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LeBron says he's worried, but fans shouldn't be

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About that elbow

Relax. Nothing to worry about. Oh, sure, it’s some random thing that nobody knows what it is but his arm just goes numb at times, but why worry about that? What is wrong with you people.

Don’t take my word for it, here are the words of LeBron James himself.


There was one winner for the Bulls in this series — Vinny Del Negro. Watch his post-game comments, he came off as poised and confident. His seriously overmatched team played hard for five games. This did not look like a team that needs a new coach, but they are going to get one anyway.

Del Negro, however, is going to land on his feet.

LeBron James ignores ball boy, somehow this tells us about him as a person?


In the second quarter, LeBron James was re-entering the game against the Bulls Sunday, just like he always does. The camera closely follows his every move, just like it always does. He took off his sweats and threw them to the floor, just like every other NBA player.

And here’s your headline on Sports By Brooks:

No One Is Too Small For LeBron James To Belittle

Followed by the video of the ball boy being right there to collect LeBron’s sweats, and LeBron not taking the time or interest to hand everything to him.

No way the Knicks are going to pursue him after that display.

It all goes to show LeBron’s a prima donna, with an ego the size of New York (too big for Cleveland) and he doesn’t care about anybody but himself, right?

Wrong. That is a desperate stretch.

What LeBron did is pretty much what every NBA player does. They throw off their sweats and the ball boy runs and gets them — at the bench, at the scorer’s table, in the locker room, basically everywhere. Watch a few NBA games and you’ll see this is the norm.

Does that mean LeBron couldn’t have handed the ball boy the clothes? No, I guess he could have. But to try to infer some larger personality trait out of accepted and widespread NBA behavior is a fool’s errand.

I bet LeBron doesn’t always use his car’s turn indicator before making a right, too. What a b%*$#%.

Where in the world is JJ Hickson?


Remember JJ Hickson? That rookie that caught your eye with his energy off the Cavaliers bench?

Mike Brown doesn’t seem to.

The second half of he season Hickson gave the Cavaliers 10.4 points on 56 percent shooting, pus six boards a game in 23 minutes every game. He was a quality role player off the bench.

In the playoffs, he hasn’t seen the floor. Shaquille O’Neal is back, that was going to cut into Hickson’s minutes, but add in Anderson Varejao, Zydrunas Ilgauskas and Antawn Jamison and Hickson becomes the odd man out.

Brian Windhorst tweeted that LeBron James doesn’t want it to be that way.

LeBron said he’d like to see what JJ Hickson more in Game 4. But Mike Brown said that his main plan with bigs is to get Shaq going.

Shaq was 2 of 8 from the floor, with three fouls, in 20 minutes Thursday night. He was just 2 of 6 at the rim (layups and tip ins). Mike Brown knows he’ll need him down the line.

But Hickson earned his chance. He brings an energy the Cavaliers could have desperately used that for the first three quarters of their one playoff loss. He’s not going to get big time minutes, but against the energy of Chicago’s front line (read: Noah) he could be a big help.