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New York Knicks' Carmelo Anthony (7) smiles during the second half of an NBA basketball game against the Miami Heat, Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2016, in Miami. The Knicks defeated the Heat 98-90. (AP Photo/Lynne Sladky)
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Carmelo Anthony steps on referee’s foot, rolls ankle, leaves game


It was a fluke play.

Carmelo Anthony was running back upcourt, watching the play behind him, and crashed into a referee, stepping on his foot. ‘Melo rolled his ankle.

Anthony laid on the court for a couple of minutes when it happened, but it was right before half so he went to the locker room. The Knicks said that he was getting his ankle retaped and would be out to start the second half.

That lasted all of 19 seconds.

He asked out of the game at that point and soon went back to the locker room again. This time he was not returning to play against Boston.

His status for the Knicks’ Wednesday game against the Nets is unclear at present.

Reports: John Wall leaving agent to join Rich Paul (LeBron’s agent)

Washington Wizards' John Wall leaves the court at after his team's 91-94 loss to Toronto Raptors in an NBA basketball game in Toronto on Wednesday, Dec. 30, 2015. (Chris Young/The Canadian Press via AP) MANDATORY CREDIT
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John Wall is a free agent. Not on the court — he’s locked in for three more seasons after this one with the Wizards.

Not on the court — he’s locked in for three more seasons after this one with the Wizards.

But he is a shoe contract free agent. His deal with Adidas expired before the start of this season, and his agent had been negotiating a new one. It’s taken a while with no results.

Now Rich Paul — the agent and friend of LeBron James who also represents Tristan Thompson, Eric Bledsoe and others — apparently is going to take over those talks. Multiple reports have Wall dropping his current agent, Dan Fegan, for Paul. Here is the Washington Post’s report.

Washington Wizards point guard John Wall has fired agent Dan Fegan and his team of representatives at Relativity Sports and plans to hire Rich Paul of Klutch Sports, according to two people with knowledge of the situation. Wall has to wait 15 days after notifying Fegan before officially signing with Paul.

Wall denied that any new agent has been chosen, but confirmed Fegan is out.

This is all about the shoes. Wall had an Adidas deal but for much of this season has worn LeBron Nikes. That and the jump to Paul would suggest the change in shoe brands will be permanent.

This isn’t going to be immediate, but expect Wall to have a new shoe deal not long after he formally changes agents.

Reports: Warriors expected to rest Draymond Green a couple games


Golden State has a back-to-back coming up this week: Wednesday night at the altitude in Denver, then Thursday night at home — where the Warriors have yet to lose this season — against the Los Angeles Lakers. Two easily winnable games for Golden State.

But it looks like they will have to do it without Draymond Green. While nothing is official yet, expect Green to get some time off. From Marcus Thompson at the Mercury News.

He’s been playing through discomfort in both lower extremities, producing on both ends and paying the price after games. Monday, he had 22 points, 12 rebounds and six assists in the 111-103 win over the Miami Heat. And even during the game, you could see him laboring for stretches. In blowout games, he spends the fourth quarter with his legs wrapped in enough ice to look like he’s wearing hockey pads.

The problem is, Green doesn’t want to rest. His mother has been on his case for a while. Much like point guard Stephen Curry, he has to be forced sit down. And according to a team source, that’s probably going to happen soon.

Then this from Rusty Simmons of the San Francisco Chronicle.

Green has been putting up monster numbers of late and has fans backing him as an All-Star starter as of the last vote count. Not that it matters much to the Warriors when it comes to resting guys.

There will be more of this from the Warriors as they move they move into the dog days of the season. Sure, 73 wins would be nice, but now is not the time to focus on that. What matters when trying to build an NBA legacy is rings, and you don’t need the studies that exist to know guys who are tired and physically worn down are more prone to injury. The Warriors goal is June, and that means resting guys in January.

Besides, the Warriors should be fine against the Nuggets and Lakers even without Green (although Denver has played Golden State tough this season).

Expect Green to sit out a little this week. He’s not going to be happy about it, but it appears it is going to happen.

Report: Denver Nuggets to sign Sean Kilpatrick to 10-day contract

New Orleans Pelicans Sean Kilpatrick (25) passes the ball to Eric Gordon (10) during NBA training camp in White Sulphur Springs, W.Va., Wednesday, Sept. 30, 2015. (AP Photo/Chris Tilley)
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Sean Kilpatrick played in four NBA games for the Minnesota Timberwolves last season while on a 10-day contract. The most notable part of that stint was how he got the job in the first place — he was in New York when the shorthanded Timberwolves were in the city and desperately needed a guard. Location, location, location.

This preseason Kilpatrick went to camp with the Pelicans but couldn’t make the cut (on a team with a lot of injured guards), so he went back to the D-League. Now the Denver Nuggets will give him a look, reports Shams Charania of Yahoo Sports.

Kilpatrick could flat-out score coming out of Cincinnati, and he averaged 18.2 points a game at Summer League, but at the NBA level he’s been unable to continue that kind of success (he shot 30.8 percent from three in his time with the Timberwolves last season). This season in the D-League he’s averaged 27.1 points per game and shot 44 percent from three, so he’s getting another chance.

Kilpatrick doesn’t play great defense (although he competes), meaning unless he’s can start to bring some of that scoring touch to the NBA it’s hard to find minutes for him.

Derrick Rose says he wants to retire a Bull


Derrick Rose rumors are starting to bubble up around the league. His contract is up in 2017 and with the emergence of Jimmy Butler and the new offensive system with Fred Hoiberg, there have been questions about how Rose fits in exactly long term. And if the Bulls do keep him, what should his price tag be (he’s not a max player anymore)?

Rose is oblivious to what is said around him — to the point of his detriment at times, as he doesn’t realize the impact of his words and phrasings. He’s not listening to all this trade buzz either. He wants to remain a Bull — because he loves the city and because his son is here, he told Nick Friedell of ESPN in a Q&A.

Friedell: You told me a long time ago you never wanted to play anywhere else. Is that still true?

Rose: That’s still true. Still true. Just having my son [P.J.], I’m doing all this because of my son now, you know? Just wanting to be around him every day, having him come up here, shoot with me or see me shooting til he’s able to become a ball boy. Little things like that I think about long term. Just trying to get him groomed, trying to get him used to being in the environment.

Friedell: You want to retire here still.

Rose: For sure, for sure.

The Bulls are going to undergo some significant roster changes in the next couple of years. For example, this summer both Joakim Noah and Pau Gasol (if he opts out as expected) will be free agents, and there is a real possibility neither of them returns to Chicago.

Rose could be part of that change. The only long-term locks to remain in Chicago are Jimmy Butler and Bobby Portis. When Rose and Butler have been paired on the court this season the Bulls are average — they have both a 101.1 offensive and defensive rating. They are a .500 team with those two on the court together. The questions to be answered are if that number is a matter of Rose’s health, noise from the ill-fitting pieces around the two guards in Hoiberg’s offense, or just they don’t work well as a tandem?

Whether Rose remains a Bull may simply come down to money. The Bulls will have their number and if another team sees more promise in Rose — or is more desperate for a quality point guard — they could come in over the top. Rose says Chicago is where he wants to be, but would he take a hometown discount? The more challenging question may be what is Rose worth in the new, Wild West market created by the coming salary cap spike?

But we know where Rose wants to be — sweet home Chicago.