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Gilbert Arenas asks Lakers for 10-day contract so he can see Kobe’s final game


If you want to be in the building for Kobe Bryant‘s final game at Staples Center, it’s going to cost you. According to SeatGeek.com, the cheapest seats start at $681, and if you want to be in the lower bowl it’s going to start at $1,000 a ticket and climb from there.

Gilbert Arenas wants to see Kobe’s last game, but he doesn’t wish to pay those kinds of prices.

So Arenas took to Instagram and asked the Lakers for a 10-day contract at the end of the season.

Just tried to get courtside seats to #Kobes Last home game #smdh #SOLDOUT…..But yall know I keeps a backup plan…..as I look at the end of the lakers bench AND realize what #hibbert #metta @swaggyp1 been doing all season #WatchingKobesLastSeason in those NICE #CourtsideSeats….Buss you gotta let me be down..give ya boy a #10day from (april 3rd-13th) ill pay for the seat…I dont want the seat #metta sits in…that shit so far in the corner,I thought that nigga was security last time he wore all blk #NOTHX…..dont sit me next to #nick or #hibbert they #downsyndrome looks like its catchable,NOT paying top dolla to catch what them two #nighas look like they got #NOTHX hahahaha Just as long as im on the left side of that bighead nigha #sacre NO offence bra I wanna see the #Mamba not a life size #bobblehead version of #Mrclean AND far away from #byronscott as possible…the way he coaches,hes liable put anyone in whos sitting next to him (jack nickelson #batman go get #russell and u guard #cousin's #playhard) hahahaha ..can somebody let me know who I can contact for My request demands hahahahaha

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I’d like to say this is just Arenas joking around but… it’s Arenas we’re talking about. He’d take that contract in a heartbeat.

I’d recommend the Lakers do it, not just because it would give me a lot to write about, but also because they don’t have enough distracting drama around their team already. Plus Arenas has proven to be such a good influence for young players around the league before, and the Lakers need that.

Report: Kings try to trade for Pau Gasol, who would like to stay, re-sign in Chicago


Reports continue to circulate that the Chicago Bulls are talking to teams about Pau Gasol. How actively depends on which report you listen to, it varies from “aggressively” to saying the Bulls want to be blown away any offer, or they hang up the phone. Gasol is 35 and will opt out this summer and become a free agent — the Bulls would be stupid not to test the market for him.

The Sacramento Kings — a team that fired their assistant coach Wednesday and are making a hard push to add talent so they can make a playoff push — are trying to barge to the front of the line, according to Chris Mannix and Adrian Wojnarowski of The Vertical at Yahoo Sports.

The Bulls have discussed deals with multiple NBA teams on Gasol, but one discussion lingered on Wednesday, league sources told The Vertical’s Wojnarowski and Chris Mannix: Gasol and Tony Snell to the Sacramento Kings for Kosta Koufos, Ben McLemore and a lowering of the lottery protections on the 2016 first-round pick that Sacramento owes the Bulls.

How low on those lottery protections is an interesting question, but that’s a lot for the Bulls to give up for what they get in return. The Kings are a desperate organization under owner Vivek Ranadive, who wants to end the franchise’s nine-year playoff drought, franchise stability be damned.

As for Gasol himself, he doesn’t want to leave Chicago — in fact, he hopes to re-sign their this summer, Wojnarowski says.

Six-time All-Star center Pau Gasol holds significant interest in signing a contract extension with the Chicago Bulls this summer and has strongly resisted the idea of a trade that would turn him into a two-month rental, league sources told The Vertical….

Gasol, 35, plans to decline the player option on the $7.4 million owed to him in 2016-17, but has significant interest in signing a new deal to remain with the Bulls, league sources said.

Just like the trade rumors, there are plenty of different rumors about What Gasol will do this summer.

Of course, it will come down to money this July. It’s always about the money. But there are other factors in play. Gasol wants to be in a cosmopolitan city, he wants to win, but at the end of the day money talks. That said, he paired with his brother along the front line would make for some interesting times in Memphis. I just wouldn’t expect it to happen.

Kings fire assistant coach Vance Walberg, direct blow to George Karl

MALIBU, CA - JANUARY 14:  Head coach Vance Walberg of the Pepperdine Waves looks on against the Gonzaga Bulldogs on January 14, 2008 in Malibu, California.  (Photo by Jeff Golden/Getty Images)
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Assistant coach Vance Walberg has been tight with Kings’ coach George Karl for a long time — he was the first coach Karl hired in Sacramento to help him bring the up-tempo, spread offense Karl loves to the Kings (because owner Vivek Ranadive wanted his team to play that style). The Kings play at the fastest pace in the NBA this season.

The offense that has always been a terrible fit with DeMarcus Cousins and the talent on the Kings’ roster.

Wednesday the Kings fired Walberg. James Ham of CSNBayArea.com has the details.

