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Grizzlies’ Mike Conley has surgery to repair face, likely 48 hours before timetable


Mike Conley went under the knife Monday morning, having surgery to repair multiple broken bones in his face suffered by an inadvertent elbow from C.J. McCollum in Game 3 of the Grizzlies’ first-round series against Portland.

Obviously Conley will be out for Game 4 Monday night, but how much longer could he be out? That’s up in the air, reports Adrian Wojnaroski on Yahoo Sports.

After surgery to repair a facial fracture on guard Mike Conley, the Memphis Grizzlies need to wait 48 hours for the swelling to subside before gaining a clearer understanding of a timeline for a possible playoff return, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

There are scenarios in which Conley could return in a possible Western Conference semifinals series against the Golden State Warriors, league sources said, but that’s uncertain until the healing process begins, the pain lessens and Conley can be fitted for a mask.

Up 3-0 on Portland (a team they have been beaten handily for a couple seasons now), it’s hard to imagine Memphis not advancing with or without their starting point guard. It may take more than four games, but they will advance.

But if the Grizzlies are going to give Golden State trouble, they will need Conley and his defense on the Warriors backcourt of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. That series is a potential fascinating matchup of styles — the Warriors like to play small and fast, the Grizzlies big and slow — but if Conley can’t go it would be a huge setback for Memphis.

Watch Monta Ellis drop 31 on Rockets, lead Mavericks to win

Monta Ellis
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Somebody looks a lot more comfortable with no Rajon Rondo around.

Monta Ellis played free and fast in the backcourt with J.J. Barea on Sunday, and the result was Ellis scoring 31 points leading the Mavericks past the Rockets in Game 4.

Ellis did his best work when attacking the rim — he was 7-of-7 shooting inside eight feet. He was also solid from the midrange if you left side of the floor.

It will be interesting on Tuesday to see how the Rockets adjust and if Ellis can keep the hot shooting going on the road.

Dallas’ Rick Carlisle puts tape over mouth to avoid criticizing referees (VIDEO)

Houston Rockets v Dallas Mavericks - Game Four

After Game 3, Dallas coach Rick Carlisle was ticked about how physical the series with the Rockets had become.

“My hope is that in Game 4 – the one play that’s kind of an image stuck in my mind, and I just looked at it six times on the film, is the first play of the fourth quarter,” Carlisle said. “We’re scrambling like hell defensively, and Devin Harris is going to get the ball, and Dwight Howard throws him into our bench. He takes the ball, skips it over the top and Ariza gets a wide-open three.

“So, instead of us getting the ball, and a foul on Howard, it turns into essentially a 5-6 point swing. That stuff’s got to stop. The officials [have] got to get that stuff under control, because there’s too much physical stuff going on. Howard is throwing people all over the place. And that can’t happen in Game 4.”

Those comments cost Carlisle $25,000.

So when the referees came up after Game 4 (a Dallas win), Carlisle didn’t exactly take the high road but used some tape to save some cash.

Well played.

Rumor: Kevin Love out minimum of two weeks, will likely miss most or all of series vs. Bulls


If someone tries to tell you “Cleveland will be fine without Kevin Love, he doesn’t fit in” you’ll know they weren’t watching Cavaliers games lately. Love has found a comfort level in the postseason, averaged 18.3 points and nine rebounds a game in the playoffs, and is shooting 47 percent from three. It may not be the role he envisioned, but Love is finding a role with the Cavaliers.

Or was. He got tangled up with the Celtics’ Kelly Olynyk, who locked Love’s arm and gave a yank, dislocating it.

The question now is how long Love will be out, and the Cavaliers are trying to sound optimistic, reports Brian Windhorst of ESPN.

Note that said “minimum” of two weeks, not two weeks. It is not uncommon for a shoulder dislocation to mean more than a month on the sidelines. But you can’t blame the Cavaliers for trying to be positive. Still, he likely will miss much or all of the series against the Bulls or Bucks.

Love being out could be an issue in the next round — especially when you factor in J.R. Smith is likely to miss at least a game and maybe more (he deserves multiple games) for his shot to Jae Crowder.

The Bulls, which are the favorite and lead 3-1 in the series, roll out a big front line with Joakim Noah and Pau Gasol, with Nikola Mirotic coming in off the bench. Cleveland could have used Love’s size and ability to pull some of that size out of the paint. The Cavs are going to ask a lot more of Tristan Thompson than they had hoped.

Injuries have played a big role though this entire season and into the playoffs, that’s not changing now.

But just how big a role in the case of Love we likely learn on Monday.

Monta Ellis, J.J. Barea pairing ignites Mavericks offense, gets Dallas Game 4 win over Houston

Monta Ellis, Trevor Ariza

This result wIll be only stalling the inevitable at this point, but it makes you wonder: What if there had been no Rajon Rondo this series? What if it had been J.J. Barea and Monta Ellis in the backcourt from the start?

Barea came in and sped up the tempo of the Dallas offense. Monta Ellis clearly plays more freely without Rondo next to him. Rick Carlisle finally just went with his best lineup, and it worked.

Ellis put up 31 points, Barea had 17 points and 13 assists, Dallas owned Game 4 from the second quarter on and beat Houston 121-109, much to the delight of the Dallas home crowd.

Houston still leads the series 3-1. Game 5 is in Houston on Tuesday.

To have seen the start of this game, you would never have guessed the ending. The Rockets came out pounding the ball inside and getting the buckets they wanted — Dwight Howard was 5-of-5 in the first quarter, James Harden had 10 points on six shots (and he was attacking), and as a team the Rockets shot 68.7 percent. It was the kind of quarter where even when the Mavericks went to hack-a-Rocket and fouled Clint Capela he hit both free throws. At the end of one the Rockets were up 34-25.

Then everything changed. The second quarter started to feel like an elimination game, with some chippy play and Rick Carlisle picking up a technical for complaining to the refs. The Rockets missed five shots in a row, Howard went 1-of-9 from the free-throw line and Houston started to come apart (when teams go to hack-a-Howard he often gets passive). That plus some big plays from Monta Ellis and Barea pushing the ball in transition sparked a 28-11 Dallas run. By halftime, Dallas was up 61-53.

Then Dallas opened the second half on a 20-4 run. Houston shot 0-12 from the field to start the third quarter while Dallas hit 8-of-11.Dallas shot 67 percent in third quarter; they blew the game open and were never seriously threatened.

A lot of things went right for the Mavericks. Al-Farouq Aminu did a good job on James Harden, holding him to 24 points and a relatively quiet night. Dallas was strong on the offensive glass grabbing 37.2 percent of their missed shots. Dallas did everything well save hit their free throws (9-of-21).

The question is can they replicate all of that on the road? And can Kevin McHale make some adjustments to end the series Tuesday night and let his team get some rest while they wait for the winner of the Spurs/Clippers series?

Game 4 felt like the series we expected from these two teams, and Dallas showed Houston is going to have to earn Game 5.