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Garnett Beat LA shoe

Kevin Garnett has special shoes just for the Lakers


It’s how the league rolls now — big star in a big game, then you need the special edition shoes.

Lakers vs. Celtics Sunday, that is big. So Kevin Garnett, what you got?

KG and Chinese shoe company Anta teamed up for the subtly named “Beat L.A.” shoe.

Notice on the tongue of the shoe the numbers “152-120,” which not so coincidentally is the Celtics all-time record against the Lakers.

Last time somebody broke out a pair of green shoes for a big game in Los Angeles it didn’t go so well. We’ll see if Garnett has better luck.

(via The Basketball Jones)

Lakers and Celtics, from the new Lakers championship DVD


The new Lakers 2010 NBA Champions DVD is out this week — get your copy at the NBA store — and as always the production value is outstanding. Like this great synopsis of the Lakers and Celtics rivalry.

NBA finals, Lakers Celtics Game 7: Ron Artest leading the break in slow motion

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When Kobe was cold in the first quarter (and the second, and the third and…) the one Laker that stepped up consistently to make plays was Ron Artest. Here he is in the second quarter with the steal and layup to tie the game at the time.

Artest made a number of plays this series like this, but he never looked comfortable handling the ball in the open court. Even in slow motion with cool background music.