Author: Kurt Helin

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant with serious rejection of young camper’s shot (VINE)


That’s cold.

I’m not sure when this video from a youth camp was taking by Ball is Life, very possibly it is from the summer (and before Durant’s injury) but this is the first time we had seen it and…

That’s funny. Cold, but funny.

Hat tip to Ray over at That NBA Lottery Pick.

Jimmy Butler on Bulls: “Hell yeah, it’s a championship team”

Chicago Bulls v Portland Trail Blazers

Jimmy Butler wants to make sure Derrick Rose — and Pau Gasol and Taj Gibson and… — are healthy for the playoffs, not games close to Thanksgiving.

Why? Because he believes the Bulls are title contenders. Fervently believes. This is another nugget from a fantastic Butler profile by Sam Amick of the USA Today.

When asked last week if this is a championship team, even with the recent rash of injuries, Butler told USA TODAY Sports, “Hell yeah, it’s a championship team. We’re going to win that (expletive).”

First, I want a player on any team anywhere close to contending to think that. Good on Butler.

Second, he’s right.

The Bulls are 8-5 right now and the three seed in the East. The Raptors and Wizards will be good, Cleveland likely will figure out their offense (but there are questions about their defense), there is not going to be that easy a route out of the East.

But a healthy Bulls team has a legit shot to make the Finals (whether they can beat the best out of the West is another discussion). What the Bulls understand is that right now is about process and building the scaffolding to really construct a team that can go that deep. Yes, they need healthy bodies and time on the court to do that, but it doesn’t have to happen today. It’s about not making injuries worse or taking unnecessary risks.

Plus, the Bulls have their identity, they know who they are. That high powered team on Lake Erie has a ways to go to figure theirs out.

Andrew Wiggins drops career high 29 on Sacramento (VIDEO)

Sacramento Kings v Minnesota Timberwolves

Minnesota lost this game. Sacramento is much better team, one with a beast inside with DeMarcus Cousins, plus role players who can step up such as Ben McLemore and Darren Collison.

Still, it was great to see Andrew Wiggins have arguably his best game as a pro Sunday night.

Wiggins had 29 points on 22 shots. He did most of his damage using his athleticism to the rim (5-of-5) and he knocked down a couple of threes, however he struggled from the midrange (2-of-13 from beyond three feet out to the arc). There’s work that needs to be done on his shot.

But you can see the potential.

LeBron James: “We’re a very fragile team right now”

Toronto Raptors v Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cleveland Cavaliers are 5-6 on the young season after the Toronto Raptors came to the Q and easily handled them on Saturday night. The Cavs offense has slipped to middle of the NBA pack and Kevin Love is frustrated, but that’s not even the end of the court that’s the real problem — their 25th ranked defense is the real issue.

These are problems the Cavaliers should sort out, eventually. It feels like we saw this movie in Miami (they started 9-8), although that Heat team didn’t show this level of lethargy on defense, and it did show more flashes of promise than we have seen from these Cavs.

How to describe these Cavaliers? LeBron James used the word “fragile” Sunday after Toronto looked flat out superior, reports Dave McMenamin of ESPN. And it’s going to get worse, he added.

“We’re a very fragile team right now,” James said after Cleveland saw an 18-point first-quarter lead turn into a 19-point fourth-quarter hole against the Eastern Conference-leading Raptors (11-2). “Well, we were a fragile team from the beginning. Any little adversity hits us, we just shell up. That’s something that will come with experience….

“This is not even the lowest it’s going to get for us,” James said. “You guys know, the lowest it can get is up 17 in the fourth quarter of Game 2 of the Finals and losing. It can get that low. Or being up 2-1 and going to Game 4 and lose three straight in the Finals. That’s very low. So, I’m very optimistic. I’m very positive. More positive than I thought I would be right now, so, we look at what we did wrong, things that we did well and get ready for Orlando coming in on Monday.”

What they do wrong is a real lack of cohesion on offense where young players such as Kyrie Irving will dribble and dribble, pounding the rock and making the offense sticky. Or Tristan Thompson will outright break out of the offense for his own look. Plus the Cavaliers are just sloppy with the ball and it leads to turnovers. The Cavaliers bench has been unimpressive. And on defense, James needs to start leading by example because while there are holes on that side of the court — the Cavs lack a real rim protector — it doesn’t excuse their lazy, sloppy efforts.

All of this is fixable. And I expect that by Christmas the Cavaliers will look better, by the All-Star break they will be closer to what we expected. But there is a lot of work, a lot of maturing for this team still to do.

And the process is not going to be pretty.

Anthony Davis goes off for 43 points (VIDEO)

Anthony Davis


There was nothing the Utah Jazz could do because we know Anthony Davis can finish at the rim but when he is 6-of-9 from the midrange, you are doomed. He can put it on the floor and attack or just knock it down over you. Check out his shot chart from Saturday night.


Davis finished with 43 points on 23 shots, plus had 14 rebounds on the night. The Pelicans beat the Jazz 106-94, despite Gordon Hayward’s 31 points.

Anthony Davis. Unstoppable.