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Orlando Magic v Dallas Mavericks

Report: Amar’e Stoudemire to meet with Pat Riley, “strongly considering” Heat


He’s not the force of nature he once was, but Amar’e Stoudemire at age 32 still has a role in the NBA. Last season — split between New York and Dallas — he averaged 11.5 points a game (in the 59 games he played in) and shot 55.7 percent. His PER was a very good 20.3. In a limited role (and with his minutes monitored) he can provide some value.

Pat Riley recognizes this and he’s going after the veteran forward — and Riley wins most of his recruiting battles for Miami.

From Jared Zwerling of Bleacher Report:

Stoudemire will have other suitors (if DeAndre Jordan decides to return to the Clippers, Zwerling says the Mavs will make a play to retain Stoudemire).

That said, Stoudemire seems a good fit in Miami. The Heat will start Chris Bosh at the four and Hassan Whiteside at center, and then bring Josh McRoberts and Chris Andersen in behind them. You can see Stoudemire getting run in that mix — and doing well.

Miami is going to be a good team next season if they can stay healthy, maybe the top four in the East. Stoudemire would help that along. Plus living in Miami in the winter doesn’t suck. They probably have an entire spa dedicated to red wine baths down there.

Hornets’ P.J. Hairston cited for driving with revoked license

Orlando Magic-White v Charlotte Hornets

P.J. Hairston has had a rough first year in the NBA. Even before it started, he got into an altercation with high schooler at a pick-up game last summer (charges were dropped). Then he signed with an “agent” who was not certified to do business with the league (the players’ union does the certification). Late in the season he missed a workout and was benched by coach Steve Clifford, something that seemed the culmination of whispers about his work ethic and focus. Plus on the court he got in just 35 games and shot 32 percent from the floor when he did.

Hairston is currently playing for the Charlotte Summer League team trying to improve his reputation on and off the court (but he was shooting below 30 percent this summer heading into Wednesday).

This isn’t going to help: Hairston was cited June 18 for driving with a revoked license, reports the Charlotte Observer.

According to the citation, Hairston’s 2015 black Cadillac Escalade was traveling at 51 mph in a 35 mph zone on Toddville Road heading toward Freedom Drive. The tags were expired and his vehicle went more than half its width over the double yellow line for 25-30 yards, according to a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police officer N.S. Bush in his report.

“P.J. is young, he’s human and we all make mistakes,” said Brittney Bogues, CEO of All In PR and who works with Hairston. “Some of it was misrepresented. He was given a citation like any other person would be given. And once you comply with the situation and show proof of rectifying the situation, which he’s done, everything is dismissed. He’s really trying to focus on what he’s here to do and that’s play basketball and support the community and get past this.”

If this were a one-off situation as his representation wants to sell it, you could see that. We all have made the stupid mistakes of youth. But in 2013 Hariston was popped for driving on a suspended license and misdemeanor marijuana possession, charges that were later dismissed after he updated his license and took a drug test.

Hairston is under contract with the Hornets for this season; then they have to decide if they will pick up the third year of his rookie contract.



Reports: Clippers players confident DeAndre Jordan will return to Los Angeles

Los Angeles Clippers v Houston Rockets - Game Seven

It all starts with DeAndre Jordan.

Chandler Parsons isn’t on a plane to Houston, J.J. Redick isn’t in a car, Blake Griffin isn’t in a helicopter, Chris Paul doesn’t have to hop off the banana boat if DJ doesn’t first open the door and invite Doc Rivers to walk through it. Jordan had made a verbal commitment to the Mavericks for a max deal but has had second thoughts. He reached out to the Clippers and — because they have no good alternative if he did leave — Doc Rivers and company pounced.

Which is why the Clippers players are confident that Jordan will be back.

That is the sense around the league — you don’t take the meeting if you’re not pretty far down the road in your own head. Multiple media members have tweeted out the same sentiment, saying Clipper players feel pretty good about their chances.

The Clippers are bringing owner Steve Balmer, coach Rivers, Griffin, Paul, Redick and Paul Pierce to the meeting. They come into that meeting with an advantage — they now know exactly what Jordan wants to hear. It became clear after the verbal agreement with Dallas was reached that Jordan was unhappy with his level of recognition, that he wanted a bigger role in the offense, that he wanted Paul to tone down the “motivational tactics” and embrace him as a star. The Clippers can go into that meeting and say exactly what he wants to hear.

Tonight the Mavericks will get another face-to-face meeting where Mark Cuban, Chandler Parsons, and others will get a chance to keep the man they thought was their new anchor in the middle.

This story is changing by the minute, and there has never been anything quite like it.

PBT Extra: List of teams that lost at free agency starts with Clippers

Chris Paul, Blake Griffin

The Los Angeles Clippers are going to be a good team next season. They had the best offense in the NBA last season, they still have Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, not to mention quality role players such as Paul Pierce and J.J. Redick among others. They will make the playoffs in the West.

But the loss of DeAndre Jordan to the Mavericks knocks the Clippers out of title contender status, they fall a couple tiers down in the West.

Because those chances to compete for a title are fleeting, the Clippers head my list of free agency losers, through the first week of free agency. The other team on the list? Try the other coast, in Manhattan.

Michael Carter-Williams innocently tweets about Las Vegas, freaks out Bucks fans

Philadelphia 76ers V Milwaukee Bucks

This week, Milwaukee Bucks president Peter Feigin chose the scare-tactic negotiating ploy when telling Wisconsin legislators why they should approve $250 million in funding for a new Bucks arena — if they don’t the team will be sold back to the league and moved to “Seattle or Las Vegas.”

That comment understandably put Bucks fans on edge.

Then on Tuesday Bucks point guard Michael Carter-Williams tweeted this:

He was innocently talking about playing for the Bucks Summer League team, which starts play in Las Vegas on Friday. But that’s not how some Bucks fans saw it.

Carter Williams realized his mistake and tweeted:

To be fair Bucks fans, if the arena deal does fall through Adam Silver will look for other options to keep the team in Milwaukee first (he was one of the guys behind the efforts to give Sacramento a chance to keep it’s team, and it was farther down the road than Milwaukee right now).

After that, I’d be a lot more concerned about Seattle than Vegas.