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Carmelo Anthony, Tim Hardaway Jr.

Carmelo Anthony, Tim Hardaway Jr. deny any lingering friction


Yes, they argued. They own that.

Two emotional guys, two competitors, on a team that’s losing a lot (10 straight as of Wednesday night), you have to expect that.

But Carmelo Anthony and Tim Hardaway Jr. want you to know they’re all good.

Both teammates were asked about a report earlier this week that they had argued and Anthony had said he would beat Hardaway up after the game (which never happened, obviously). Both admitted the argument but said there was nothing to it, reports ESPNNewYork.com.

“Me and Tim have no problems,” Anthony said before the Knicks’ 109-95 loss to the Spurs. “…. Tim is a guy who I always wrapped my arm around and put under my wing from Day 1, helped him through times when he’s been down, and I will continue doing that.”

Added Hardaway Jr.: “We’re brothers. Brothers argue in the heat of the moment and then they make up. It’s just that simple. I look at Melo as a mentor.”

Of course there is some tension in the Knicks locker room — they are 4-20. If they were all good with that, if it were all puppy dogs and rainbows, if they were not in each other’s faces a little, then I’d be worried. A lot of the players don’t like the triangle? Shocking. It doesn’t fit most of their games, of course they don’t. Along those same lines of course they don’t like the culture change and getting called out. There are a lot of flaws on this roster. This team lacks defenders. It also lacks the unselfish players the triangle offense needs to work. That has included Anthony for portions of this year, he has not bought in like Derek Fisher needs him to on the court.

Things are not likely to get better for a while. Anthony was out Wednesday night to rest his troublesome knee, and the rest of the Knicks could not beat a Spurs team sitting its top four players. The Knicks have players that are simply a terrible fit for the offense and systems Derek Fisher wants to install. It’s going to take a couple years of Phil Jackson the front office wizard to turn this roster into something that can really compete. Even in the East.

In the meantime, the Knicks can just have more team meetings. The Knicks had one last Saturday. Befitting the Festivus season, there was the airing of grievances.

“It was a very productive meeting. Everybody had a platform to say how they felt about what was going on,” said Anthony. “It wasn’t about the system or anything specific like that. It was about what we all can do to be better as a team and get over this hump.”

Bradley Beal tip in as time expires gives Wizards win (VIDEO)

Washington at Orlando

Orlando had played well all night, right down to the final seconds when Victor Oladipo took his shot at a game winner and missed, but left the Wizards just 0.8 seconds left to avoid overtime.

That was enough.

Bradley Beal rubbed off a Paul Pierce screen and rolled to the rim where a perfect lob pass from Andre Miller — maybe the best lob passer in the league — was waiting. Beal tapped it in and Washington picked up a dramatic road victory, 91-89. It was a well designed play by Randy Wittman, one that the Wizards executed perfectly.

Defensively, I know with .08 they have to cover for a catch-and-shoot, but I’m surprised when teams don’t zone off the paint with a big man in these situations, just taking the lob at the rim out of the picture. Oladipo got just half a step behind Beal off the pick and that’s all it took.

Warriors unveil designs for new arena in San Francisco

Warriors Arena 4
Image courtesy: MANICA Architecture

This should end the jokes that came out when the pencil renderings were released.

The Warriors and Manica Architecture released a series of images and an update of what the new arena in the Mission Bay area of San Francisco will look like and contain on Wednesday. It’s easy to make an idealized drawing of the building look good but… those look good (see more below). CSNBayArea.com has more details.

“We believe this plan is a perfect fit for Mission Bay, for San Francisco, and for the entire region,” Warriors co-owner Joe Lacob said in a released statement. “Our goal is to not only build a world-class arena for our team and our fans, but also create a vibrant place that residents and visitors will want to enjoy, whether on game days or any other day.”

From the press release, the arena will have:

• 18,064 seat multi-purpose arena
• More than 100,000 square feet of retail space, mostly food-oriented
• 3.2 acres of plazas and public space – approximately 30% of the total site
• A 35,000 square foot public plaza on 3rd Street, larger than Union Square
• A 24,000 square foot public plaza of open space on the southeast side of the project
• A view deck with newly opened vistas to San Francisco Bay
• Approximately 580,000 square feet of office/biotech/lab space
• Approximately 950 Parking spaces (in three concealed/underground levels)
• 300 spaces of permanent bike valet parking

If that doesn’t sound like a lot of parking, the Warriors say it is more than their current Oracle Arena has. The project will be built on 11 acres of privately held property and still going through the approval stages with the city government.

