Joakim Noah says he spoke to Derrick Rose, he’s okay. Rose reportedly has spoken to team


There aren’t a lot of details, yet.

Derrick Rose didn’t show up for the Knicks game against the Pelicans Monday night at Madison Square Garden, and team officials were not sure why. He had been at shootaround but didn’t show up for the game.

Why? That’s not exactly clear. What we do know from Joakim Noah is that he’s okay, as reported by Ian Begley at ESPN.

“I mean, I don’t really want to talk too much about it because I don’t really know what the situation is,” said Noah, who has played with Rose since 2008 as teammates in Chicago before coming to New York. “Obviously Derrick is one of our better players. And when he is not here it is tough. But I am just happy that everything is OK with him.”

When asked if Rose’s health is OK in light of his mysterious absence, Noah replied, “Yeah. He’s OK … I think it’s a relief for all of us.”

That’s good news. Coach Jeff Hornacek added this.

“Everything will become clear later on,” Hornacek said. “You know, we want to respect whatever he’s going through. We’re just not going to comment on it.”

The next question is where is he and why did he miss the game? In the absence of real information, there has been talk of Rose’s frustration with his role in the offense. There was talk of him having words with Hornacek. Here is the most solid information we have, via Ramona Shelburne of ESPN.

There’s a lot more we don’t know. This is the Knicks, which means this story is going to drag out for a while, and likely not be simple.

Carmelo Anthony gets ejected for arguing calls (VIDEO)


This feels like the scene in “Bull Durham” where Crash Davis uses the magic phrase that he knows will get him ejected from the game.

The New York Knicks, playing without AWOL Derrick Rose, were down 19 to the New Orleans Pelicans — in Madison Square Garden — when Anthony decided to argue a non-call with the referee. He was not demonstrative, nor in the officials’ face, so he must have used some magical words — and I don’t mean from Harry Potter books — to get tossed.

The Knicks ended up losing by 14. This team has some issues.

Derrick Rose not at Knicks/Pelicans game, some with team reportedly don’t know why, where he is


This is both potentially concerning, and very New York Knicks.

Derrick Rose is not with the New York Knicks as they take on the Pelicans at Madison Square Garden, and it doesn’t seem clear where he is. He had been at shootaround earlier that morning. The first sense of something odd was this:

Then Adrian Wojnarowski of The Vertical at Yahoo Sports dropped this bomb:

We hope this is not something actually serious or wrong with Rose or his family.

But pouting over a benching seems plausible.  Rose has been better this season than he has been the last couple, but that should not be confused with him being good again. Jared Dubin put it very well, he’s useful but not helpful at this point in his career. Which is to say, his benching against the Bucks because the undrafted Ron Baker was playing better was justified (the Knicks came from behind in the fourth to win with him sitting).

The Knicks seemed out of sorts on the court Monday night and were getting blown out in the third quarter by New Orleans, and then to make matters worse Carmelo Anthony was ejected.

The New York Knicks should steal the old TNT slogan: “We Know Drama.” Doesn’t matter the year or the players, it’s always something with this team. A team that was 1.5 games out of the playoffs in the East going into tonight — Phil Jackson didn’t bring in Rose and Joakim Noah to go with Carmelo Anthony this summer to build for the future around Kristaps Porzingis, he wanted to win now. But alas….

Tony Allen casts crazy All-Star ballot for teammates, random East players


The NBA changed the NBA All-Star voting, essentially taking it partially away from fans because they didn’t want a situation where Zaza Pachulia was voted an NBA starter. The fans still get 50 percent of the vote, but the media gets 25 percent and the players get 25 percent because they were going to take this seriously.

Enter Tony Allen.

The Grizzlies wing defender went on Periscope and had fun at the expense of the process.

In case you missed it, Alle cast this ballot for the All-Star starters next month in New Orleans.


Kemba Walker, Charlotte Hornets
Mo Williams, Atlanta Hawks (just traded from Cleveland)
Luke Babbit, Miami Heat
Michael Beasley, Milwaukee Bucks
Andre Drummond, Detroit Pistons


Mike Conley, Memphis Grizzlies
Tony Allen, Memphis Grizzlies
Marc Gasol, Memphis Grizzlies
James Ennis, Memphis Grizzlies
Zach Randolph, Memphis Grizzlies

Somewhere, Adam Silver is just shaking his head.

I do not have a vote, but the media members take this responsibility seriously, with few strange candidates in the mix (particularly since end-of-year award votes were made public). That said, guys vote based on who they see, and things can become skewed (for example, can you blame someone who sees Damian Lillard every day for appreciating him more?).

Most players will take it seriously as well, but you can bet there will be a lot of guys bumping up teammates/friends/guys with the same agent. I know Russell Westbrook and other players have said media members don’t know enough to have the vote in their hands, but the idea that somehow the player vote will be some pristine truth is laughable.

At least he didn’t vote for Pachulia.

Stephen Curry appears on “Family Guy,” and Peter sits on his lap during press conference


Seth MacFarlane’s style of humor spares no one. Which is part of the reason people love it or hate it (I’m in the love camp, for the record).

Stephen Curry made an appearance this week on his mainstay show Family Guy on Fox, and it got irreverent. They poked fun at the NBA trend of children sitting on the laps of their parents during postgame press conferences.

I love that Curry was willing to do that.