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Linsanity has reached the White House — Obama “impressed”


Our national Baller-in-Chief has caught Linsanity just like everyone else.

Jeremy Lin added to his legend with a game-winning three Tuesday night over Toronto that had enough swagger for all of New York. Barack Obama is a hoops fan — remember, he had a court installed at the White House — and he has a case of Linsanity, reports Yahoo News.

Obama “is an avid sports fan, and a particularly avid basketball fan, and we were speaking about Jeremy Lin on Marine One as we flew to Andrews Air Force Base this morning,” Jay Carney, the White House press secretary, told reporters on Air Force One as the president headed to Wisconsin to talk about manufacturing (and then is scheduled to go to California to scoop up campaign cash). “He is very impressed.”

“If anybody caught the highlights from last night, they were pretty breathtaking. It’s just a great story and the president was saying as much this morning,” Carney said.

“It’s, obviously, terrific for the New York Knicks. But it’s the kind of sports story that transcends the sport itself,” Carney said.

I can totally picture Obama out on the White House court, trying to imitate Lin, waiving his teammates off so he can go for the iso jumper over Joe Biden. And frankly, you should nail every jumper over Biden, he’s older and slower than Derek Fisher.

I fear the moment — and it’s coming — when some politician tries to attach himself to Lin during a campaign. Don’t. (And that’s not what Obama did here, he’s just talking about what we’re all talking about.) This is pure. Let it be just about hoops and not about politics. I beg you.

Video: Watch Barack Obama joke around with Mavericks

U.S. President Obama hosts 2011 NBA champions Dallas Mavericks at the White House in Washington

Mark Cuban twisted arms and bench schedules to get his champion Dallas Mavericks a date at the White House. The league did not schedule the Mavericks to make a stop in Washington D.C. as part of the shortened post-lockout schedule but Cuban found a way.

Obama jokes around with Dallas, saying the veteran team was the first team of his “contemporaries” to come through the White House. He talked about Dirk Nowitzki being slow and Jason Terry’s tattoo. He also talked about them being able to overcome because they played like a team, played smarter.

The best part — when Obama says he expects to hand the trophy to his home-town Bulls next year. Now that was quality.

Mark Cuban pissed league didn’t schedule White House visit

Mark Cuban, David Stern

In the condensed 66-game NBA schedule this year, the Dallas Mavericks are not scheduled to visit the Washington Wizards.

That trip to Washington D.C. also means the traditional visit to the White House for the NBA champions — Mark Cuban has worked and waited a long time for his team to win a title and he wants all the perks. White House trip included.

From ESPNDallas.com.

“There’s no point in calling them. It’s bull—- by the league not to schedule it,” Cuban said. “I figured I’d do it myself since the league wasn’t smart enough to figure it out. How can you be that stupid? All you’ve got to do is when you’re putting in the scheduling software, say Dallas at Washington, yes. They managed to get Dallas and Miami and all the games set on certain days.”

Hey Cuban: If you want to make sure you get to Washington, don’t lock the players out and play hardball costing a couple months of the season. Problem solved.

Actually, the problem was already solved and the Mavericks will be there next Monday. It’s a stopover on a road trip that includes Detroit and Boston and the team set everything up itself. The league says it worked with the team to set the whole thing up.

Whatever, it’s done. Barack Obama can shake the hand of Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Kidd, and half the guys that should be there can be on other teams watching the highlights.