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Celtics legend Bill Russell describes his surgery, recovery


We’ve been getting bits and pieces of the reports about Bill Russell having heart surgery and his recovery, but there were not many details.

But in a Q&A with NBA.com Russell was up front about what happened, the surgery he had three weeks ago and he made it sound like it was no big deal… almost.

I had a valve in my heart that had to be replaced and the way you replace it is by open-heart surgery. Well, open-heart surgery sounds difficult but this was not an emergency. It was something I had to do. The same operation in an emergency is life threatening. This was not life threatening.

They took the valve out and replaced it. It only took a couple of hours to do that. I talked to the doctors after and they said they were pleased with the procedure. They said I would be sore after a while and after that, they said I would feel better than I ever did at this point.

What Russell did not get to do following the surgery was play golf or take a cross-country drive, two of his favorite things. But he is working his way through rehab and getting better.

We all wish him the best with his recovery and hope he is on the golf course again soon. Plus, we want to see him back at Celtics games.

Report: Bill Russell doing well following heart procedures

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We reported a few days ago that Celtics icon Bill Russell had undergone a couple of heart procedures, which had kept him resting in his Seattle area home rather than attending charity events. We didn’t know much else.

An updated report says Russell is doing well and could be back in Boston for events next month.

Russell’s business manager Stuart Layne spoke with the Celtics (who relayed the info to ESPNBoston.com) and said that Russell is feeling better each day.

Recovery from these things is never easy (and never linear, there are good and bad days) but we hope he is making progress and that we will see him in Boston late next month when the Celtics open their season.

Celtics icon Bill Russell had a couple recent heart procedures

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We don’t have a lot of details here, all we can do is hope for the best.

Boston Celtics legend Bill Russell was not at a youth charity golf event in Long Island last weekend — an event to which he has deep personal ties as one of the founders of the MENTOR organization. Now we find out why, via Peter Vecsey on twitter (hat tip to CelticsBlog).

Bill Russell was unable to make trip to Eastern LI from Seattle. He had 2 heart procedures within last month. Some days worse than others.

We all wish Russell the best as he recovers at his home in Seattle. Hope to see him around NBA events again soon.