Report: Derrick Williams agrees to two-year, $10 million deal with Knicks


Derrick Williams has figured out a niche in the NBA — he can score the rock. He shot 39.4 percent on corner threes last season. As word spread around the league that defenders had to close on him from the corners, he showed the ability to put the ball on the floor, drive to the rim and put up dunks that got him on SportsCenter. Kings fans loved him for it.

Now it will be Knicks fans turn.

The Kings decided not to make Williams a restricted free agent, and he has chosen to bolt to Madison Square Garden, reports Chris Broussard of ESPN.

Williams averaged 8.3 points a game last season in Sacramento.

Williams ability to score had him looking pretty good in George Karl’s system in Sacramento, but his game is fairly one-dimensional. The former No. 2 pick isn’t much of a passer — once he decides to shoot he seems to get blinders on, and open cutters are ignored.

His style isn’t exactly triangle friendly, but he is a talent upgrade at the three and can fit next to Carmelo Anthony if New York plays ‘Melo at the four. At this price, it’s a fair pickup for New York, giving them another role player.

Report: Knicks to sign Robin Lopez to four-year, $54 million contract (unless DeAndre Jordan changes his mind)


It seems the Knicks are convinced DeAndre Jordan won’t sign with them.

After a report Robin Lopez would choose the Knicks if Jordan didn’t, Lopez and the Knicks are apparently advancing.

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports:

This isn’t a done deal, and it can’t become official until July 9, anyway. But it never seemed likely Jordan would sign with the Knicks in the first place. This just makes it more certain.

Lopez – a screen-setting, offensive rebounding, paint-protecting center – is a decent fit next to Carmelo Anthony. He makes the Knicks better, and at 27, he should remain a solid player for most, if not all, of this contract.

This isn’t the big splash most Knicks fans wanted, but at least they’re going in the right direction. Considering the Knicks lose their first-round pick next year, the only potential harm is the long-term salary commitment.

Report: Robin Lopez commits to Knicks (unless they sign DeAndre Jordan)


DeAndre Jordan will reportedly choose between the Clippers and Mavericks.

So, barring a surprise New York decision, Robin Lopez will join the Knicks.

Marc Stein of ESPN:

Lopez and the Knicks were reportedly talking about a deal that pays $12 million-$13 million annually. Presumably, that’s what Lopez agreed to accept. The length is unclear, but Lopez is 27. Four years wouldn’t be awful.

On the bright side, Lopez is the type of player the Knicks need to complement Carmelo Anthony. Lopez defends well near the rim, sets good screens and crashes the offensive glass. Building around Melo – who’s expensive, defensively deficient and a poor passer – is difficult. Lopez helps.

The big questions: Would the Knicks have enough money left to add more support after paying Lopez that much? This is still a very incomplete roster. How much growth does Lopez have left in him? He looks near his peak. That’s not a bad position, but doesn’t bring the type of upside that excites fans.

This would be a fine signing, but with Phil Jackson raising expectations so high, it would also feel underwhelming.

Report: LaMarcus Aldridge cancels scheduled meeting with the Knicks


While the Lakers are desperately trying to rectify things with LaMarcus Aldridge following a disastrous first meeting, it seems like the Knicks won’t even get an initial shot at recruiting the league’s top free agent.’s David Aldridge (no relation) is reporting that the scheduled meeting with the Knicks has been cancelled.

This isn’t really a surprise at this point. Aldridge has hated playing center his entire career — it’s why he pushed the Blazers so hard to acquire Robin Lopez in the summer of 2013. And if he was underwhelmed by the Lakers’ basketball presentation, the Knicks are in just as bad of shape or worse, with an aging Carmelo Anthony and not much else on the roster. They were never going to get him if his focus is on winning. Going through with the meeting would have been a waste of everybody’s time.

David West says the Knicks aren’t good enough to sign him


Remember when the Knicks thought they had a chance with Marc Gasol?

How the feeble have fallen.

Not even David West – who was reportedly headed to New York – will sign with the Knicks. He makes that darn clear.

Bob Kravitz of WTHR:

This is the type of foresight Carmelo Anthony might lack. West doesn’t want to take a big payday and get stuck somewhere he doesn’t want to be.

West, via Kravitz:

“At this point in my career, it’s all about winning, and again, I don’t want to be in a position where we’re just fighting to make the playoffs, I want to be in a spot where we can legitimately taste the finals,” West said.

For what it’s worth, West also didn’t like the Pacers’ public case to convince Roy Hibbert to opt out. West, via Kravitz:

“That’s one thing where I wish they would have handled better was the situation with Roy,” West said. “I’ll be honest with you, that bothered me a little bit, and I told Roy that. I’m the type of guy who feels like we’re all in this fight together and I’m not designed in that way to put it all on one guy. That did rub me the wrong way. That threw me off. I started reading some of that stuff, I started thinking, ‘Whoaa.’ I just didn’t feel good about that. I told Roy that it bothered me, that he’s still my teammate.

Hibbert opted in, and West opted out.

Now, West is seeking greener pastures. He’s obviously serious about winning over money – he opted out of $12.6 million – and he should have his pick of teams. Anyone should want West on a minimum contract, and most contenders (at least the ones not over the apron) should like him on a bi-annual exception. Someone might even give him the mid-level exception.

The bigger challenge is finding a contender where West would play a reasonably large role.

Are the Raptors, with DeMarre Carroll in the fold, good enough? Would a minimum salary convince West to back up Blake Griffin on the Clippers? How about West signing for less than Marreese Speights and allowing the Warriors to trade Speights?

West will have options. The less money he’s willing to take, the more teams that will pursue him.