Author: Kurt Helin

Indiana Pacers v Miami Heat - Game Five

Great news: Craig Sager will return to sidelines for TNT March 5


There is no need to adjust your television, that is really the color of his suit.

We pass along great news for NBA fans:

Craig Sager is the long-time sideline reporter for TNT, a real pro’s pro, and also a guy best remembered for his ridiculous/amazing/one-of-a-kind suits, and occasionally getting under the skin of Gregg Popovich.

Sager had to step away from his job last April when it was announced he had acute leukemia.

The news he has put this cancer in remission and can return to work is great news for us as fans, but better news for the Sager family. It will be great to see him on our television screens again.

Even if his suits might blind us sometimes.

PBT Extra: What is future for Derrick Rose? Bulls?

Derrick Rose

It’s the question everyone may be thinking but is afraid to ask: With this latest meniscus injury is Derrick Rose the next guy in the Penny Hardaway, Brandon Roy, Bill Walton club of guys who were elite stars betrayed by their bodies?

Jenna Corrado isn’t afraid to ask it, and that’s the first question in this PBT Extra talking about Derrick Rose. The fact is we’re not going to know until the surgeon looks down the scope exactly where Rose is going physically. What we do know is he has to adapt his game because he’s just never going to be the MVP Rose physically again.

In this video we also talk about what the injury will mean for the Bulls, which in the short term heading into this playoff run is nothing good.

Mavericks suspend Rajon Rondo one game after argument with coach Rick Carlisle

Rick Carlisle, Rajon Rondo

As an organization, from Marc Cuban on down, the Dallas Mavericks are insistent everyone be on the same page. Even compared to other franchises around the league.

Rick Carlisle and Rajon Rondo were clearly not on the same page Tuesday night. And that’s not the first time Carlisle benched Rondo. Nor was what was caught on camera in-game all of it.

All of that led Dallas to suspend Rondo for one game, Wednesday night in Atlanta, the team announced. The official reason is “conduct detrimental to the team.” This is pretty standard for Dallas, an organization big on team discipline.

The bigger question is how does all of this impact Rondo’s thought process about being a free agent this summer? Rondo is unrestricted and when he was first traded to Dallas the team made it clear they planned to re-sign him. Now Rondo may have second thoughts, and he certainly would have plenty of suitors.

In the short term, the Mavs will miss Rondo’s defense on All-Star point guard Jeff Teague of Atlanta.  (And yes, the game is taking place despite the frigid weather in Atlanta.)