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2014 NBA Finals - Game Four

Warriors GM confirms team has reached out to Ray Allen’s agent


Ray Allen is still sitting on the sidelines.

Arguably the greatest three point shooter the game has ever seen, he could still help the right team in a limited role, and the conventional wisdom around the league he will come back after the first of the year, mostly likely to play again with LeBron James. Just now in Cleveland’s wine and gold.

But the Warriors want in. Because you can never have enough three-point shooting. Warriors GM Bob Meyers confirmed Golden State’s interest, reports

Warriors GM Bob Myers told 95.7 FM The Game on Thursday afternoon that the club has in fact reached out to Allen’s representatives but said, “it’s uncertain as to what Ray wants to do.”

“Here’s the problem,” Myers explained. “We don’t have enough minutes as it is so it’s just a question of chemistry.”

Allen, a free agent, likely would have returned to Miami had LeBron come back, that’s where Allen lives with his family and he likes the lifestyle in South Beach. But he could be tempted back for half a season with a team that could use him at the two off the bench.

As Meyers said, those minutes are limited in Golden State, in large part because they want Klay Thompson on the court. In Cleveland, Shawn Marion starts at the two and Dion Waiters comes off the bench, you could find room for Allen in there.

There will be other teams interested as well.

It’s something to watch after the calendar turns.

PBT’s Thursday night NBA Winners/Losers: James Harden, Kevin Durant playing like MVPs

James Harden, Patrick Beverly

Every night the NBA can be a cold hard reality — there are winners, there are losers. It’s the nature of the game. We know you are busy and can’t keep up with every game, so we’re here to bring you the best and worst of the NBA each week night. Here’s what you missed while thinking a “21 Jump Street”/”Men in Black” crossover movie is about the worst idea ever

source:  James Harden. On the second night of a back-to-back in a tight game, he simply took over. He owned it. Which is what the very best do. Harden scored 13 straight points at the end of regulation and during the Rockets 10-1 run to start overtime. He had 44 points on 32 shots overall on the night (he scored 43 percent of the Rockets points when he was on the court) plus he dished out eight assists. The Rockets are now 8-3 since Dwight Howard went down and in that time Harden is averaging 29.1 points a game, is shooting 39 percent from three, plus is dishing out 6.1 assist and pulling down 6 rebounds a game. Simply put, James Harden is playing like an MVP. The Rockets’ defense is improved this season, but Harden is carrying their offense right now.

source:  Russell Westbrook. His teammate Kevin Durant came out trying to be a playmaker. The rest of his Thunder teammates seemed groggy, like they just woke from a nap. Not Russell Westbrook. He came out looking to make a statement to everyone who said Kyrie Irving is the better point guard. Westbrook had 10 points in the first quarter on his way to 23 in the game. He played angry and was a force. For most of the game he was the Thunder’s best player. Plus he did this:

source:  Kevin Durant. The Cavaliers made this a game late on the road, they battled and got within four points and 1:45 left. Then Durant did Durant things. A dunk (after Kyrie Irving gambled on a steal), then the Nowitzkiesque step-back, then the layup in traffic. With the game on the line he looked every bit the MVP again and scored the team’s final eight points to secure the win.

source:  Cavaliers fans. Why? Because they still get to see Kyrie Irving playing basketball. There was a moment not long before halftime when Irving went up to block a Westbrook jumper, the two hit knee-to-knee, then Irving came down awkwardly. It was the kind of landing that can mean all sorts of torn things. Irving stayed on the ground for a while then went straight to the locker room with help. It looked bad. Then came word it was just a contusion, Irving warmed up for the second half and played the entire third quarter. And Cavaliers fans could exhale.

James Harden hits deep three to force overtime, then he took over (VIDEO)

Houston Rockets v Sacramento Kings

James Harden is playing like an MVP.

With the Rockets down three with less than :30 seconds to go on the road in Sacramento, Harden hit a three from basically Fresno. It was the kind of three that takes ridiculous confidence to even consider, but Harden was in that zone. He would go on to score the next 10 points to start the overtime, giving him 44 points on the night and the Rockets another win.

Houston is now 8-3 since Dwight Howard went down and in that time Harden is averaging 29.1 points a game, is shooting 39 percent from three, plus is dishing out 6.1 assist and pulling down 6 rebounds a game. Like I said, James Harden is playing like an MVP.

Kyrie Irving leaves game with apparent knee injury, returns for second half

Kyrie Irving
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That was scary.

Kyrie Irving went up to contest a jump shot with Russell Westbrook late in the first half, there was some knee-on-knee contact and Irving injured his knee. Everyone was scared because he seemed to twist it and hyper-extend it, and he stayed on the ground for a while with the entire team around before being helped to the locker room. LeBron James, who is not playing tonight and was in the locker room, ran out to help him back.

But Irving returned to the court for the second half.

Cavs fans everywhere can exhale.

NBA All-Star balloting officially opens online. And on twitter. And Instagram. And…

2015 All-Star logo

Let the unfortunate overlooking of Kyle Lowry begin.

Today fans can start voting for the NBA All-Star Game starters. As always, fan votes from around the globe determine the five starters for each team, then coach’s votes round out the roster. (Hopefully they don’t ignore Lowry.)

What has changed this year is the ballot will have the name of every NBA player on it. In past years a select media panel would have to pick names that fans could choose from and while there were 120 players on the ballot (60 from each conference) there were always complaints about No. 61 getting left off after a fast start to the season. No more. Fans can vote for anyone they want, so if you think Quincy Acy deserves a vote you can do it.

There are a lot of ways to vote:

• There is the online ballot at
• You can vote for on twitter, just in your tweet (or retweet) make sure to put the player’s first and last names, as well as the hashtag #NBABallot.
• You can vote on Facebook by just making a post on your personal account, again just make sure to include the player’s first and last names as well as the hashtag #NBABallot.
• Fans can vote on Instagram by posting an original photo, using #NBABallot and the player’s first and last name in the caption.
• Or you can just text in your vote. Simply text the player’s last name to 6-9-6-2-2 (“MYNBA”).
• Finally you can vote through the NBA Game Time app on your phone.

You can vote from now through Jan. 19. Officially the starters will be announced live on TNT on Thursday, Jan. 22, although frankly we’ll have a pretty good idea who they will be before then.

The All-Star Game and weekend of activities comes to New York this year. The Rising Stars Challenge on Friday, Feb. 13 and All-Star Saturday Night events — including the dunk contest — on Saturday, Feb. 14 will both take place at Barclays Center in Brooklyn. The NBA All-Star Game will take place Sunday, Feb. 15 at Madison Square Garden.