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Report: Pelicans to sign Anthony Brown out of D-League

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The New Orleans Pelicans are looking for a little more shooting and depth on the wings, and they’ve reached into the Erie Bayhawks of the D-League.

Anthony Brown was the last cut of the Lakers at the end of training camp and was the first pick in the D-League draft, and he tore up the minor league getting 29.3 points per game and shooting 65 percent from three. Now he’s getting a shot in the Big Easy, according to Marc Stein.

The Pelicans waived guard Archie Goodwin to make room.

The Lakers had hoped Brown could be part of their young core, play the role of a “3&D” wing, except that he never really pulled that off on either end (he shot 28.6 percent from three last season). His performance in the preseason wasn’t bad but couldn’t get him a roster spot in Los Angeles. That said, he deserved a shot somewhere.

This is a minimum, not guaranteed contract.

Steve Kerr fined $25,000 for ripping officials on traveling calls

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“How is it that everybody on Earth can see these traveling violations except for the three people that we pay to do the job? I don’t get it…. But I can literally put together a blooper reel of plays that are embarrassing travels that are just not called. I believe it’s a case of they have so many things to look at — they are looking at defensive three seconds, the contact in the lane when people are cutting through the lane, they’re looking at the charge and block circle — they’re looking at everything except what they should be looking at which is the basic rule of the game, which is traveling.

“And it’s a shame because guys are getting away with murder out there and the fans see it. My favorite is when you see the visiting team travel and you see like a 1,000 fans in the background all doing the traveling signal with their hands. If those people saw it, how come the refs didn’t?”

That Steve Kerr rant in a radio interview on KNBR 680 in the Bay Area (via CSNBayArea.com) is going to cost him $25,000. The league announced the fine Sunday. It is not a surprise, the league always fines criticism of referees, even when the coach/player is right.

And make no mistake, Kerr is right. Inconsistency on travel calls is an issue in the NBA. Kerr was mad because he thought DeMar DeRozan was getting away with a lot of walking on plays in transition during the Warriors win over the Raptors this week. He was planting a seed. Of course, the Warriors have some guards that take advantage of the liberal traveling calls in the NBA at times.

The Warriors have been doing a lot of seed planting this season. GM Bob Myers went to meet with the NBA league office about some of the flagrant foul calls against Draymond Green that they think are more reputation than reality.

Watch Anthony Davis drop 38 on Trail Blazers in win


Anthony Davis has been an absolute beast this season.

The lastest team to learn that first hand were the Portland Trail Blazers — as Davis dropped 38 on them on 14-of-22 shooting, plus he had nine rebounds and six assists. How hot was Davis? Check out this shot chart.

Davis shot chart

The big difference this game was Davis got some help — Jrue Holiday was back and scored 21 in the Pelicans 113-101 win.

Draymond Green chastises Celtics fans for booing Durant, says it could cost them other free agents


Last summer, Kevin Durant sat down and met with Danny Ainge and the Boston Celtics’ brass, he listened to their pitch about why he should play for the Celtics. While Durant has said nothing but positive things about Boston and its pitch, he obviously chose Golden State.

Friday night, Golden State came to Boston, and some Celtics fans decided to let Durant know they didn’t like his decision — they booed him every time he touched the ball.

After the game, Draymond Green ripped the fans for it. You can see his comments above, via CSNNE.com.

“Fans must be desperate. Like, who boos a guy for taking an interview? That’s crazy. I don’t get that. Y’all booing somebody for interviewing with y’all? Man, they may scare free agents away. You don’t want to take an interview and then make enemies for taking an interview. I don’t know. They may want to be careful with that….

“If you’re that mad at what somebody else did with [their] life, you need to evaluate your own life. He made a personal decision for his life, for his happiness, for his career. And if people that mad, they need to reevaluate where their head is at in life. Because I don’t know if I can stay that mad at somebody for deciding to do something with their life. That’s a slippery slope.”

Durant, for his part, pretty much blew the boos off, saying he had “no hard feelings” and praising the passion of the Boston fans. Durant finished with 23 points on 13 shots, plus 10 rebounds and seven assists in the Golden State win.

I don’t know that future free agents are going to make decisions about who they meet with based on Durant getting boos, elite players are not that thin-skinned. I think Green is overstating that impact.

But he’s not wrong about the big picture — booing a guy because he met with your team and went another direction? That’s junior high. At best. If OKC fans want to boo Durant for breaking their hearts — and they will — that makes sense. I can see Mavericks fans booing DeAndre Jordan after the way he handled his decision. But Boston fans weren’t “defending the honor of their city,” they were acting like petulant children throwing a tantrum because they didn’t get their way.

Chris Paul threw a ridiculous bounce pass to Blake Griffin for a bucket

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I guess technically this came off the pick-and-roll between Chris Paul and Blake Griffin.

But only Chris Paul (and maybe a couple of others in the league) could have made that pass — one handed, from the hip, off the dribble, bounce pass that threads a nonexistent needle to find Griffin for the bucket. This is as great a pass as you are going to see all season long.

The Clippers went on to get the win, 121-115. Griffin had 29 points in the game, Paul 12 assists.