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Kobe Bryant, LeBron James put on a show in final matchup (VIDEO)

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The game itself went pretty much as you’d expect: The Lakers made a few plays but couldn’t make any stops, Cleveland was sloppy for stretches but by far the more talented team, and the Cavs won 120-108.

But nobody tuned in for the game.

Everyone tuned in to see Kobe Bryant vs. LeBron James, and they didn’t disappoint. Kobe finished with 26 and LeBron 24.

After the game, LeBron had nothing but praise for Kobe.

DeMarcus Cousins takes to Instagram to say he was in the right


If DeMarcus Cousins feels he’s been wronged, he cannot and will not let it go. It’s true of battles big and small. Not with a referee, not with his coaches, not with anyone. It’s why his argument with George Karl during a timeout in the Kings’ loss to the Cavs Wednesday night spilled over into the locker room after the game with Cousins even venting to GM Vlade Divac. That got Cousins suspended for Friday’s game by the team.

Still he’s not going to let it go.

Cousins took to Instagram Thursday night to make his point. Not just once. Not just twice. But three times.

Cousins will come back and say all the right things publicly. But the Kings have some serious work to do to have their star and their coach/front office on the same page (which isn’t easy when the owner keeps turning that coach/front office page all the time).

Nate Robinson would like to try out for NFL teams


Nate Robinson hasn’t been able to get on an NBA court this season. He played a total of 23 minutes over two games for the New Orleans Pelicans, and that’s it. His phone has not been ringing.

So he wants to try out for some NFL teams.

Robinson, who played one season of cornerback for the University of Washington before focusing on basketball full-time, released a video through Lead Sports saying he wants a shot at the NFL (you can see it above).

“If somebody gave me a real opportunity I know I could play,” Robinson said in the video.

In the video Rick Neuheisel, Robinson’s coach from Washington, said if one person could pull off the NBA/NFL double it was Robinson. NFL player (and Long Beach Poly standout) Marcedes Lewis and NBA players Jamal Crawford and Glen Davis echoed that sentiment.

First things first, Robinson’s decision to play hoops over football paid off to the tune of $24 million in salary over the course of his career (that’s not counting endorsement cash). He did alright for himself.

Could he play in the NFL?

I’m no NFL scout, but the odds would be stacked against him. How many 32-year-old NFL rookies are there (that would be his age at the start of next season)? How many 5’9″ cornerbacks stick in the NFL? That said, how many 5’9″ guys played 11 seasons in the NBA? Robinson was always able to overcome his size in part due to grit and a tremendous work ethic, two things that would serve him well in the NFL. He also overcame the obstacles because he is an explosive athlete — and that’s where the real trouble may lie. Robinson hasn’t been picked up in the NBA because teams feel he’s lost a step or two and isn’t the insane athlete that won three dunk contests anymore. If that’s true, it would mean a hard road to overcome those obstacles and make an NFL roster.

The odds have been stacked against Robinson his entire athletic career. He’s the ultimate underdog survivor. So bet against him in the NFL at your own risk.

Bucks’ O.J. Mayo out rest of season with fractured ankle

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The Milwaukee Bucks have lost another guard for the rest of the season.

Already without Michael Carter-Williams due to hip surgery, now O.J. Mayo is gone for the season due to a fracture of his right ankle, the team announced. The team says it happened when he fell down a flight of stairs at his home.

Up until last night against Miami, Mayo had been starting with Carter-Williams out, technically as a point guard but working more off the ball as a shooting guard (and serving as one of the better Bucks perimeter defenders). Giannis Anteteokounmpo has been playing point forward with Khris Middleton as the two guard thriving next to him (Jabari Parker and Anteteokounmpo have developed some chemistry as well). Mayo had been out there, too. Against the Heat Wednesday Jerryd Bayless started with Middleton in the backcourt (and it worked, the Bucks won the game).

Mayo had been averaging 7.8 points per game, shooting just 37 percent from the field (32.1 percent from three). He had a dismal PER of 7.7.

Mayo is a free agent this summer. This doesn’t help his cause.

Kings suspend DeMarcus Cousins one game after he berated head coach George Karl


On the court, DeMarcus Cousins is the only thing keeping the Sacramento Kings from total embarrassment.

But off the court, he’s never been easy for coaches or management trying to keep him in line/control. And if Cousins feels he’s been wronged — by a coach, a referee, whomever — he does not let it go.

He felt frustrated and wronged by George Karl during the Kings’ eventual loss to the Cavaliers Wednesday night and was seen yelling at the team’s coach during a timeout (Karl and Cousins have had a rocky relationship from the start). According to Chris Mannix of The Vertical at Yahoo Sports, Cousins felt Karl was not sticking up enough for him to the referees. Rudy Gay and Rajon Rondo stepped in between the two to make sure the incident didn’t escalate. However, after the game the arguments continued in the locker room with Karl and GM Vlade Divac, according to reports.

That crossed the line with the team, and Thursday Divac announced that Cousins has been suspended one game by the team. He will sit out Friday night when Sacramento takes on Orlando. Divac also sent him home Thursday from practice.

There has been tension around the Kings this year because meddling owner Vivek Ranadive was demanding a team that would make the playoffs in the West — the Kings are opening a new building next season and had missed the playoffs for the nine seasons before this one. Ranadive wanted momentum entering the new arena. What he’s gotten instead is inconsistent performances from a roster not built to play Karl’s preferred up-tempo style (the Kings play at the fastest pace in the NBA). Still, the Kings were hanging around the playoff picture until winning just one of their last eight games; now they are all but officially out.

Karl was not at practice Thursday as he was having a cancer-related procedure on his throat.

No, this does not mean the Kings are going to trade Cousins this summer. First, Cousins wants to make it work in Sacramento, and he knows there will be a new coach this summer. Second, Cousins is a top 10 NBA player, the best traditional big in the game, he’s on a great contract, and Ranadive loves him as a cornerstone. If you’re a value, and the owner loves you, then you don’t get moved. Third, and most importantly, as mentioned above the Kings open a new building next season — you don’t trade away your best and by far most popular player when you’re trying to sell sponsorships and luxury boxes in a new building.