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Russell Westbrook on Charles Barkley’s wardrobe criticism: “Who?”


Russell Westbrook often wears clothing combinations that you or I just could not pull off.

Nor could Charles Barkley. That has never stopped the Round Mound of Rebound from criticizing Westbrook’s fashion choices.

Westbrook was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Thursday night and was asked about that, and came back with the perfect answer.

Sure, Westbrook’s fashion choices scream “look at me,” but Barkley has made an entire post-playing career by making statements that scream the same thing. Live and let live, er, wear and let wear.

By the way, if Westbrook is not the first guy taken in your fantasy draft you’re doing it wrong.

Cavaliers’ Iman Shumpert arrested for alleged DUI near Atlanta

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Back on Aug. 10, Cavaliers guard Iman Shumpert was back in the Atlanta area where he went to college at Georgia Tech, when he was pulled over for a lane change violation. Police that made the stop in Fayette County outside Atlanta eventually arrested Shumpert that night for suspicion of driving under the influence.

The Cavaliers released a statement about the incident:

The Cavaliers have discussed the situation with Iman and will monitor the progression of the pending case. A court date has not been set at this point, and neither Iman or the team will have any additional comments while the matter progresses through the legal process.

If found guilty, Shumpert will not only face the legal consequences in Georgia, but also will face a suspension from the NBA league office. Traditionally there has been a two-game suspension for DUIs, which is too little considering the potential severity of the crime but the league has stuck with that precedent.


Timberwolves owner says team still waiting to hear from Kevin Garnett on next season

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Kevin Garnett has a contract to play for the Minnesota Timberwolves for $8 million next season. He has battled injuries for years and would spend little time on the court itself, but the team wants him as a respected mentor to Karl-Anthony Towns and the other young stars on the team.

Doc Rivers thinks Garnett will come back for a 22nd NBA season.

But the team has yet to hear anything from KG, owner Glen Taylor told Steve Aschburner of NBA.com.

“Kevin hasn’t told me or informed me yet if he’s coming back to play or if he isn’t coming back,” Wolves owner Glen Taylor told NBA.com Thursday. “I can only assume I’ll be hearing from him in the next three weeks.”

Three weeks is when training camp is set to open.

Taylor, coach Tom Thibodeau and the rest of the Minnesota management team are giving Garnett the time and space he wants to make his decision in his own time. They rightly feel Garnett has earned that.

Garnett and Towns formed a real bond last season, and if I had to guess he will return to help guide this team from inside the locker room for one more season. But if KG is waking up every morning without the drive to put the work in to get his 40-year-old body ready for the NBA season, well, maybe the decision has made itself.

Report: Former financial advisor to Tim Duncan sued to be indicted in Texas


Back in 2015, Tim Duncan sued a financial advisor of his for $20 million. Duncan said in the suit that Charles Banks had invested the money into companies where Banks had a major financial stake without disclosing that connection. The financial issue came to light during an audit of Duncan’s finances tied to his divorce.

Now Banks is about to be indicted in a Texas court, reports Adrian Wojnarowski of The Vertical at Yahoo Sports.

A federal grand jury in Texas is returning a two-count indictment for wire fraud against Charles Banks, a financial adviser who has been alleged to have mishandled over $20 million in investments of his ex-client, retired San Antonio Spurs All-Star Tim Duncan, sources with direct knowledge told The Vertical.

The indictment is expected to be unsealed in a San Antonio court Friday, where Banks is expected to be present for a hearing, sources told The Vertical.

Banks also reportedly had ties to Kevin Garnett.

This incident has not damaged Duncan’s lifestyle, he made more than $240 million in salary alone during his career.

Emotional Allen Iverson talks about teammates, coaches that got him to Hall of Fame


Just watch that video above and you can see how much the Hall of Fame means to Allen Iverson.

Humble and thankful were not the words most fans would associate with Iverson back in his days as a Sixer, but when he talked about getting to the Hall of Fame he was those things, as you can see in the CSNPhilly.com video above. For the six of you who prefer to read quotes, here you go:

“The only thing that got me here is my teammates and my coaches. That’s the only reason I’m here,” he said. “All those guys sacrificed their games and sacrificed different things for me to be honored like this. Without them, it wouldn’t have happened. Without my coaches putting me in a position to succeed, Mike Bailey did it on my high school level, Coach [John] Thompson did it on a college level and Larry Brown molded me into an MVP and Hall of Fame player. Without those guys, I wouldn’t be here.”

Iverson also opened up about how all the criticism of him as a person impacted him over the years, something in Jessica Camerato’s CSNPhilly story about Iverson’s arrival.

“I can’t tell you how many — because I don’t know — but how many nights I cried from criticism and people critiquing everything about me and my life and the choices that I made and the mistakes that I made,” he said. “To be able to say after all of that, still to be recognized as one of the best ever to play the game was, and it still is, just a great moment for me, my family, my friends, my teammates, my coaches. I just think it’s the best. And especially my fans. You know me. The real true ones. The ones that never gave up and never felt that I wasn’t who in my heart I know I am.

“All of the people that criticized everything about what I’ve done in my career, they can’t take this from me, all the barbershop talk and all that stuff. The ones that support me can always say, ‘This guy was immortalized by being a Hall of Famer.’”