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LeBron James, Andre Iguodala

Watch Cleveland weatherman rant about no-call on LeBron James in OT


As my Twitter timeline Sunday night would attest, fans in Cleveland were up in arms over this call:

The NBA’s report on the officiating in the final two minutes of Game 2 says that LeBron James was fouled by Andre Iguodala on that play, and the referees missed it.

The report also says the referees had missed LeBron’s travel before he went up for that shot. So I guess two wrongs make a right?

The real point we’re trying to get to is this video of a Cleveland weatherman who is far more into that no-call than the little storms coming to Northeast Ohio. (Hat tip to NBA Reddit)

Report: Kevin Love to Boston this summer a longshot

Cleveland Cavaliers v Boston Celtics - Game Three

We will start where we always start with these stories:

Kevin Love has said repeatedly he has no intention of leaving the Cavaliers this summer. There are more reasons for him to stay rather than leave at this point, and I’ve said from the start I’ve heard he will stay and expect him to do just that.

But the rumors will not die.

Boston has been home to those rumors since last summer when GM Danny Ainge was trying to make Love the Celtics’ big free agent move. But according to Steve Bulpett of the Boston Herald don’t expect to see Love in Celtics green next season even if he does opt out.

According to all sources, Danny Ainge still has affection for Love, but it’s not nearly the borderline obsession that was in play last summer….

The idea last year was to try to pair Love and (Rajon) Rondo, giving the Celts a solid two-All-Star base around which to build and presenting Rondo with a reason to stay when he reached free agency this summer. So, as we noted even before the Timberwolves got their deal, no Love meant no Rondo….

And from all indications, Love is not seen as a foundational player upon whom to build. Further, sources say his knee issues are bound to have an impact on his basketball longevity and effectiveness.


There are going to be some interesting questions down the line for the Cavaliers and Love, especially with the emergence of Tristan Thompson in these playoffs as a valuable part of the front line. But those are down the line.

In the short term, don’t expect Love in Boston. Or anywhere else that is not Cleveland.



Charles Barkley on Matthew Dellavedova: “Curry will kill that kid in the overall scheme of things”


Stephen Curry was 0-of-8 shooting when covered by Matthew Dellavedova in Game 2.

Was that about Dellavedova’s defense, or was Stephen Curry just having an off night?

TNT analyst Charles Barkley in the latter group. He was on SiriusXM Bleacher Report Radio channel today with Nicole Zaloumis and Ric Bucher.

“I don’t think he’s a dirty player.  I think he’s a hard-working player.  And I think people need to slow down giving him so much credit because Steph Curry will kill that kid in the overall scheme of things.  He just didn’t make shots last night, and I think that everybody needs to slow their roll.  Steph Curry just missed some shots…This notion that he stopped him is just ridiculous.  You know, when you are a jump shooter you have good days [and] you have bad days.  And Steph had a bad day last night but, listen, Dellavedova wasn’t the reason he was missing shots.”

I’d swear I just read Charles Barkley defending the jump shooting team, but that can’t be true.

Like most things in life, the reality is somewhere in the middle.

Dellavedova did a superb job sticking with Stephen Curry, denying the ball at times, being physical with him and never letting Curry get comfortable and in a rhythm. That said, Curry was 1-of-9 on uncontested looks in Game 2, and we know he is fully capable of draining contested looks. He’s done it all season against the opponent’s best defender.

At some point his shots will fall more often, but if the Cavaliers defense can keep the Warriors team from getting an offensive flow they have a good chance to take the series.

Relive Cleveland’s Game 2 win in NBA’s mini-movie

LeBron James, Jason Phillips

Through two games, this has been an incredibly entertaining NBA Finals. The games couldn’t be closer, this being the first NBA Finals ever where Games 1 and 2 went to overtime. It has been physical, intense, and guys are selling out.

What else can you ask for as a basketball fan?

Enjoy a recap of Game 2 on the travel day, we will gear up for Game 3 on Tuesday.

Will Dallas be able to keep Al-Farouq Aminu?

Al-Farouq Aminu, James Harden

There were high hopes for Al-Farouq Aminu when the Los Angeles Clippers used the No. 8 pick on him back in 2010. He was crazy athletic and could defend, but there were issues with his shot and there were teams around the league who wondered if the Clippers of that era could develop a player. They didn’t try for long, he was shipped off to New Orleans in the Chris Paul deal and proceeded to bounce around the league a little impressing nobody.

Dallas gave him a chance as a minimum contract roll of the dice this season, and at 24 Aminu seemed to get it. In the playoffs he averaged 11.2 points and 7.2 rebounds a game, shot 63.3 percent from three and had a PER of 20.3. Small sample size and all, but he played himself into a nice little deal for next year.

The question is can Dallas afford it? Tim MacMahon of ESPN lays it out:

League sources estimate that the market for Aminu will be in the $4 million per year range.

The problem for the Mavs is that they aren’t likely to have the full midlevel exception ($5.46 million) and the cap-room exception ($2.81 million) probably won’t be enough to pay Aminu market value. In other words, the Mavs should plan on needing to use some of their precious cap space to pay Aminu.

The Mavs will explore options to dump Raymond Felton’s $3.95 million in a trade, preferring to use that money to pay Aminu. If the Mavs can’t move Felton in a deal, they could opt to waive him via the stretch provision, which would chop two-thirds of his salary off the team’s 2015-16 cap, creating a chunk of space that could help keep Aminu.

If Dallas wants to do it, they can keep him at a fair price. And Aminu has said he wants to stay in Dallas, he loves the city and the organization.

But this is a business, and if another GM misses out on a target or two and decides to throw an extra million or two at Aminu, Dallas could lose him.

This is not a saga likely to play out at the start of July, but as the month moves along keep an eye on Aminu. He’s finally showing some of that promise.