This is a shot across the bow of Karl, a way to force offensive changes by sending his system guy out the door. It’s an attempt to jolt this team toward the playoffs, they have 4.5 games to make up and need to get on a run.

Not that it will matter long-term — nobody around the league thinks Karl will be coaching the Kings next season.

The offense also isn’t the Kings’ biggest problem — they are 13th in the NBA in offensive rating. The problem is the 25th-ranked NBA defense — they play a system that requires good perimeter defenders, something the Kings lack. There are rumors the Kings will ask Karl to hire a defensive-minded coach for that vacancy. Although they already have an assistant focused on defense.

It’s the Kings, this is what they do. Expect some roster shakeups, too.

Health concerns about Mike Krzyzewski have USA Basketball considering Plan B

MIAMI, FL - JANUARY 25: Head coach Mike Krzyzewski of the Duke Blue Devils  during the game against the Miami Hurricanes at the BankUnited Center on January 25, 2016 in Miami, Florida.  (Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images)
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Back at the start of February, Mike Krzyzewski missed a Duke game (vs. Georgia Tech) as he spent a couple of days in the cardiac wing of a North Carolina hospital. He’s been on the bench ever since, and Duke played the incident down, so it hasn’t drawn much discussion.

However, that had USA Basketball’s decision maker Jerry Colangelo considering potential Plan B options for this summer’s Rio Olympics.

Colangelo admitted it in an interesting story by Scott Howard-Cooper at NBA.com.

USA Basketball chairman Jerry Colangelo, who admits he is concerned about the health of Mike Krzyzewski, said he has privately been considering replacements in case Krzyzewski is unable to coach the United States in the Olympics in August, telling NBA TV, “Certainly in the back of my mind I’m thinking about what ifs.”

Stressing it is too early to be thinking seriously about implementing a backup plan for the Rio de Janeiro Games, Colangelo conceded he has been formulating ideas. Spurs coach Gregg Popovich has already been announced as Krzyzewski’s successor with Team USA, but it is unknown whether Colangelo would ask Popovich to start this summer or choose from among the current Team USA staff of Syracuse’s Jim Boeheim, former Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau or Thunder assistant Monty Williams.

“I’m always concerned about people I love, and I love Coach K,” Colangelo told NBA TV. “You’ve heard my expression, ‘We’re joined at the hip and have been ever since we joined together back in ’05.’ I am concerned about his health. I told him on the phone (recently) nothing is more important than his health. Not Duke basketball. Not USA Basketball. I hope and I pray that he can take care of his situations, whatever they may be, and that he’s healthy and ready to go.”

This may be a moot exercise. You can be sure Krzyzewski wants to coach another Olympics and if he is able, he will. Colangelo isn’t going to force him aside, this would need to be Krzyzewski’s call.

However, it’s not out of the question. And a smart chairman is prepared for the alternatives.

Popovich makes the most sense from where I sit; he could step in with that same group of assistants and do the job well. However, NBA players also respect Thibodeau and would gladly play for him in Rio as well; the question is will he have another NBA job to focus on this summer.

Frankly, either Williams or Boeheim could lead this team to gold. The USA will be heavy favorites in Rio, regardless of the makeup of the team. While Spain has had the talent and cohesion to challenge the United States the past couple of Olympics, the age of Pau Gasol and much of Spain’s core (outside Ricky Rubio and Serge Ibaka), and injuries to Marc Gasol, suggest Spain has taken a step back. There are good teams around the world, but the USA would need to beat themselves in Rio.

Reports: Cavaliers talking to Pelicans about Ryan Anderson; Magic about Channing Frye

Ryan Anderson
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If there is one guy I’m betting on getting moved before the trade deadline, it is Ryan Anderson. New Orleans is fielding a lot of calls about one of the best offensive stretch fours in the league, there is a lot of interest in him (the Pelicans would love to unload one of their guards in such a deal).

Cleveland — which realizes it needs some upgrades for a potential Finals showdown with Golden State — is at the front of the list trying to get things done, reports Marc Spears of Yahoo Sports.

Anderson could give the Cavaliers options in small ball lineups, playing in combinations with Kevin Love and Tristan Thompson. Although, rumors of a Love-based blockbuster will not die.

Don’t bet on a Love trade, at least not at the deadline. If the Cavs fall in the Finals again and need to re-assess this summer, a lot of things come into play, Love included. At the deadline, it’s highly unlikely. Also, as noted before, there are a lot of competition for Anderson (and other stretch fours), with teams such as Toronto rumored to be in the mix, not to mention the Clippers.

In case the Anderson trade doesn’t come through, the Cavaliers have a Plan B with Orlando and Channing Frye, as the Cavaliers try to blow up a Frye-to-the-Clippers deal.

It’s going to be an interesting final 19 hours before the trade deadline.