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Suns’ Brandon Knight puts Marcelo Huertas in the blender, spins him

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Marcelo Huertas was a quality point guard from Brazil who spent most of his career as one of the better point guards in Europe. On the backside of his career, at age 32, he decided to come to the Lakers and give the NBA a shot this season.

It’s been a rough transition, especially on defense. But what the Suns’ Brandon Knight did to him Monday night was especially nasty. And it’s going to land him on a lot of highlight shows.

Knight picked up his first career triple-double in this game.

Spurs Kawhi Leonard skies, throws it down on Mason Plumlee

Kawhi Leonard, Mason Plumlee
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Kawhi Leonard is a bad man.

He’s been the Spurs best player this season, and he gave the home crowd a bit of a show on Monday night with one of the better dunks from a Spur this season (it’s not the longest list). That is vicious, and there was nothing Mason Plumlee could do about it, save to end up in the highlight.

Jordan’s jersey from last regular season Bulls’ game sells for $173,240


There apparently is no limit to the Michael Jordan memorabilia market.

The jersey he wore in his final Bulls regular season game β€” not his last game, that was in the Finals, just from an April 18 game against the Knicks where he dropped 44 β€” went for crazy money, reports Darren Rovell of ESPN.

The jersey that Michael Jordan wore in his final regular-season game with the Chicago Bulls sold for $173,240 early Sunday.

The amount paid is the highest price paid for a Jordan collectible at auction, surpassing Jordan’s “flu game” shoes, which was sold last year for just under $105,000.

More than the flu game shoes? I’ll admit it, I don’t get it. I’m not much of a memorabilia guy, I admit, but that seems like crazy money for any jersey.

But as Nike will be more than happy to you that anything Jordan still sells. Like crazy.

Donald Sterling loses appeal to reverse $2B sale of Clippers

Shelly Sterling, Donald Sterling
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LOS ANGELES (AP) β€” A California appeals court has rejected former Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s attempt to reverse the $2 billion sale of the team.

The 2nd District Court of Appeal ruled Monday that Sterling failed to show any legal error by a Los Angeles Superior Court judge who approved the sale last year.

Sterling’s estranged wife sold the team to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer after the NBA threatened to seize the team after banning Donald Sterling for life for making derogatory remarks about blacks.

The 81-year-old billionaire sued his wife of six decades for seizing the family trust that owned the team after two doctors found he had signs of Alzheimer’s.

Sterling has since filed to divorce Shelly Sterling.

Donald Sterling also has sued his wife and the NBA in federal court.

Bucks’ Jabari Parker to miss at least three games with foot sprain

Jabari Parker

Come on basketball gods, can’t you go easy on the kid?

Jabari Parker looked like the Rookie of the Year until a torn ACL sidelined him for the majority of last season. He missed the start of this season and in the five games he played showed a little rust but was scoring 7.2 points a game on 48.6 percent shooting. But now an injury has sidelined him again.

It sounds like he will miss at least three games, maybe more. You know the Bucks will be cautious bringing him back.

The Bucks are off to a 5-5 start, but the defense that powered them to the playoffs last season has slipped this season β€” they are 27th in the league. The hope was they were getting healthy and would start to find their groove, but that plan has to go on hold for a little while.