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New York Knicks v Houston Rockets

Report: Knicks have had internal discussions about buying out Amar’e Stoudemire


He was the biggest free agent signing the Knicks had made in a while and he, along with Mike D’Antoni, were going to turn around the Knicks. Sure, he was the second choice back in 2010 when LeBron James chose Miami, but he was still seen as a guy key to the Knicks future by many.

Oh, how things look different five years later.

Amar’e Stoudemire has been out since Christmas with a sore knee and since the Knicks are waiving the white flag on this season and making sure their pick has value — or, if you prefer, getting their young players experience — the franchise has talked about buying out the rest of Stoudemire’s $23.4 million contract (the last of his five-year, $100 million deal), reports Ian Begley at

Amar’e Stoudemire plans to return to the New York Knicks’ lineup Thursday on their British detour against the Milwaukee Bucks. How much longer he remains a Knick is now up for debate….

The Knicks, sources told recently, are not looking to move Stoudemire and, at least for now, intend to keep him for the rest of the season.

But sources say they have discussed internally the possibility of buying out Stoudemire to let him play for a contender if he preferred that route. Stoudemire, of course, would have to agree to such a transaction.

What that really means: If Stoudemire is willing to save the Knicks some cash and take a discount on what he is owed to be bought out, the Knicks would be willing to set him free.

It’s just that Stoudemire may not want that. He says in the story he wants to be loyal to the Knicks. It is possible the Knicks just waive him after the trade deadline — they are shopping him but moving that contract will be difficult.

Despite his long history of knee and other injuries, other teams may give Stoudemire a shot if he’d play for the minimum because when he has played this season he’s played well — 13.1 points a game on 55.8 percent shooting, with a PER of 19.7. He could be a nice veteran role player on a good team. The problem has just been staying healthy and on the court.

My guess is that Stoudemire stays and keeps getting those checks. But keep an eye on the situation.

Suns players try to recreate Trevor Booker’s crazy tip shot (VIDEO)

Philadelphia 76ers v Phoenix Suns
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We’re not even halfway through the season and Trevor Booker has pretty much wrapped the shot of the year race up. His volleyball-style tip shot with .2 on the shot clock was not something we have seen before…

So after practice recently some Suns players tried to recreate it.

After a few attempts, Zoran Dragic and T.J. Warren both were able to hit it. So we can expect to see this added to the Suns playbook… okay, probably not.

Report: Clippers to sign Dahntay Jones to 10-day contract

Knicks v Mad Ants

It could not have been easy for a 10-year NBA veteran like Dahntay Jones to return to the D-League at age 34, after being out of the NBA for more than a season, just to try and find his way back to the big stage.

But it worked.

The Clippers are in desperate need of more depth on the wing and Jones impressed with his time with the Forty Wayne Mad Ants so he is going to get a chance with the seventh team of his NBA career, reports Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports.

The Los Angeles Clippers plan to sign free-agent guard Dahntay Jones to a 10-day contract, league sources told Yahoo Sports….

The Clippers are determined to improve their bench and Jones will get an opportunity to make an impact. The Clippers are still working on completing a trade with the Boston Celtics to bring guard Austin Rivers, the son of Clippers president and coach Doc Rivers, to Los Angeles.

Call me skeptical that Jones helps the Clippers all that much, there was a reason he bounced around the NBA as he did. Jones is athletic and a solid defender, but he doesn’t shoot well from the perimeter and doesn’t provide much else. His last season in the NBA he had a PER of 6.4.

That said, it’s not a big risk or gamble for the Clippers to give him a 10-day contract and see if he can help. After this one the Clippers can give him a second 10-day contract, at the end of that they would need to make a decision on keeping him for the remainder of the season.

The Clippers remain active on the phone lines and are talking trade with anyone who has a wing available. So, start with Denver who is shopping Wilson Chandler and Arron Afflalo. However the Clippers are near the hard cap so they can’t absorb much salary and they don’t have many tradable assets that interest other teams. Meaning they are going to have a hard time finding a dance partner.