Author: Kurt Helin

Larry Sanders

Milwaukee Bucks’ Larry Sanders suspended at least 10 games for drug violation


Last season, the Bucks Larry Sanders was suspended five games for violating the league’s drug policy — five games being the suspension you get for testing positive for marijuana use three separate times.

Now, Sanders has tested positive and will be suspended again.

This time the league has handed down at least 10-game suspension for Sanders for again failing a drug test. The suspension will begin next Monday and could go on longer than 10 games, it will remain until “he is in full compliance with his treatment program” according to the league report.

Sanders has been away from the team “for personal reasons” since before Christmas. There were rumors that he told Bucks officials he didn’t want to play basketball anymore, however Sanders and his agent denied that.

Sanders opened up about his downward spiral the past couple seasons recently. He’s an introspective and smart player, one who comes from a family with an abusive father. Clearly all this has left some scars.

I would be surprised if we see Sanders back on the court this season (especially in a Bucks uniform). Hopefully this time away will give him a chance to get his life on the path he really wants.

Watch Kobe Bryant set career high with 17 assists

Kobe Bryant, Tristan Thompson, LeBron James

The myth is Kobe Bryant is a ball hog who will not pass. Like most myths while there may be a little truth in the story it has gotten wildly blown out of proportion. Kobe is a willing passer if he trusts his teammates — there are times he doesn’t trust anyone more than he trusts himself, even if he is double-covered and 25 feet from the basket. But when teammates earn his trust Kobe is a smart passer anticipating the defense.

Kobe has started to trust his teammates more as this season has moved on — he’s had to. His body won’t let him carry the same load it used to.

Thursday night against the Cavaliers Kobe’s teammates rewarded that trust by knocking down seeming everything. Kobe finished with a career high 17 points and looked good doing it.

It just wasn’t enough to beat LeBron James and the Cavaliers.

LeBron James misses alley-oop dunk, Kobe thinks it’s funny (VIDEO)

Kobe Bryant, LeBron James

The spring is back in LeBron James’ legs. So much so that against the Lakers he overshot an alley-oop dunk and slammed it off the back of the rim and missed.

Kobe Bryant and LeBron had a good laugh at that one.

LeBron had the last laugh, he had 36 points and his Cavaliers snapped their six-game losing streak at the expense of the Lakers.