Author: Kurt Helin

Kevin Durant

Report: Kevin Durant still deciding whether or not to have surgery on foot


The traditional way to repair the kind of foot fracture Kevin Durant has — a Jones fracture of the fifth metatarsal above the little toe on his left foot — is surgery. The reason is simply that there is not a lot of blood flow to the area so a more traditional healing process is both slower and not as sure to take.

But Durant is just 26 and not eager to undergo surgery on his foot — it’s an understandably scary prospect for a guy whose job is to run up and down a hardwood floor nightly.

Durant is not sure what to do about the surgery, reports Sam Amick at the USA Today.

Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant is still considering treatment options for the Jones fracture in his right foot and a decision about whether or not to have surgery won’t likely be made on Monday, according to two people with knowledge of the situation…

(Sources) also made it clear that Durant was deliberating the matter with the Thunder’s medical personnel and his representatives.

I understand Durant’s concern. But he’s also a guy who knows his stats and (as Amick noted in his post) these numbers from Dr. Mark Adickes at ESPN were pretty convincing (insider $$):

A recent study found that Jones fractures treated without surgery had just a 76 percent chance of complete recovery, while those treated with surgery found a 95 percent return to full health.

Studies also show people who have the surgery get back to work more quickly on their feet than those who don’t. The Thunder need him back sooner rather than later.

In the end Durant probably has the surgery, but there is nothing wrong with taking a day or two to think it over.

Celtics’ big man Vitor Faverani has knee surgery, out 6-8 weeks

Boston Celtics Media Day

We had told you that Vitor Faverani had gone to Spain to have his knee evaluated, which has led to speculation the Celtics might cut him loose.

Once his knee was evaluated, Faverani elected to have surgery and do it in Spain, the Celtics announced.

Six to eight weeks obviously keeps him out until at least early December, maybe later.

The speculation he may get waived comes down to this: Even if he’s healthy he’s not going to play a lot. Kelly Olynyk starts at center and Tyler Zeller has played decently in camp and can be the backup five. After that there is Joel Anthony or you can slide Brandon Bass over to the five if you want to play small.

Which means, if there is a wing player they like better the Celtics can afford to lose Faverani and eat his $2 million salary this season. Again, just something to watch as the hard cuts start coming for teams in the next couple weeks before the season tips off.

Looks like rookie Bojan Bogdanovic is your starting three for Brooklyn

Bojan Bogdanovic

Out goes Paul Pierce, in comes Bojan Bogdanovic.

That appears to be the case, after watching a couple of Nets preseason games.

Bogdanovic is an NBA rookie but a guy with plenty of international experience who showed us in the World Cup he can shoot the rock, although he has yet to find his rhythm in the preseason (40 percent shooting overall and 2-of-7 from three). Still coach Lionel Hollins and the Nets apparently like what they see.

This was the one of the take aways from the Nets game in China from the New York Post.

Bojan Bogdanovic appears to have the fifth starting spot sewn up.

No, Bogdanovic didn’t play lights-out in Shanghai, but he did get the most minutes on the team, and for the second straight game was part of the starting lineup. Though he didn’t knock down any of his three open 3-pointers, the fact he got those wide-open looks is exactly why it seems likely he’s going to wind up there….

It will take Bogdanovic some time to get used to the NBA 3-point line, which is deeper than Europe’s, but the Nets are invested in him doing well. And with Alan Anderson spending the last week sidelined with an abdominal injury and Andrei Kirilenko better off as a utility option off the bench, Bogdanovic seems ticketed to be in the starting lineup on Oct. 29 in Boston.

Bogdanovic brings a well-rounded game to the NBA but there were questions about whether the Nets would go to him early or bring him along more slowly ala Mirza Teletovic. Apparently they are just going to throw him in the fire.

Bogdanovic will find his range, his ability to shoot the rock is not the question, but the pace of the NBA game is a little different from Europe, the defenders are more athletic, the shots come from slightly different spots and angles, and the three point line is deeper. It’s an adjustment.

Bogdanovic’s adjustment and defense will be things to watch in Brooklyn. With Deron Williams, Joe Johnson and Brook Lopez scoring should not be an issue for the Nets, and with Bogdanovic as an outlet valve in the corner he should get good looks. They will eventually fall.

Stephen Curry nails deep three over Kobe, who shows some respect (VIDEO)

Stephen Curry, Kobe Bryant

That shot was what vintage Kobe Bryant used to do to defenders. Kobe is a competitor, he respects that.

Midway through the third quarter of the Warriors throttling of the Lakers in a Sunday night preseason affair, Kobe decided to pressure Stephen Curry out high. Way out high, well beyond the three-point line. Curry uses his forearm to create a little space then uses his quick release to drain the deep three over Kobe.

Kobe gives Curry the little “tap on the butt/nice shot” sign of respect coming back up the court. Well played by both of them.

(Things that should worry Lakers fans about this season: Kobe is your best perimeter defender.)

Damian Lillard helps guy with marriage proposal at Blazers preseason game

Trail Blazers Media Day

Damian Lillard didn’t play in the Blazers preseason win over the Clippers Sunday night — but he did pick up an assist.

Lillard took part in a pre-game marriage proposal courtside at the game, where Lucio Dalla Gasperina proposed to his girlfriend of a year and a half Madeleine Nava. Lillard had the ring and presented it, before the groom-to-be got down on one knee and asked the question. She said yes.

We wish them a lifetime of happiness.

(Note to guys thinking about this: Don’t. I have yet to meet one woman ever whose dream was to be proposed to at a sporting event. You may think it’s her dream, it’s not. Ask her. And you really don’t want to do it at a preseason game. Just a word of advice from a guy whose wife hasn’t left him.)