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San Antonio Spurs v Philadelphia 76ers

Manu Ginobili pokes fun at Boris Diaw’s one man “fast” break

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The Spurs are just having fun this season.

San Antonio rested the big two Monday in Philadelphia and still were able to hand the Sixers their 17th straight loss. Boris Diaw didn’t get the night off, he was still out there making plays. Very slow plays. That Manu Ginobili is poking fun at.

In his defense, Diaw did make the shot here.

Tim Duncan donates $247,000 to cancer genome research project

Philadelphia 76ers v San Antonio Spurs

This is about the most Tim Duncan thing ever.

The Spurs iconic big man has donated $247,000 to San Antonio 1000 Cancer Genome Project, the team announced. That’s an open science collaborative using gene sequencing in the fight against cancer, where doctors share all kinds of data for free. Why Duncan did it was the involved surgeons and medical professionals are being Spurs-like.

“The idea that a group of cancer researchers were willing to set aside egos, to make the information freely available and work strictly for the greater good of curing cancer was exactly the type of cancer project I was willing to support,” Duncan said in a released statement.

Here is what the organization does, from the press release.

Through the support and involvement of these participating surgeons, START researchers are collecting fresh tumor tissue from 1000 patients with the 10 most common cancers in San Antonio. The project then aims to perform whole genome sequencing on both the cancerous and normal tissue from each patient. Then, for the first time anywhere, researchers will link this genetic information to the patient’s clinical outcomes. Most significantly, all data will be made available publicly at no cost to researchers worldwide. The project’s promise to make all data freely available is built on the belief that no single investigator or institution has all of the answers and encourages the involvement of outsiders who might bring fresh ideas to the urgent and complex problem of gene abnormalities and cancer.

So to sum up: collect big data then share it freely to come up with the answers that no one person working alone can get.

Yup, this is about the most Tim Duncan thing ever.

Brian Scalabrine tells story of time Kevin Garnett beat Big Baby in arm wrestling (VIDEO)

Toronto Raptors v Brooklyn Nets - Game Three

Pretending to bite Joakim Noah? That’s nothing.

Brian Scalabrine was on Fox Sports One telling Kevin Garnett stories and this is just brilliant, how he beat Glen Davis (Big Baby) in arm wrestling. And I can totally picture it.

Nets say no deal in works to trade Andrei Kirilenko

Philadelphia 76ers v Brooklyn Nets
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The Nets are not playing him. There are potential contending teams such as the Clippers and Cavaliers that need help at the three spot.

So it makes some sense that Andrei Kirilenko’s name is coming up in trade rumors. Nets coach Lionel Hollins seems to have little use for Kirilenko, despite the fact the Nets aren’t exactly a good team. Why shouldn’t the Nets see what they can get for him? They can always move him to the Sixers in a salary dump, but the Nets want to see if they can get more.

The problem is Kirilenko is dealing with a family issue and that is limiting his travel with the team, which also also limits his trade value. So right now nothing is happening Nets GM Billy King told Andy Vasquez of the Bergen Record.

“He hasn’t been playing,” Nets general manager Billy King said. “And we had talked about possibly … moving him. Nothing is happening.”

Kirilenko has said his family issue (which he has chosen not to disclose, as is his right) will continue to be an issue through February.

Which is also when the trade deadline comes up. The Nets are going to have a hard time moving him if he’s not on the court and can’t travel, certainly the kind of contending teams mentioned above are not going to go there.

All of which is to say, don’t expect much action on this until after the first of the year. Just rumors.

Andrew Wiggins skies for alley-oop (VIDEO)

Minnesota Timberwolves v Los Angeles Clippers

The best part of this is that as Mo Williams starts to throw the alley-oop pass you can see Blake Griffin think about going for the block or steal, then realizing he is not going to get up to get this.

Only Andrew Wiggins was going up that high. And that’s an impressive finish.

Wiggins is still rough around the edges (14 points on 4-of-11 shooting in this one) but you see flashes of what he can do. And it’s impressive.

The Clippers won the game handily, by the way, their seventh win out of their last eight. Griffin had 23.