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LeBron careens into cameraman after foul, stays down for a stretch


CLEVELAND — It wasn’t flagrant, it was a smart playoff foul. LeBron James was driving toward the rim, Andrew Bogut fouled him to make sure he’d earn his points from the charity stripe.

But LeBron landed off balance and went careening into the cameramen. LeBron’s head hit hard on a camera, and he stayed down for a couple minutes, and pictures after showed a circle on LeBron’s head from the lens.

However, there wasn’t much blood, and he came back in to take his free throws — if he hadn’t taken the free throws he could not have returned to the game. LeBron didn’t come out immediately afterwards. There was no concussion test.

LeBron with the ridiculous no-look pass to find Timofey Mozgov for the slam (VIDEO)

Cavaliers Last Practice at Home Before Heading to the NBA Finals

The Warriors changed their starting lineup to go small in Game 4, subbing out Andrew Bogut in favor of Andre Iguodala.

In the game’s first few minutes, the Cavaliers were taking full advantage.

Tristan Thompson was dominating the boards even more than we’ve seen him do to this point of the series, and the Warriors defense was helpless to stop Timofey Mozgov on this play, where LeBron James found him with a ridiculous no-look pass which Mozgov was able to convert for the highlight reel slam.

Warriors make first big adjustment: Start Andre Iguodala over Bogut

Andre Iguodala

CLEVELAND — Golden State wants to play faster, so they are going smaller.

The Warriors changed their starting lineup for Game 4, starting Andre Iguodala in place of Andrew Bogut. The result was a starting lineup of Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Harrison Barnes, Iguodala and Draymond Green.

The Warriors needed to so something to shake up the pace. This Warriors new starting lineup has been +18.8 points per 48 minutes in the Finals, but played just 20 minutes. They were  +19.7 per 48 minute in the regular season but only played just more than 100 minutes.

It didn’t open up well in Game 4 for Golden State. Tristan Thompson grabbed an offensive rebound for a bucket, Timofey Mozgov had a three and Iman Shumpert nailed a wide-open three off a LeBron no look.

The Warriors started 0-of-3 shooting, and the Cavaliers raced out to a 7-0 lead, but the Warriors hit a couple after that and started to settle down. Eventually by the four minute mark left in the first it was 22-20 Warriors.