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Cleveland Cavaliers v Los Angeles Lakers

Quote of the Day: Kyrie Irving credits Kobe Bryant for game-tying three


Kyrie Irving has been the story of the NBA since he went off for 57 points and was responsible for the Cavaliers beating the Spurs Thursday night in a nationally televised game.

Irving was just on — the Spurs contested 30 of Irving’s 32 shots, but he was hitting them anyway. That includes two threes that sent the game into overtime when it seemed the Spurs had it locked up (and they would have if Kawhi Leonard had hit a free throw).

Interesting to see Irving credit Kobe Bryant for keeping the focus on form under pressure. He has learned that lesson well.

Trailer out for Yahoo’s new streaming comedy about a Las Vegas pro hoops team


I know what you’re thinking: Why do we need an NBA comedy show when we already have the Lakers and the Knicks?

Because Yahoo is trying to be funny, rather than just having the season get away from them. Yahoo is getting into the streaming, scripted show market, and one of their new shows is “Sin City Saints” about a fictional professional basketball team in Las Vegas.

The show features former NBA players Rick Fox and Baron Davis, plus Malin Akerman, Tom Arnold and Andrew Santino. From executive producer Mike Tollin (“One Tree Hill,” “Smallville,” “Varsity Blues”), Bryan Gordon, Chris Case, and Mandalay Sports Media,

It premieres Monday, March 23 exclusively on Yahoo Screen.

Utah’s Rudy Gobert posterizes Terrence Jones (VIDEO)

Rudy Gobert, Terrence Jones, Trevor Ariza

Rudy Gobert did not get out of his lane Thursday night against the Rockets. First, he owned the paint like the Jazz need him to do if they are going to win games — he had 22 rebounds, four blocks.

Offensively he took 11 shots, and all them were at the rim.

Which works for him because he can dunk. Just ask Houston’s Terrence Jones. (Granted, there was a little dunk by in this one, still… damn.)

By the way, the Jazz are now 9-2 since the All-Star break and have been giving up just 90.6 points per 100 possessions in that time, the best mark in the NBA.

Three Things We Learned in NBA Thursday Night: Kyrie Irving went Neo in the Matrix on Spurs

Tony Parker, Kyrie Irving

If you watch closely every night in the NBA you can learn a little something. We know you are busy and can’t keep up with every game, so we’re here to help with those lessons from another night in the Association. Here’s what you missed while trying to get that damn Narwhals song out of your head

1) Kyrie Irving was in video game mode. Or he was Neo in the Matrix. Or whatever other internet exclamation of the superhuman you want to go with. Irving set a career high — and scored more than any player has in a game this season — when he dropped 57 on the Spurs. It’s hard to use words and stats to do him justice Thursday. For example, according to the NBA’s player tracking stats the Spurs contested 30 of Irving’s 32 shots, but he still hit 19 of them. He had 35 of his points in the second half, drained two threes (he was 7-of-7 from deep) with the game on the line, then scored 11 in OT to secure the Cavs 128-125 win. The Spurs were the better team on this night — they shared the ball, took advantage of mismatches, defended smartly — and in the end got another loss because Kyrie was not to be stopped.

2) Washington does not care how many Grizzlies were resting, they will take the win. In baseball, when a batter is in a slump, he’ll take any kind of hit to snap out of it — broken bat blooper that falls in, seeing eye grounder, whatever it takes to get on base. That’s where the Wizards have been, so the fact that Memphis was on a back-to-back and decided to rest Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph doesn’t change anything for the Wizards. Marcin Gortat feasted inside with them out scoring 22; John Wall scored 21, and the Wizards picked up the win. That’s three of four and two in a row for Wizards, who maybe are finding their footing again.

3) Utah is 9-2 since the All-Star break and has found an identity. The Rockets found out Thursday what more and more teams are discovering — the Jazz are starting to figure it out. And they have become a tough out. The Jazz are a defensive team: Since the All-Star break they are 9-2 allowing 90.6 points per 100 possessions, the best number in the NBA in that time (five of those 9 wins come against teams above .500). Rudy Gobert was doing his thing again Thursday — 22 rebounds, four blocks, altering many other shots — but what was different against the Rockets was the 19 points. He’s been an offensive liability, if that changes watch out. He only took 11 shots but played within himself — all his shots were at the rim. Just ask Terrence Jones.

Gordon Hayward was finding space to knock down three balls and get moving toward the rim, on his way to 29. Granted, Houston was on the second night of a brutal back-to-back (they lost to Portland Wednesday then had to fly overnight and play at altitude in Salt Lake the next day) but still, Utah is taking advantage of that now.

Kyrie Irving drops 57 on Spurs, including threes to force OT (VIDEO)

LeBron James, Kyrie Irving

The Spurs played the better game, the smarter game, Thursday night. They are starting to look like the Spurs again.

But nobody was going to stop Kyrie Irving. Nobody. And some nights that’s enough to get you a W.

Irving had 57 points — both a career high and the most any player has scored this season — on 20-of-32 shooting, including going 7-of-7 from three. The Spurs defended him well, they contested 30 of his 32 shots (per NBA.com player tracking stats), but it didn’t matter, he still hit 19 of them.

That included a couple threes to send the game to overtime. The first was just a brilliant leaning, fading three from the corner to get the game within three. Then, after Kawhi Leonard missed two free throws that could have iced the game, Irving did what you see above.

He wasn’t done. Irving then went out and scored 11 in the OT to get the Cavaliers an impressive 128-125 win on the road.

That was as great a game as any player has had this season (Klay Thompson is the other guy in that discussion). He is the reason the Cavs picked up another W.

Only four guys have had two 55+ point games in a season in the last 25 years. Irving now joins Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan and Tom Chambers. (Yes, Tom Chambers, the guy could shoot the rock.)