Birdman’s celebrity redneck hunting show… he’s starting it


Nuggets shot blocking machine Chris Andersen is not your typical NBA player — in a league with inked-up players, the Birdman’s tattoos turn your head. And blind you.

So we should have guessed that when SLAM magazine asked him what he was up to this summer (at a Converse event), the response was going to be a little different (via Ball Don’t Lie).

“I’ve been training and whatnot about basketball, but also I’m trying to start a hunting show right now. So I’m out in the woods with Converse.

SLAM: A hunting show?

“It’s gonna be called “Willie B and the Good Ole Boys.” Basically with all my friends I grew up with down in Texas, and it’s going to be celebrity rednecks that do crazy, dumb stuff…”

Look, I’m a city boy that doesn’t hunt. But if you’re going to ask me if I’ll watch Andersen and Ted Nugent or Goose Gossage or Karl Malone stalking some game while throwing back cans of PBR, I’m in. I don’t even care who Willie B is, I’ll still watch. My only question is, can you really sneak up on a deer with that neck tattoo? Doesn’t it kind of stand out in the woods?

If the lockout lasts much longer, at least we’ve got Andersen’s second career lined up.

Denver's shopping for another big to add to their fleet


With Nene, Kenyon Martin, Birdman Anderson, and Carmelo Anthony, along with some bench guys in a pinch, you’d think the Nuggets, sitting in the 2nd seed would be feeling pretty good about their team and in particular their frontcourt. And you would be wrong for thinking so.

The Denver Post reports that Denver is considering a trade for a big to contend with the Lakers’ unbelievable length. Two specific targets mentioned are Tyrus Thomas of the Bulls and Marcus Camby of the Clippers. George Karl said that the roster may be good enough to get the Nuggets where they want to go as long as they stay healthy. The problem with that thinking is that with a week before the trade deadline, the Nuggets are forced to try and forsee that injury before it occurs. Which is difficult unless you’re on some sort of chemical Birdman used to frequent.

Camby fits with that roster, and would probably welcome a trip back to Denver. Thomas, on the other hand, is known as a headcase. So on the one hand you’ve got old and expensive versus young and brash. All this for a team with veteran leadership, an MVP candidate, two All-Stars, and the second seed in a tough Western Conference. Beggars can’t be choosers, but apparently kings can.