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Stephen Curry has top selling NBA jersey, Cavaliers sell most team gear


Just like during the season, Stephen Curry got the top individual prize but the Cleveland Cavaliers won the big team award.

However, this time we are talking jersey and team gear sales.

Not a lot of surprises at the top, but here are the top 15 NBA jerseys sold through the NBA.com store.

1. Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors
2. LeBron James, Cleveland Cavaliers
3. Kobe Bryant, Los Angeles Lakers
4. Kyrie Irving, Cleveland Cavaliers
5. Klay Thompson, Golden State Warriors
6. Russell Westbrook, Oklahoma City Thunder
7. Draymond Green, Golden State Warriors
8. Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City Thunder
9. Kawhi Leonard, San Antonio Spurs
10. Derrick Rose, Chicago Bulls
11. Tim Duncan, San Antonio Spurs
12. Dwyane Wade, Miami Heat
13. Damian Lillard, Portland Trail Blazers
14. Andre Iguodala, Golden State Warriors
15. Kristaps Porzingis, New York Knicks

No huge surprises there, maybe Iguodala making the list still and getting more sales than Kevin Love. Three of those names — Durant, Rose, and Wade — will change teams next season, while at least one (Kobe Bryant) has retired. He could be joined by Duncan.

As for team merchandise sales, here are the top 10

1. Cleveland Cavaliers
2. Golden State Warriors
3. Los Angeles Lakers
4. Chicago Bulls
5. Oklahoma City Thunder
6. San Antonio Spurs
7. Miami Heat
8. Toronto Raptors
9. New York Knicks
10. Boston Celtics

I love that the Raptors surged ahead of far more established teams like the Knicks and Celtics — Raptors fans are passionate. And like to shop, apparently.

Ginobili returning to Spurs on 1-year deal

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Manu Ginobili has ended any doubt, as if there ever was any to begin with: The Argentinian star tweets that he is returning to the San Antonio Spurs on a one-year deal.

Ginobili previously posted a message on social media saying he had decided to play another season in the NBA. But he didn’t mention the Spurs, which led some to wonder if he would head to another team after spending the first 14 years of his career in San Antonio.

It was a highly unlikely scenario, and one that Ginobili clarified on Thursday.

He tweets: “Happy to tell you guys that I’ll be coming back to the Spurs for another season. (hash)backhome.”

Ginobili will turn 39 later this month.

PBT Podcast: Dwyane Wade to Chicago, Kevin Durant to Golden State, more with Dan Feldman

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Kevin Durant chose Golden State — and that wasn’t the biggest shock in free agency.

Dwyane Wade left the Heat for the Bulls, which was stunningly unexpected — but still left Miami in a better spot than Chicago.

Kurt Helin and Dan Feldman of NBC break down the two biggest stories in NBA free agency, plus talk about the big winners during free agency such as the Celtics and Jazz.

As always, you can check out the podcast below, or listen and subscribe via iTunes, subscribe via the fantastic Stitcher app, check us out on Google play, or check out our new PBT podcast homepage and archive at Audioboom.com.

Kevin Durant says Russell Westbrook not happy with decision but respects it


With Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook together, the Oklahoma City Thunder were a contender, the third best team in the NBA by the end of last season.

Then Durant chose to leave and go to the second best team, the Golden State Warriors.

At his press conference Thursday in the Bay Area, Durant talked about breaking the news to Westbrook.


“Obviously, it’s tough. We were teammates for so long and had a lot of great memories and I’m sure he wasn’t happy about the decision, but he respected it as my friend. The relationship is great. We had great years man. It’s something that you’ll never take away from us. But like I said, I wanted a new chapter in my life. I felt it was time for it.”

Westbrook likely will say something similar when he talks about it down the line.

Of course, all the questions Westbrook are going to get will have a lot more to do with whether he will follow Durant out of town, or if he wants/expects to be traded.

Kevin Durant to critics: “It’s the best decision for me. I can’t really control how you feel.”


Kevin Durant had earned the right to choose where he wanted to play in the NBA. He had honored his contract with Oklahoma City, he was a free agent.

He chose Golden State — a move that has come with a lot of criticism in some corners. Durant has been called “weak,” “traitor,” and a “coward.”

When asked about that at his introductory press conference with the Warriors Thursday, Durant didn’t exactly shrug. But it was close. You can see some of the answers above, but here is what he said about feeling guilty about the backlash and if he has felt guilty.

“No. We live in this superhero, comic book world, where you’re either a villain or you’re a superhero in this position, and I know that,” Durant said. “I know I haven’t changed as a person. I don’t treat people any different because I made a decision to play basketball in another city.

“I understand the fans in Oklahoma City, and basketball fans around the world, are I guess upset. But like I said, I made a decision based upon what I wanted to do and how I felt. And it’s the best decision for me. I can’t really control how you feel. I’m sorry you feel that way. But I’m gonna continue to live my life, man. Life goes on.”

Durant also said that the hardest thing he had to do was call Sam Presti and Thunder management to say he was leaving, something that brought him to tears. But Durant said it was something he had to do.

He knew this reaction would come. He also saw what happened to LeBron James when he went to Miami — a couple of titles later, a lot of that backlash went away. This is America, where sports fans put an inordinate amount of importance in “rings” and Durant just made the move most likely to get him a few.