Here are the other renderings.




Carmelo Anthony out vs. Spurs Wednesday

Carmelo Anthony

This isn’t a surprise, especially after he spent 40 minutes in the trainer’s room after Tuesday night’s game because of his sore knee. He hinted he might miss some time.

Carmelo Anthony is out vs. the Spurs in San Antonio Wednesday night, the team announced.

Expect this to mean more minutes for J.R. Smith — although he was seen limping in the arena Wednesday — and Tim Hardaway Jr., among others.

The Spurs are expected to be without Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Kawhi Leonard, and Manu Ginobili for this game (Duncan and Ginobili are resting, the others have injuries). So the fans are really going to get their money’s worth tonight in San Antonio.

For the Knicks the bigger question is how much more time will Anthony miss. His knee issue is serious enough that it likely will require surgery at some point, the question is when does he take that step.

Anthony is averaging 22.9 points a game with a true shooting percentage of .540 (above the league average) and is the fulcrum of the Knicks triangle offense. He’s put up numbers but he hasn’t moved the ball as well as coaches would like, nor is he consistently committed on the defensive end.

Still they are going to miss him — when Anthony is on the court their offense is 14.3 points per 100 possession better. That’s hard to replace.

Executives say Sixers have brighter future than Knicks

Toronto Raptors v New York Knicks

It’s rough for the Knicks right now. They have lost nine in a row and 18 of 20. Players are infighting — Carmelo Anthony reportedly threatened to punch Tim Hardaway Jr. — and apparently none of them like the triangle offense. Derek Fisher is fumbling around as first year coaches often do. Phil Jackson said the players are resisting the culture change needed in the organization. On top of all that it appears ‘Melo’s knee could need surgery.

What could be worse?

How about hearing most executives around the league would rather be in the Sixers’ shoes long term than the Knicks?

That’s what a couple front office people told Adam Zagoria of The Knicks Blog.

“If [Joel] Embiid is [Hakeem] Olajuwon instead of [Greg] Oden, the answer is Philly,” one NBA executive told SNY.tv and The Knicks Blog. “The Knicks have one first-round pick in the next two years, zero second-round picks and zero worthwhile International rights guys. Philly has two first-round picks this year, four second-round picks in the next two and the rights to [Dario] Saric and [Vasilije] Micic. Melo is better than any current 76er but Philly has a far better coach and more talented young players.”

A former NBA GM chimed in with similar thoughts on who has a brighter future.

“The Sixers, long term,” he said. “They have young talent and multiple draft picks.”

The Sixers have been naked and unabashed in their “going bad to get good” plan, to the chagrin of other owners. The thing is, it might work. We’ll have to see how the players they have and will draft pan out — how good is Joel Embiid going to be? Nerlens Noel? Michael Carter-Williams? And on down the line, like can they keep K.J. McDaniels as a role player?

The Knicks have Anthony, Hardaway and… free agents they hope to land. They, like the Lakers, are taking the Adam Dunn/Jim Thome/Reggie Jackson approach at the plate and swinging for the fences with every free agent out there this summer — Marc Gasol, Kevin Love, LaMarcus Aldridge, Rajon Rondo and on down the line. New York has the lure of the Knicks brand, of Madison Square Garden, of the city of New York, and of Phil Jackson running the show.

It’s almost certainly going to be another strikeout this summer. Love isn’t stupid, he’s staying put with LeBron. Gasol would be a perfect triangle big man but he’s in a good spot with a team and city he likes in Memphis and isn’t expected to move on. Same with Aldridge in Portland. As for Rondo, go look at the history of point guards who can’t shoot in the triangle offense and tell me why he’d want to go there. The Knicks challenge is players are forcing their way to be with other players — Love is the prime example — and right now the Knicks don’t really have a good way to get those first young players to start the trend.

The Sixers… they may already have those guys. Come 2018 we may all think Sam Hinkie is brilliant.

And who knows what Knicks fans will think of Phil Jackson then.