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Metta World Peace thinks he has couple more seasons left in him

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Metta World Peace has gotten into 23 games for the Lakers this season (a Lakers team that is 14-51). He’s shooting 29.1 percent from the field. He is a shadow of the defender he used to be, he can’t stay in front of guys anymore. He has a PER of 7.2, the kind of number you traditionally see from a guy bouncing between the NBA and D-League.

He is a free agent this summer. He will turn 37 a few weeks into next season. oes he want to keep playing?

Does he want to keep playing?

We should have known the answer to that. From Mike Bresnahan with the Los Angeles Times.

“I still want to get in the playoffs again. I want to do a couple more years,” the Lakers forward said Tuesday. “This year I didn’t play much so I kind of saved myself. I’m going to come back next year strong….

“The games that I started (three), I played well. I wanted to see if I could still compete,” he said. “When I was getting my minutes, I was still able to compete.

“Then the young guys started playing and they started playing well. Now they’re establishing themselves so that was smart on the Lakers’ part.”

I wish World Peace luck in finding a new NBA home. Obviously, the Lakers are not part of World Peace’s future, they are rebuilding with youth and he’s not that anymore. He hasn’t had a ton of run to show what he can do in Los Angeles, but the time he has gotten hasn’t impressed.

World Peace had been out of the NBA the season before this, playing in China and Italy. My guess is that is where he returns. Maybe some NBA team takes a flier on him with a training camp invite, but it was likely only the Lakers that would take that chance. And they are moving on.

Watch elementary school children pour water on Stephen Curry’s head

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This has become one of those “things” with the Warriors.

It started a month ago with Draymond Green pouring water on Stephen Curry‘s head during a post-game interview.

It has happened a couple of times since. It’s becoming a thing.

The children at an Oakland elementary school noticed, so when Curry visited their school guess what they wanted to do? Curry is too nice to say no.

(Hat tip Eye on Basketball, I will thank them by pouring water on Ananth Pandian’s head)

Five Takeaways from NBA Tuesday: Damian Lillard is still tearing up NBA


What did you miss around the NBA while trying to figure out what to do with nearly one million quarters? We’ve got you covered, here are the key notes from a Tuesday in the Association.

1) Damian Lillard’s 41, Gerald Henderson‘s block lift Blazers past Wizards in overtime. This was the game of the night because both teams need the win — Portland entered the night just three games from falling out of the playoffs in the West, Washington was two back of Chicago for the last playoff spot in the East. For both these teams, the playoffs have essentially started.

Damian Lillard was carving up the Washington defense from the opening tip, scoring 13 points in the first quarter. But that may not have been the biggest event in the first — Washington’s Alan Anderson was ejected after getting tangled up and in a little shoving match with Gerald Henderson where Anderson got his elbows up in Henderson’s face. Personally, I’m not sure that was ejection worthy, but Anderson got sent to the showers, and that was a blow to Washington which was already without the injured Bradley Beal.

Washington, led by John Wall and Marcin Gortat, went on a 29-4 run spanning halftime to take a 13-point lead. Portland battled back and much of the second half was close, but the Wizards thought they had this up 104-102 with 16 seconds left. But C.J. McCollum tied it, and when Gortat had a shot at winning the game in regulation there was Gerald Henderson.

In the overtime it was too much Lillard as he hit threes and circus shots on his way to nine points to cap off his 41 for the game. With the win Portland and a Utah loss Portland is now four games clear of the nine-seed Jazz — Portland is going to be a playoff team. Washington is now 2.5 back of the playoffs and just can’t string together wins like they need.

2) The Lakers have won two in a row, played better since unleashing D’Angelo Russell.
So, if you play the young guys and let them learn on the job they get better, and your team picks up a few more wins. Who knew? Well, not Byron Scott who kept D'Angelo Russell bottled up most of the season as a development method (and to reign in his ego, something that really bothers Scott, which is a funny coincidence considering the Lakers are celebrating Kobe Bryant and he had quite an ego entering the league). Russell had 27 points on 11-of-19 shooting, while Jordan Clarkson hit the dagger three late. Clarkson also had the second best highlight of the night, breaking Evan Fournier‘s ankles.

The Lakers have won two in a row but, in what is good news for Lakers fans hoping the team keeps its pick, they still have the second worst record in the league (14-51) and are still four games worse than Phoenix, with the third worst. The Lakers only keep their pick this season if it is top three, otherwise Philadelphia gets it.

3) Aaron Gordon was throwing it down like the dunk contest was still going on. This was the highlight of the night — Orlando’s Gordon is throwing it down like the dunk contest is still taking place. (By the way, he has started to play better of late, there is real promise with him at the four/five.)

It’s official: Suns sign Chase Budinger for rest of season

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This is the time of the year front offices should and do consider inexpensive rolls of the dice — and if that plays well with the fan base, all the better.

Enter Chase Budinger, who officially signed Tuesday with the Phoenix Suns, as had been expected since the Indiana Pacers cut him loose to make way for Ty Lawson. Budinger signed for the veteran minimum.

Is Budinger going to find a fit in Phoenix? The better question may be will his knees let him? Budinger was a solid NBA role player (8.1 points a game, shot 35.4 percent from three) with fantastic athleticism. However, he underwent a couple of major knee surgeries, which robbed him of that bounce that was at the heart of his game. Without it, he never could find a role this season in Indiana. He may not succeed in Phoenix, but with all their injuries and roster turnover he can get a little run and try to prove he belongs.

Why this works for the Suns is that Budinger played his college ball at Arizona, where he was very popular. This move is well received by the fanbase, in a season where they haven’t had much to get behind this season. Even if Budinger doesn’t work out, it plays well.

Not a bad roll of the dice during a lost season.

Mark Wahlberg to produce movie on Caron Butler’s life

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Well, it’s got to be better than the Entourage movie.

Mark Wahlberg is not just Dirk Diggler anymore, the actor is now one of the more successful producers in Hollywood. He’s behind “Invincible, “Boardwalk Empire,” and “The Fighter” among many other things (including the excellent Entourage series, not to mention a chain of burger joints with its own reality series attached), and now he has taken a liking to Caron Butler‘s life story, told in the book Tuff Juice.

Butler announced he sold the rights to Wahlberg to produce the movie.

Rights deal complete… @markwahlberg 💯#TuffJuice #UseYourPlatformToInspire#PartnerShip#TuffJuicePromotions

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Butler’s story of growing up poor in a tough environment in Wisconsin, where he sold drugs for a while but was saved by basketball and people who cared, is truly inspiring. It could make a fantastic movie.

So who plays Butler? He told TMZ he wants Michael B. Jordan. I could see that, he should have been nominated for an Oscar for “Creed.” Then again, if they want an Oscar nominationWahlberg probably has to play Butler.

Butler is playing a limited role for the Sacramento Kings this season.