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Los Angeles Clippers v Golden State Warriors

Dahntay Jones Bumps Draymond Green during postgame interview, Green responds “he doesn’t play”


Despite all the Stephen Curry showcase plays, it was Draymond Green who led the Warriors in scoring Sunday with 23 points. Which means he got the postgame interview on ABC… then this happened.

Which led to this response from Green:

Again the highlights from Green:

“I think he wanted a reaction from me, but he don’t play,” Green said, eventually moving on to questions about the suspension if he had reacted.

“Me getting suspended and him getting suspended, it’s different… If [ Jones] gets suspended they may not even notice.”

The league isn’t going to look into this. Just chalk it up as another skirmish in the Clippers/Warriors rivalry.

Another day, another Russell Westbrook triple-double

Russell Westbrook, Terrence Ross

In the remake of Ghostbusters, Russell Westbrook should play Gozer the Traveler. The destroyer of worlds.

For the fifth time in six games, Westbrook dropped a triple-double Sunday — 30 points, 17 assists, and 11 rebounds as the Thunder held off the Raptors and picked up a key win 108-104. Key because it keeps the Thunder in the eight seed one game ahead of a Pelicans team that will not go away.

That one game Westbrook didn’t have a triple-double? He had 43-8-7.

Sunday Westbrook was getting into the middle of the Toronto defense all game long, and there was nothing the Raptors could do — they didn’t have the player or the scheme to slow him. That led to him shooting 5-of-8 in the paint and also setting up a number of his assists off kick-outs on those plays. (Westbrook was not super efficient and had nine turnovers, but he’s doing it all for the Thunder right now so you live with a little bad to get the good.)

Westbrook is on a tear that may net him the MVP trophy. It’s been a long time since a team struggling to hold on to the eight seed had a legit MVP candidate. It’s a tough race because Stephen Curry is still putting on a show with the best team in the Association, while James Harden is putting up numbers as well. But nobody is dominating the game right now like Westbrook.


Pistons’ Reggie Jackson threw down on Hornets, but Charlotte will take the W (VIDEO)

reggie jackson

Reggie Jackson doesn’t fear attacking the rim.

Which is why, with a little molding from Stan Van Gundy, the Pistons might have something that can be a part of their future. He certainly got the rim faster than Charlotte could rotate and threw down an impressive dunk.

However, Charlotte got the win that moved them into the seven seed in the East. Despite the dunk, Jennings was held in check (4 points in the second half) by Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. Charlotte got 24 points from Al Jefferson, and 21 from Mo Williams, who has provided a much-needed shot in the arm for the Hornets’ offense. Kemba Walker will be back soon, and Steve Clifford’s problem will be how to use two guards who can light it up on the scoreboard and make it work.

Charlotte is defending again and look every bit the playoff team in the East. The Hornets are going to get one of those last two playoff spots in the East.

Rajon Rondo says he’s good with Rick Carlisle, open to staying with Mavericks

Rick Carlisle, Rajon Rondo

Like you haven’t had a loud, too-public argument with your best friend or wife, then by the next day everyone has moved past it and things are back to normal. Maybe even better because the air has been cleared.

That’s how Rajon Rondo feels about Dallas.

Rondo and Mavericks’ coach Rick Carlisle had a public argument that led to Rondo being suspended for a game, but he has moved past it. He’s said that before. He reiterated it Saturday night and said that he is open to staying with the Mavs after the season. Here are his quotes, courtesy Marc Spears of Yahoo Sports.

“People say I’m not trying to be here, but I don’t talk to anybody but the five people that are in my circle,” Rondo said. “I will vent to them about where I want to be. I’m happy. I’m in a great situation. The best thing is the weather. I miss my kids. I miss my family. That’s hard, as well not having them and you come home after playing a bad game. They are always there to cheer you up. That’s been difficult.

“I haven’t had a change of heart about wanting to be here. But I said that in Boston, too, and look what happened.”

So would he be willing to stay in Dallas.

“Why would I not be? There are a lot of things that I really love. Even the practices, we listen to music, my type of music…. It’s a player’s organization. Players first, from our plane, the way we travel. I don’t take that for granted. We eat good. We stay at the best hotels. Of course, it’s the NBA. But this organization has the best. They have PlayStation in the lockers. I don’t play games, but it’s nice to know I got a PlayStation. TVs in your own locker. I heard about it – [Brandon Bass] and J-Terry [Jason Terry] told me – but seeing it and experiencing it.”

The deciding factor on where Rondo will play next year is money. It’s always money. What will Dallas offer? They can offer more than anyone. If Dallas does not will teams like the Lakers or Knicks come in over the top?

If the money is equal, then it comes down to the other things: Is the team competitive? (Dallas beats the Lakers and Knicks there, handily.) Is he comfortable with the organization? Does he like the coach? Rondo said gain in this interview he is all good with Carlise now, that they talk a lot about the game.

Dallas is still in the driver’s seat to retain Rondo. It just comes down to the negotiations this summer.

DeMarcus Cousins was throwing down dunks on Miami (VIDEO)


DeMarcus Cousins was doing his damage inside Saturday night — he was 10-of-13 in the restricted area on his way to 27 points.

Plus he was throwing down some huge dunks.

It wasn’t enough for the Kings. Miami’s bench, led by Tyler Johnson (24 points) led a comeback to force overtime, and once there went on a 9-1 run to pull away and get the win.