Author: Kurt Helin

NBA 2K15 promo

New NBA 2K15 feature: Scan your face into game for MyCareer feature


It was one of the most popular features in the NBA 2K series — MyCareer.

Let’s face it, look at your parents, you are not winning the genetic lottery and getting into the actual NBA. But with the MyCareer mode you get to work to make it in the virtual world.

Now that virtual you is going to look like you (or, in some cases, a better-looking version of you) with a scanning technology. Which is pretty damn amazing. 2K Sports had hinted this was coming with the #yourtimehascome hashtag the summer. Now your face can be there in the NBA, playing in front of the crowds and eventually winning a title. Maybe.

NBA 2K15 will be available Oct. 7.

It’s official: Kings trade Jason Terry to Rockets for Alonzo Gee, Scotty Hopson

Chicago Bulls v Brooklyn Nets

There is no surprise here, this had been expected for weeks, but it took some time for the sides to hammer out the final details and wait for other things to clear up. Now it’s done and official.

Veteran Jason Terry has been traded to the Rockets, along with two second round picks, for Alonzo Gee, Scotty Hopson and a trade exception. The Kings and Rockets have announced the move.

Terry is the biggest name in the deal. He helped the Mavericks to a ring in 2011, but there are questions about what he can contribute at this point in Houston. Last season Terry came to the Kings from Brooklyn (Marcus Thornton deal), and once there he rehabbed his injury while the Kings played their youngsters. While in Brooklyn Terry didn’t do much — 4.5 points a game on 36.2 percent shooting in 35 games.

Terry is in the last year of a $5.8 million deal, which means it’s not a terrible gamble for the Rockets, but Houston fans may not want to get their hopes too high about what he brings at this point.

Gee and Hopson are some nice players the Kings can try to develop.

However the thing to watch is the Kings have a $5.85 million trade exception out of this deal (via the USA Today’s Sam Amick). Already very active trade partners, this gives the Kings the ability to absorb a salary without sending any out, although with them flirting with the luxury tax line currently that may be moot at the February trade deadline. However, the exception is good for a year so next summer they have another tool to use.

Nuggets J.J. Hickson suspended five games for violation of NBA drug policy

Denver Nuggets v Utah Jazz

Denver Nuggets forward J.J. Hickson will miss the start of this season.

He has been suspended five games (without pay) for violation of the NBA’s drug policy. (Chris Dempsey of the Denver Post first broke the news.)

Five games is the standard marijuana suspension from the league. As a reminder, you need to fail a marijuana test three separate times to earn that suspension, just do it once or twice and you get counseling.

If you’re saying “but it’s legal in Colorado” it still violates NBA league policy and the CBA between the league and players. Sorry, you don’t get to smoke out if traded to the Nuggets.

Hickson averaged 11.8 points a game on 50.8 percent shooting for the Nuggets last season, starting 52 games for them. With JaVale McGee back healthy and Kenneth Faried being Kenneth Faried, Hickson is expected to be the first big off the bench for the Nuggets this season.

Just not for the first five games.

Brandon Jennings says he added 25 pounds for this season

Brandon Jennings

Brandon Jennings admits he was not good last season.

He shot an almost respectable 33.7 percent from three and was okay on the right side of the arc, but once he stepped inside that line things didn’t go so well. He took almost 60 percent of his shots inside the arc and hit just 39.7 percent of them. He struggled to finish around the rim (shooting just 52.9 percent inside three feet) and his pull-up jumper seemed guaranteed to brick. Plus his defense was… unimpressive. To put it kindly. There were flashes of good play — and of course plenty of swagger — but the words “consistency” and “Jennings” were not used in the same sentence last season.

If Jennings doesn’t defend or take better shots for Stan Van Gundy this year, he’ll sit. Or be gone.

So Jennings rededicated and that started with adding 25 pounds of weight, he told Vincent Goodwill at The Detroit News.

“I’m about 185, 190 on my good days,” said Jennings, noticeably thicker but still wiry…

He said the added weight should help on the defensive end, as well as absorbing contact when he goes to the basket.

Reports of off-season weight gain-loss are about as trustworthy as the ones on late night diet infomercials. That said, a trusted reporter did say he looked thicker, so something is there.

As for Van Gundy.

“He’s really big on details and he said you’re gonna have to play defense and give your all, every night,” Jennings said. “He already said it, I’m not expecting you to lock guys up one on one. Guys are just too good. But what we can do is give a good effort and play team defense.”

He’s a stickler for effort and playing smart — every time down the court. Consistency. Like all great coaches he expects, no, demands it. That will be challenge number one for Jennings.

Van Gundy has a lot of issues on his plate (starting with the Andre Drummond/Josh Smith/Greg Monroe front court mess) but he’s not going to be hesitant to get a new point guard if Jennings doesn’t improve.

We’ll see how much the muscle helps with all that, but after watching Jennings for years I’ll want more than words about pounds before I buy in.

Chris Bosh was guest DJ on “Ellen”

Chris Bosh

Chris Bosh is much taller than Ellen DeGeneres, there was a lot of humor to be mined there.

The Miami Heat’s $118 million man was the DJ for a day on the daytime television powerhouse that is Ellen. I don’t know what he was spinning (probably not a lot of Insane Clown Posse is my guess), mostly he was there to pimp his new line of ties.

And be tall.