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Russell Westbrook’s new “Powerstance” Mountain Dew ad is… powerful?


You know Mountain Dew would love for this “powerstance” to be the next Tebowing. Or planking. Or owling. Or whatever comes after that.

Not sure about that, but Russell Westbrook is pretty awesome in this ad. And he would totally wear that suit.

Glen Rice Jr. shot in leg outside Atlanta restaurant Sunday

Washington Wizards v Orlando Magic

Sunday was a rough day for former Washington Wizard Glen Rice Jr.

First, he was shot in the leg outside an Atlanta area restaurant partially owned by rapper T.I. Later, at the hospital, he was arrested because he was carrying half a pound of marijuana on him, according to a police report quoted by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The Atlanta police report from Sunday night says that officers met with a restaurant employee upon responding to the scene, on Ivan Allen Boulevard. The employee said that a group of men who had been at the restaurant began quarreling and were asked to leave.

The squabbling continued outside, and a shot rang out. The report does not indicate who is suspected of doing the shooting, which injured Rice in the leg. A Smith and Wesson revolver was later recovered at the scene, and may be stolen, the police report said.

There is video of the incident, but police have yet to name the shooter. That video also shows Rice throwing a gun into the stairwell of the restaurant, which police found and believe was stolen in Tennesee recently. Rice tried to leave the scene in a black Porche with one of his group, went to a couple different hospitals, and there had a conversations with a couple police officers, according to the report.

This next part is from the police report itself.

“I noticed a black book bag that was abandoned on the parking lot next to the Porsche. I opened the bag and found 240.4 Grams of marijuana and a US Passport that belongs to Mr. Rice. ID took pictures of the bag and its contents, and the bag was handed over to Investigator Fowler along with $5,953 in cash that was in Mr. Rice’s possession when he was shot and they were left inside the vehicle to be taken to property as evidence. Mr. Rice was charged with reckless conduct and possession of marijuana (240.4 Grams).”

Rice, the son of former three-time All-Star and NBA champion Glen Rice Sr., was the No. 35 pick in the 2013 NBA draft but he never stuck with the Wizards (despite being the 2014 NBA Summer League MVP). While he showed a decent shot, he struggled against NBA level defenses, and displayed a challenging attitude that caused Wizards coaches to cut bait mid-season (and no other team to pick him up).

He was off the NBA radar — notice he didn’t even have a training camp invite this season — and this is not going to help matters.

Top 10 dunks of NBA preseason (VIDEO)

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Consider this an amuse-bouche.

Much like the NBA preseason itself, these Top 10 dunks of the preseason — courtesy NBA.com — don’t mean much of anything. But they are a good way to whet your appetite for when things get real starting Tuesday night. Just relax, enjoy, and get ready for the season.

Lakers’ long-term plan is to transition Metta World Peace to coach


Metta World Peace made the Lakers’ roster because talented second-year man (basically a rookie after his injury) Julius Randle bonded with him as a mentor. I could see that. Don’t love it, but can see it. World Peace is a former All-Star and Defensive Player of the Year who has tips he can pass along to young players, and he may get through to them in a way old coaches do not.

Basically, world Peace is a player/assistant coach. Down the line, the Lakers might look to remove the first part of that tag, reports Shams Charania of Yahoo Sports.

World Peace’s return to the Lakers includes a long-term plan to transition into an assistant coach for the franchise, league sources told Yahoo. He has been a mentor for several young Lakers players, including 2014 No. 7 overall pick Julius Randle.

If you’re going to do it eventually, why not do it now and use that roster spot on a young player who could develop into a rotation guy in three years?

If your argument is that players listen more to other players, I would argue that World Peace’s relationship with Randle and the other young Lakers’ players is already established after a summer of working out at their facility. They are not going to suddenly view him suspiciously if he’s got a new title — he’d still be Randle’s mentor. If your argument is the Lakers kept MWP over Jabari Brown because they didn’t think Brown will pan out, then cut him and get one of the many guys waived today around the league with potential.

The Lakers need to prove they can develop guys, and World Peace could be part of doing that — even if it’s a little hard to imagine. But he can do it regardless of his title.

PBT Extra: Cavaliers, Bulls opener not exactly Eastern Finals preview

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If you’re looking for the conventional wisdom pick for the Eastern Conference Finals, it’s the Cavaliers and the Bulls.

Which should make Tuesday night’s season-opening game between the two teams interesting, but the reality is what these teams look like Tuesday night will be vastly different from the teams we see if they meet in May. That’s the focus of this latest PBT Extra.

The Cavaliers are without Kyrie Irving and have a season to figure out how to integrate Kevin Love into what LeBron James wants to do. The Bulls have to see what they can get out of Derrick Rose, how he meshes with Jimmy Butler, and how a crowded frontcourt rotation is going to shake out.

All of that is going to take much of the season. Meaning, enjoy this game, but don’t read much into it one way or another.