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New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony (7) lies on the court after getting knocked down during the first half of an NBA basketball game against the Portland Trail Blazers at Madison Square Garden in New York, Tuesday, March 1, 2016. The Blazers won 104-85. (AP Photo/Kathy Willens)
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Carmelo Anthony tells heckler to ask James Dolan for his money back


Think a few years of missing the playoffs and losing more games than he’s won in New York isn’t starting to wear on Carmelo Anthony? No matter how much he’s getting paid.

Late in the game during the Knicks’ home loss to Portland Tuesday (104-85),  Anthony heard it from a heckler a few rows back about how unhappy he was with the team’s effort. Ian Begley of ESPN has Anthony explaining the details of what happened.

“He kept calling my name, calling my name, saying, ‘You guys suck, you guys suck,'” Anthony said after the Knicks’ 19-point loss to Portland. “At that point, I was trying to gather myself, and I turned around. All I did was point at Dolan and told him, ‘Look, the owner’s right there. Ask for your money back.’ He’s calling me and telling me he’s never coming to another game and we suck. Just don’t want to hear that. I pointed to the owner and told him, ‘You deal with that with him. Maybe you can get your money back.'”

Dolan is such a man of the people I’m sure he would love to have a long conversation with an angry fan who wants his money back. That’s going to go well.

Dolan is reportedly frustrated with his team. That is a long line he’s standing in.

You can’t blame the heckler for being disappointed with the effort of the Knicks. Coach Kurt Rambis has said he’s frustrated. And so is Anthony.

“It’s tougher now,” he said. “At least last year [we] were in a situation where we had to start from the bottom, from the ground up. This year we got off to a good start. We had spurts where we was playing very well and we had spurts where we wasn’t playing well. Everything just shifted all of a sudden for us.”

The question becomes, will Anthony be frustrated enough this summer to waive his no-trade clause? If he does and he gets moved, he gets a 15 percent salary bump, which can help one’s motivation. If/when the Knicks strike out with free agent Kevin Durant, does all this frustration have Anthony finally being open to a move?

And what would James Dolan think about that?


NBA player Jeremy Lin addresses Asian stereotypes at Oscars

ORLANDO, FL - JANUARY 22:  Jeremy Lin #7 of the Charlotte Hornets watches a free throw attempt during the game against the Orlando Magic at Amway Center on January 22, 2016 in Orlando, Florida. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and/or using this Photograph, user is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement.  (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) — Charlotte Hornets guard Jeremy Lin is disappointed about the way Asians were stereotyped during an onstage skit at Sunday night’s Oscars, and said more racial awareness is needed.

“I just feel like sometimes the way people perceive Asians or Asian-Americans today can be disappointing in the way they view them,” Lin said after the Hornets practice Tuesday morning. “Even Asian-American masculinity or whatever you want to talk about, just a lot of the ways that Asians are perceived I don’t always agree with.”

Lin was born in California, but his parents migrated here from Taiwan in the mid-1970s.

At Sunday night’s awards show, host Chris Rock introduced three Asian children dressed in tuxedos as PricewaterhouseCoopers accountants and joked: “They sent us their most dedicated, accurate and hard-working representatives. I want you to please welcome Ming Zhu, Bao Ling and David Moskowitz.”

He later joked, “If anybody’s upset about that joke, just tweet about it on your phone that was probably also made by these kids.”

Lin took to social media on Monday by tweeting: Seriously though, when is this going to change?!? Tired of it being “cool” and “ok” to bash Asians smh (hash)Oscars

Lin wasn’t the only one upset.

Mee Moua, president and executive director of the Washington-based Asian Americans Advancing Justice, called the show a setback for diversity in a statement Monday.

Sunday “night’s ceremony, and particularly the `joke’ involving Asian children, which played off more than one damaging stereotype of Asians and Asian Americans, exposed one of the failings of how we talk about race in America: race relations are not a black-white binary,” Moua said. “It is to all of our detriment to look at race narrowly. We need to work together to dismantle the systems that devalue the experiences of minority groups so we can see the tales of the diversity that have shaped our nation reflected accurately.”

Lin said he’s never met Rock and has “no issues” with the comedian, calling him a “funny guy.”

He understands that Rock probably didn’t write the skit by himself, but couldn’t let the perceived slight slip by without making a stand.

“I thought it was a chance for me to stand up for Asians,” Lin said Tuesday.

