Reports: Mark Cuban is either frantically begging for DeAndre Jordan’s address or has given up


Blake Griffin and the Clippers have DeAndre Jordan barricaded in his own house (maybe literally).

They want to keep Mark Cuban and the Mavericks from persuading Jordan to sign with the Mavericks.

How’s Cuban handling that?

Chris Broussard of ESPN:

Marc Stein of ESPN:

Brad Turner of the Los Angeles Times:

It’s hard to see the Broussard and Stein/Turner reports both being correct, at least simultaneously. I’m choosing Broussard’s, because it’s funnier.

Really, it doesn’t matter much what Cuban is doing at this point. It’s probably out of his hands.

All signs point to Jordan reneging on his commitment to the Mavericks and re-signing with the Clippers.

Will DeAndre Jordan pick Clippers or Mavericks? Who cares? Blake Griffin wins saga with tweet


The Clippers are hanging out at DeAndre Jordan’s house, and they’re not leaving until he officially signs at midnight.

Blake Griffin showed off his inside access with a tweet:

Is that locking Mark Cuban and the Mavericks out of the front door or Jordan in a room?

Report: DeAndre Jordan tells Clippers he will re-sign with them, but they aren’t leaving until he does


Somebody better order in Thai food, DeAndre Jordan has some house guests.

The Clippers came over to Jordan’s Houston home this afternoon to try and salvage their summer and chance at contending. Owner Steve Ballmer, coach Doc Rivers, plus Blake Griffin, Chris Paul, J.J. Redick and Paul Pierce pitched Jordan on changing his mind and re-signing with Clippers — and now like your drunk uncle on Christmas they will not leave. The Clippers are staying until he signs on the line that is dotted.

Jordan told then he would re-sign with the Clippers, going back on his verbal agreement with the Dallas Mavericks, according to multiple reports. Dallas owner Mark Cuban wants to meet with Jordan, Jordan’s agent Dan Fegan would like to get in the door, and none of it is happening (although he has to eventually to certify the contract). Jordan isn’t even taking phone calls from Cuban or Chandler Parsons. Here’s the latest reports.

The Clippers are not taking any chances. If Doc Rivers was building a moat around DJ’s home I wouldn’t be shocked at this point. It’s gotten to the point Blake Griffin is winning twitter with jokes.

This is a violation of the unwritten NBA code that once a player commits to a team they are off-limits — there are a number of other teams not happy about this. Plus other teams fear the cascade effect — will Dallas with its newfound cap space try to poach other guys that agreed to deals? There is concern this could become college football recruiting, where the first verbal commitment doesn’t stop the recruiting efforts of rivals.

If there is blame it is on Jordan — he made a choice, changed his mind, now will not stand face-to-face with the team he’s breaking up with and tell them.

The Clippers do not care. They note that Jordan started this — he called Doc Rivers and players saying he was unsure. Plus, let’s be honest, people are far more likely to bend/ignore rules when more is on the line, and for the Clippers their shot at contending for a title is on the line here.

Report: Clippers stalling with DeAndre Jordan as Mavericks await their turn with center


The Clippers – including Doc Rivers, Steve Ballmer, Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, J.J. Redick and Paul Pierce – reportedly met with DeAndre Jordan today about flipping the center’s commitment to the Mavericks.

Dallas owner Mark Cuban wants his turn with Jordan, but the Clippers apparently aren’t accommodating.

Chris Broussard of ESPN:

Ken Berger of

This saga just gets better and better.

  • Jordan: Well, I better be going now.
  • Rivers: Did I mention how many plays will feature you on offense?
  • Jordan: Yeah, you did.
  • Rivers: But did I go over each in detail?
  • Jordan: Well, not exactly…
  • Rivers: Great! Let’s do that. Let’s start with a 1-5 pick-and-roll…

An hour later:

  • Jordan: OK, coach. That was great, but now I really ought to go.
  • Griffin: Hey, where’s the bathroom around here?
  • Jordan: Around the corner.
  • Griffin: Great. I’ll be just a minute.

Fifteen minutes later:

  • Jordan: OK, this is getting ridiculous. I’ve got to go.
  • Paul: [lifts hand for high-five]
  • Jordan: Surprised smile
  • Jordan: Open-mouthed smile

Reports: Clippers players confident DeAndre Jordan will return to Los Angeles


It all starts with DeAndre Jordan.

Chandler Parsons isn’t on a plane to Houston, J.J. Redick isn’t in a car, Blake Griffin isn’t in a helicopter, Chris Paul doesn’t have to hop off the banana boat if DJ doesn’t first open the door and invite Doc Rivers to walk through it. Jordan had made a verbal commitment to the Mavericks for a max deal but has had second thoughts. He reached out to the Clippers and — because they have no good alternative if he did leave — Doc Rivers and company pounced.

Which is why the Clippers players are confident that Jordan will be back.

That is the sense around the league — you don’t take the meeting if you’re not pretty far down the road in your own head. Multiple media members have tweeted out the same sentiment, saying Clipper players feel pretty good about their chances.

The Clippers are bringing owner Steve Balmer, coach Rivers, Griffin, Paul, Redick and Paul Pierce to the meeting. They come into that meeting with an advantage — they now know exactly what Jordan wants to hear. It became clear after the verbal agreement with Dallas was reached that Jordan was unhappy with his level of recognition, that he wanted a bigger role in the offense, that he wanted Paul to tone down the “motivational tactics” and embrace him as a star. The Clippers can go into that meeting and say exactly what he wants to hear.

Tonight the Mavericks will get another face-to-face meeting where Mark Cuban, Chandler Parsons, and others will get a chance to keep the man they thought was their new anchor in the middle.

This story is changing by the minute, and there has never been anything quite like it.