Author: Kurt Helin

Rudy Gay

Rudy Gay dunks on all the Lakers (VIDEO)


When we say that Rudy Gay has been a more efficient shooter since coming to Sacramento… well, this isn’t really the answer. I mean, the dunk is the most efficient shot in basketball but Gay is getting a smaller percentage of his shots at the rim this season than any in his career.

It’s just, when you play against the Lakers “defense” you get some opportunities, and Gay took advantage of his.

Gay finished with 24 points was part of an offense — led by DeMarcus Cousins’ 29 — that just was too much for Los Angeles and overwhelmed the Lakers late as the Kings picked up another win, 108-101.


Goran Dragic keeps his options open, says he’d consider coming to Knicks

Goran Dragic, Jose Calderon, Cole Aldrich

The triangle offense is not one that needs a strong, traditional point guard. Think Derek Fisher, think Ron Harper. The Knicks have Jose Calderon — 9.3 points a game and a PER of 13, below the league average — for two more seasons after this one.

But the Knicks (and their fan base) are desperate for talent, and one talented player that could be exploring the free agent field this summer is Goran Dragic. A dynamic point guard averaging 16 points a game and a 17.2 PER who, like the rest of the Suns, are having some issues getting comfortable in a three point guard lineup.

So in an exercise of the obvious after the Suns beat the Knicks Saturday, some of the New York media asked Dragic if he would want to play for the Knicks. What do you think he would say? From Frank Isola of the New York Daily News.

“Oh yeah, definitely,” said Dragic, who earned All-NBA third-team honors last season. “You know Phil, he was a great coach. He won so many titles and he was coaching so many great players that of course it’s interesting and I would love working with him. Because probably he’s making all the moves — I’m not sure — but he knows what the team needs and what direction the team needs to go. In the past probably, he makes some decisions, who the Lakers bring in and the Chicago Bulls and (he)did an amazing job.”

Go ahead and spin this as “of course guys still want to come play for the Knicks” and “of course Phil Jackson is still a draw” if you want. Those two statements are true, they are just farther down the importance scale than they used to be for most players.

Right now the question around the league is would the Suns trade Dragic? Teams have been calling the Suns to find out, but are getting nowhere.

The list of things that will be the draw for all free agents starts with money, money and then money. The Suns can offer the most to Dragic and have said they plan to keep him, but the Knicks (and Lakers and some other teams out there) can come in with max and near max offers. Then it gets down to what other things matter to Goran — how much does he like Phoenix and how much does he like being teammates with his brother Zoran, for example.

Dragic is a smart free agent keeping his options open. So is it possible he would leave the Valley of the Sun for NYC?

“I think so it’s a possibility, but not just New York,” Dragic said. “I’m a free agent. I want to explore my options but so far I’m really happy in Phoenix. They give me a lot. I like the city. I like the fans and I like the organization, so it’s going to be a tough decision to make, but I’m going to start thinking of that at the end of the season.”

Which is what every player is pretty much going to say right now, they are going to keep their options open.

Nuggets Danilo Gallinari has meniscus tear in right knee, out three weeks after surgery

Los Angeles Clippers v Denver Nuggets

There was a time just a few years ago when Danilo Gallinari was what teams wanted in a four that fits the modern NBA game — he ran the floor well, could stretch the floor to knock down threes, could put the ball on the floor and get to the rim, just could do a lot of things on offense. He was Il Gallo, the rooster. He scored more points per game (17.2) then anyone else on a 57-win Nuggets team.

Knee injuries have robbed us of that Gallinari.

First it was the torn ACL at the end of that 2013 season, followed by a surgery that didn’t fix the problems and had to be redone so he missed all of last season.

Now this: Gallinari has a torn meniscus in his right knee but could return in a few weeks, as reported by Chris Dempsey of the Denver Post.

Ugh. but at least he’ll be back. Hopefully closer to his old self.

Gallinari hadn’t been the same this season, coming off the bench scoring 7.8 points a game this season and shooting just 36 percent overall and 31.4 percent from three. He hadn’t been much of a factor and was already not the same player, the one Denver needed if they were going to be playoff contenders in the West this season (the Nuggets are 12-15 with a below average offense and defense).

Gallinari has one year left on his contract after this at $11.6 million.