Andrew Bogut to have another elbow surgery, season over

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Andrew Bogut’s elbow just was never right this season.

Which shouldn’t be a shock after the gruesome injury he suffered a year ago. The fact he pushed back to play 65 games through pain is a credit to his desire to be there for the team. But with him not right — and other players regressing — the Bucks offense circled down the toilet. It is the worst in the league.

Now Bogut is going to have arthroscopic surgery on his elbow after the season ends to clean out the scar tissue and debris still in there, according to a tweet from Charles Garner of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Bogut could not get full extension in his right elbow, and that has impacted his shooting. He hit 49.7 percent of his shots overall this season, down from 52 percent last season and 57.7 percent two years ago. Bogut still shot well at the rim (64 percent) but got off nearly one fewer shots from there per game (via Hoopdata). Where you really noticed was at the free throw line, where his percentage dropped from 62.9 percent down to 49.7 percent this season.

With the surgery and the summer (plus the lockout time) off he should come back closer to his old self next season.

Andrew Bogut not being held back in exhibition games

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Thumbnail image for andrew_bogut_milwaukee_bucks.jpgTo realize how big this really is, think back to your reaction when you first saw Andrew Bogut go down last April 3. Remember that feeling in your stomach…

Andrew Bogot has been cleared to play without restriction in upcoming preseason games for the Bucks, according to the Journal-Sentinel.

“I’m just not overdoing my elbow at the moment,” Bogut said. “Even having three sessions for me in two days was huge. It’s a big step for me to go out here and take knocks and hits and get through it, so I felt pretty good today.”

Not that Scott Skiles will throw him out for 40 minutes in the first exhibition game, they will bring him along slowly, but he seems ready to go.

There had been concerns that Bogut’s elbow was not healing fast enough for him to be playing at the start of the season, but it looks like when the ball goes up to start the season Bogut will be jumping to get it.

Which makes the Bucks a much better, deeper team. Bogut’s defense in the paint was a key to Milwaukee’s surge last season, and he can create some offense, too. Without him they fell in the first round to Atlanta (unable to exploit the Hawks inside).

 The East is going to be interesting this season.