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Washington Wizards v New York Knicks

Carmelo Anthony on the Knicks: “The fans are dying, we’re dying”


It’s one thing to have an intellectual understanding that the efforts to change the culture of a franchise on and off the court is going to be an ugly, rough process. It’s another thing to go through it.

The Knicks are going through it — and it’s worse than expected. Knicks fans — not a group traditionally known for their patience — are fuming. Carmelo Anthony owned up to it after the Wizards toyed with the Knicks on Christmas Day in Madison Square Garden, as reported by ESPN.

“The fans are dying, we’re dying. We’re out there, we’re not producing. We didn’t expect, I didn’t expect to be sitting at 5-26,” he said. “So as much as I feel for the fans, I feel for us going through it, too. I don’t expect nobody to feel sorry for us, I don’t expect nobody to feel sorry for me.”

The Knicks are 5-26 on the season having lost 16 of their last 17. They are bottom 10 in offense and defense, the triangle looks like a rhombus, they don’t defend with any kind of consistency or urgency, the roster doesn’t fit the system, much of the roster is being selfish hunting for numbers because they know they won’t be with the Knicks next season, coach Derek Fisher can’t get guys to buy in and play to the system (he looks like a first year coach of a bad team in every way), and their star leader Carmelo Anthony is playing like himself — stopping the ball movement and taking contested shots (21 of his 28 shots on Christmas Day were contested).

So, they have a few issues to address.

Phil Jackson promised Knicks fans things will be better in 2015, but that’s a pretty low bar to clear. It has to start with him getting better talent on the roster and talent that will be committed to playing the system, to playing the team basketball they need. That means landing some better defenders — like a real rim protector — as well as willing passers. That’s why Marc Gasol is their top target next summer, but Jackson better have a Plan B because getting Gasol out of Memphis will be difficult, he likes it there. And if he does leave there will be a long line of suitors (including the Spurs if Tim Duncan retires). The Knicks can’t just snap their fingers and count on landing a top free agent (same goes for the Lakers, trying the same thing on the other coast). The new CBA was aimed directly at big market teams and the Knicks are going to have to adjust.

All of which is to say, this is not a one season process, or even a two season process. It’s going to take time. No matter who is the coach, no matter who is making the front office decisions, Knicks fans are unfortunately going to have to learn patience. Because getting out of a hole like this takes time.

John Wall looks like All-Star, Knicks look like the Knicks, Wizards cruise to win

John Wall, Jose Calderon, Samuel Dalembert

For Wizards fans, early Christmas afternoon was a chance to bask in the warmth of John Wall’s improved game and have dreams of playoff wins dance in their heads.

For Knicks fans, it was pretty much a lump of coal.

In the first of a five-game slate on Christmas Day the Wizards raced out to a first quarter lead and put it in cruise control much of the afternoon, leading by double digits almost the entire game, as the Wizards basically embarrassed the Knicks winning 102-91.

Wall was the star for the Knicks — he had nine points and six assists in first quarter, leading the Wizards to put up 34-points in the first 12 minutes. That’s he most they have scored in the first quarter all season. The Wizards were up by 11 after the first quarter and never were threatened again.

Wall finished with 24 points, 11 assists and six rebounds and was just orchestrating the game. Plus he was doing things like this.

The real noise in the game came in the fourth quarter when Wall took a hard foul from Quincy Acy in transition — Wall bounced up and shoved Acy, something he admitted after the game he shouldn’t have done. Acy came back at him and basically tried to throw a punch — which he pulled, it didn’t land, but the damage was done. Acy was ejected and it he can expect to miss another game or two for the suspension that will come.

“Me being a key player I’ve got to keep my emotions in check and not get a technical or get ejected, that could have cost us the game,” Wall said in a televised interview on ESPN afterward. “I’ve just got to do a better job of staying composed.”

Washington showed it’s usual balanced attack with good ball movement — Bradley Beal had 17 points, Kris Humphries had 14 (and beat Amare Stoudemire off the dribble a couple times), Nene had 12, Rasual Butler 11. The Wizards got 50 of their points in the paint and basically did whatever they wanted on offense.

The Knicks slogged on offense, there was very little ball movement and that led to Carmelo Anthony getting 34 points, mostly from the perimeter and mostly contested — 21 of Anthony’s 28 shots were contested, he hit 11 of those.

The Knicks have lost 16-of-17 and it showed just how far this roster is from the top teams in the East (and the Wizards are a top team, a potential Eastern Conference Finals participant). They don’t defend, they don’t share the ball, they don’t play good team basketball, and Derek Fisher can’t seem to motivate the troops. The Knicks are just a mess.

But things will get better next year, Phil Jackson promises. For now, just use the lump of coal to keep warm.

Phil Jackson promises Knicks fans better 2015 than 2014. Let’s hope so.

Celebrities Attend New York Knicks Vs. Toronto Raptors

Well, it’s a pretty easy goal to reach.

Phil Jackson took to twitter before the Knicks went on national television on Christmas — the unofficial second opening day of the NBA — to be exposed as just how far away from the top teams in the East they really are.

Phil Jackson represents hope for the Knicks organization and that is what he was selling on twitter Christmas morning.

The Knicks should be better as they get players who better fit the style of play. Right now not only are the Knicks filled with players not known for ball movement and moving off the ball — and that starts with their star Carmelo Anthony, who they just spent $124 million to re-sign last summer — and players who know they are gone from the organization next year, so they are trying to pad their stats for their resume to other teams. Derek Fisher can’t seem to get them inline and the results are the Knicks have lost 15 of 16 heading into Christmas.

The bottom line is the Knicks need more talent. Guys who can defend on the perimeter, someone who can protect the rim, shooters, big men who can pass the ball, and… well, let’s just say Phil has a long list for Santa. It may require an extra sleigh.