Draymond Green ejected after DeMarcus Cousins draws foul (VIDEO)


It’s a nice change of pace to see the guy covering DeMarcus Cousins flip out after a call they don’t like.

Late in the first half of the Sacramento vs. Golden State game Thursday night, Cousins drove from the arc, spun to the middle and Draymond Green got called for the reach. And he did not like the call. At all. He flipped out, drew a couple of technicals, and got to get to the plane to New Orleans before the rest of this fellow All-Stars.

That gives Green 10 technicals on the season.

The Warriors pulled away in the second half without Green for a comfortable 109-86 win, Klay Thompson led the way with 35 points.

Jahlil Okafor: “I thought it’s a good chance” he would be traded


Jahlil Okafor is back in the lineup for Philadephia against Boston Wednesday night after the Sixers took the unusual step of sitting him out for two games due to trade rumors. Guys have sat before trades before, but it’s usually because something is imminent. Not in this case, Okafor sat two games — maybe as an attempt to drum up interest in a deal for him — and nothing happened.

But he thought he was going to be traded, he told Jessica Camerato of CSNPhilly.com.

“I thought it’s a good chance,” Okafor said Wednesday after going through shootaround. “While I’m not traveling with the team, I was expecting something to happen pretty fast. Nothing did, so I’m back and I’m playing tonight. I did think for a while that I probably wouldn’t be here in Boston right now.”

He added, “It was just a weird situation for me, something I’ve never had to deal with.”

I had heard that talks were somewhat serious with one team, not one on most people’s radar for a trade with Philly, but clearly it didn’t pan out. That could have been part of the smoke screen, or there could have been a little fire there. Sixers coach Brett Brown said there were serious talks, but they fell apart.

“I don’t believe they’re off,” Brett Brown said of trade talks. “I think this particular one has not happened. The trade deadline is whenever it is, it’s probably fluid. The one that was the reason for us reacting to us to Jahlil not being with the team, very advanced discussions, did not happen.”

Okafor could be moved before the Feb. 23 trade deadline, but the Sixers are not going to get much in return. Okafor has a valuable NBA skill — he can score the rock inside. He’s averaging 11.6 points a game this season shooting 51.3 percent, and 78 percent of his shots come within 10 feet of the rim. The problem is every other part of his game — he can’t space the floor, he doesn’t defend well, he’s not strong on the boards for a big, and he doesn’t fit the direction of the modern NBA with bigs. Teams are not going to give up much to get him. As the Sixers are finding.

Manu Ginobili with ridiculous no-look pass to Kawhi Leonard for dunk (VIDEO)

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Tuesday, we were rightfully praising LeBron James for maybe the best pass of the year, a no-look between Andrew Wiggins‘ legs for a Derrick Williams dunk.

Wednesday, Manu Ginobili reminded us all he’s the master of the no-look with a dish in transition to Kawhi Leonard for the dunk.

San Antonio picked up the win, 107-79, behind 23 from Kawhi Leonard.

Carmelo Anthony to get Kevin Love’s spot in All-Star Game Sunday

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Kevin Love earned a spot in the All-Star Game this Sunday in New Orleans with his strongest season as a Cavalier, averaging 20 points and 11 boards a game. But the knee surgery he underwent Tuesday killed that weekend in the Big Easy.

Carmelo Anthony has been named his replacement, something first reported by Marc Stein of ESPN and since confirmed by the league.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver gets to name the replacement, and traditionally he has followed the coaches vote — which is not public — to award the slot. Anthony finished eighth in the fan/player/media voting overall, he was sixth with the fans and other players but 12th with the media. Anthony finished behind teammate Kristaps Porzingis on that metric overall, but he was the highest voted player by the fans not in the game (save for Love and Joel Embiid, both of whom are out injured and will not participate in the weekend).

Anthony is averaging 23.2 points and 6.1 rebounds a game for the Knicks this season, but he has torn it up since learning he would not be an All-Star after the team announcement a few weeks back.

LeBron James gets up for two-handed slam vs. Pacers (VIDEO)

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If there are no bodies between a cutting LeBron James and the basket, the only question is how he will dunk the ball.

Wednesday night against the Pacers, LeBron went with the two-handed flush. Impressive. Not exactly a dunk contest winner, but impressive.

Just a couple of minutes later, LeBron tweaked his ankle when in transition he stepped on Jeff Teague‘s foot.

But he stayed in the game and not much later did this.