Two former Bucks land on Wisconsin’s tax cheats list


Public shame to force people to behave is a time-honored American tradition. From the early colonists putting people in the stocks for every minor offense they could think of — one Captain Kemble spent time in them for the horrid crime as kissing his wife on the Sabbath — we have tried to embarrass and humiliate people to get them to conform.

In Wisconsin, that has included paying taxes. The state’s Department of Revenue listed the 100 top delinquent taxpayers in the state… and wouldn’t you know who showed up at the top of the list (via The Big Lead).

No. 1 is Milwaukee native Latrell Sprewell, who the government claims owes them $3.53 million in taxes.

No. 3 is something of a surprise: Anthony Mason, the former Milwaukee Bucks’ power forward. The government says Mason owes them $2.07 million in back taxes.

Sprewell has a long history of financial issues and had his house foreclosed on a few years back. Sprewell made $97 million over the course of his career, by the way. Mason made an estimated $45 million and played four years for the Bucks.

Eddy Curry being sued for non-payment… again. But hey, he is working out.

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Just a rule of thumb — anytime an NBA player not named Lamar or Carmelo shows up on TMZ, it’s a bad thing. (Those two get a pass due to their wives.)

Eddy Curry, come on down…

Curry is being sued — once again — for non-payment, according to TMZ.

Curry is being sued by a company called Mojo Development — who claims they loaned the 7-footer $200,000 back in 2008 … but Curry never paid it back.

According to the lawsuit, filed days ago in L.A. County Superior Court, Curry is also on the hook for a $25k “consulting fee” and $136,000 in interest from the loan.

Curry’s financial troubles are well chronicled. He had a judge issuing an arrest warrant back in July, he had three of his cars repossessed for non-payment, now this.

Just for the record, Curry has made $57 million in his NBA career and will make $11.2 million this season.

But good news Knicks fans, he is working out — and the sky’s the limit. No, not his weight, his potential. Seriously. So says Anthony Mason, the guy put in charge of working him out. The New York Post has the quote.

“If you get Eddy back on the court, the sky’s the limit,” Mason said after practice yesterday. “I think if he continues to work hard, then he has the talent. With the additions that they have on the team now, you imagine getting him back on the court how he was some years ago. Along with Stoudemire and Raymond Felton and the new additions, it could be awesome.”

We’re just here to help provide your daily belly laugh.

Anthony Mason given hardest job in the world: Get Eddy Curry ready to play

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What’s the hardest job in the United States? President? Cleaning out sewers? Janitor at a porno theater?

How about getting Eddy Curry ready to play basketball? That’s right up there, and with less chance of success. And that is also former Knick Anthony Mason’s new job, according to the New York Post.

Mostly this is going to be Mason working out with Curry, getting him into shape and ready to go. When Curry pulls a hamstring trying to put on his shorts game night and is out another month, that cannot be blamed on Mason.

Mason wants to break in to coaching, and like any profession when you want to break in you do the grunt work first. The jobs nobody else wants. Prove yourself and you get a job that sucks less.

So here you go Mason, here’s your entry-level tryout. All you have to do is get Curry ready to help the Knicks. Good luck with that.

A look back at a goofier, meaner Knicks


NBA Tumblr Fat Shawn Kemp posted this video this morning, and as it harkens back to the days of the NBA on NBC, features a truly vicious Knicks team in a completely goofy way, and Danny Aiello, I thought it might bring some joy to you heart.

After all, how much would you give to see Amar’e Stoudemire, Anthony Randolph, and Ronny Turiaf doing a version of this video?