille O’Neal for sixth all time.

Nowitzki is headed to the Hall of Fame. There’s no question about that.

But his legacy – both in terms of on-court brilliance and international impact – isn’t yet fully determined. At 36, he’s still excelling, and with his consistent jumper, no end is in sight.