Lin, who earned national attention while playing for the New York Knicks during the “Linsanity” era, said too often Asians are depicted with certain stereotypes in Hollywood.

“In acting, you look at Asian roles, they always seem to be in similar roles,” Lin said. “I feel like we are just so much more broad than that. What you see on TV, that is so influential. Perception is reality and that’s the truth it today’s day and age where it such a digital and technological age.

“So if we can start branching out a little bit or at least showing that we are different than what other people think we are, maybe we can start to break down some of those walls.”

Lin said his comments on Twitter aren’t meant to bash Rock.

He said he actually enjoyed Rock’s opening monologue earlier in the night when he talked about the lack of diversity in the Oscar award nominations.

“I think the whole push was he talking about opportunities and diversity and things that I totally agree with,” Lin said. “I thought his monologue was well done. He walked a fine line and did it pretty well.”

AP National Writer Hillel Italie in New York contributed to this report

Derrick Rose to return to Bulls lineup Tuesday vs. Miami

Derrick Rose
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The Bulls are getting one of their starting guards back.

After sitting out for three games with hamstring tendonitis, Derrick Rose told media members he would be back and going full speed Tuesday night in Miami. From Vincent Goodwill of CSNChicago.com.

Officially the Bulls list Rose as probable. But he’ll play.

Before the injury, Rose was playing his best ball in a couple of seasons. In his last five games he has averaged 22 points a game, shooting 45 percent from three, and dishing out 5.4 assists per game. More importantly, he seemed to have some explosion back in his legs. At least until the injury.

And that’s the question with Rose. It’s not “can he play well for a stretch” but rather can he sustain it and can he stay healthy. Those two questions still linger.

Jimmy Butler could return to practice with the Bulls Friday or this weekend, with a return to the court not long after.

The Bulls need their guards. They are in a virtual tie with Indiana, Charlotte, and Detroit — and Washington just 1.5 games back — all fighting for the final three playoff slots in the East. For these teams, the playoffs start now, and every win matters. Getting Rose back will help.

Reports: Rockets reach buyout deal with Ty Lawson

Detroit Pistons' Reggie Jackson, left, tries to slow down Houston Rockets' Ty Lawson (3) in the first half of an NBA basketball game, Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2016, in Houston. (AP Photo/Pat Sullivan)
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Before the season, Ty Lawson was seen as the low-risk move that would put the Houston Rockets in the NBA elite.

It’s been nowhere near that. Lawson couldn’t mesh with James Harden (two guys who wanted the ball in their hands, and not to set up Dwight Howard), and even when platooned Lawson was not a spark for the Houston second unit. Lawson with the Rockets ended up being a disaster, one of several that has the team struggling to even make the playoffs. It was time to part ways, even if Lawson tried to say publicly that’s not what he wanted.

Tuesday, the Rockets and Lawson have agreed to terms of a buyout, something first reported by Adrian Wojnarowski of The Vertical at Yahoo Sports and since confirmed by other sources.

After an initial apprehension to parting with Lawson after the NBA trade deadline, the Rockets will use the savings from the buyout to clear salary-cap space and likely sign another guard, league sources said…

Lawson has no predetermined post-buyout destination, but would be eligible for a new team’s playoff roster because he met the league’s March 1 waiver deadline.

Lawson will clear waivers then become a free agent.

Some team in need of a point guard depth — or looking for a test run with him before the summer — will take a flyer on Lawson on a minimum deal. That could include the Knicks, but Lawson likely would rather land on a team headed to the postseason.  Lawson averaged 5.8 points shooting below 40 percent, plus 3.4 assists per game this season in dwindling minutes.

Rajon Rondo, Kings earn back-to-back delay of games inbounding ball (VIDEO)


You don’t see that every day.

The Kings had confusion trying to inbound the ball for a final shot at the end of the first half against Oklahoma City Monday night, Rajon Rondo tried to delay things, and the result was back-to-back delay of game penalties. That gave the Thunder two free throws (because the Kings had a previous delay of game call from the first quarter), which took the Thunder lead from six to eight at the half.

After the game, Rondo refused to comment. George Karl described Rondo not taking the ball as him being stubborn, and added the referee Haywoode Workman was a little stubborn, and the result was delays of game penalties. Rondo got another one in the fourth quarter for refusing to accept the ball from an official.

Just another day in Sacramento.