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Nick Young

Quote of the Day: Nick Young says his bad shooting due to rim “tripping this year”


How would Iggy Azalea feel about Nick Young taking the rim on a date?

Man, I have missed having Young around.

The Lakers’ shoot-first gunner has been out since late February with knee issues, and it just hasn’t been the same. Tuesday he — and the other host of injured Lakers out for the season, such as Jeremy Lin and Julius Randle — had their exit interviews with the media.

Young was asked about his shooting because, well, it was bad. Never an efficient shooter, the career 42.3 percent shooter fell to a lowly 36.6 percent this season. He still shot the three ball well (36 percent), which gave him a true shooting percentage of 52 percent, close to the league average.

He was one of the guys who didn’t fit with Byron Scott and whatever it was he was trying to do (it wasn’t clear). Young is owed a very affordable $16.4 million over the next three seasons (last year a player option), which is a good value if the Lakers keep him and use him properly. Or it’s a good trade chip.

Either way, expect Young back next season, and that is good for all of us.

Klay Thompson goes off for 26 points in second quarter, 42 in game on Memphis (VIDEO)

Memphis Grizzlies v Golden State Warriors

With the gravity of Stephen Curry drawing defenders, combined with some good ball movement, Klay Thompson has gotten a lot of clean looks this season. He knocks them down more often than not.

And sometimes when he gets going, there is no stopping him.

That’s what happened to Memphis Monday night. Thompson got some easy early buckets inside on cuts, his first couple three point attemtps were not tightly contested, he got a rhythm, and then the floodgates opened. Thompson dropped 26 on the Grizzlies in the second quarter and 42 for the game. He wasn’t just volume shooting, he was efficient — check out this shot chart:


He was key in the Warriors’ 111-107 win, which took away the Grizzlies’ chance to win their division and be the two seed.

Michael Carter-Williams drops 30 on Sixers in return to Philadelphia (VIDEO)

Philadelphia 76ers V Milwaukee Bucks

Philadelphia got a reminder of what they traded away this season — Michael Carter-Williams returned in a Bucks uniform and on a mission.

He dropped 30 points on Philly on 11-of-17 shooting. He still doesn’t have a great jumper, but the Sixers’ undersized guards could not keep MCW out of the paint, he was 9-of-12 shooting in the key. Plus he got to the free throw line 13 times.

Add in the Sixers 29 turnovers as a team, and the Bucks picked up an easy win as they tune up for the playoffs.

Five Things We Learned in NBA Monday: Video game Klay Thompson kill Grizzlies chance of two seed

Memphis Grizzlies v Golden State Warriors

If you watch closely every night in the NBA you can learn a little something. We know you are busy and can’t keep up with every game, so we’re here to help with those lessons from another night in the Association. Here’s what you missed while thinking it’s ridiculous music performances from late-night shows may no longer be available online

1) Video game Klay Thompson showed up Monday and took away the two seed from Memphis. A few weeks ago, it would have seemed impossible that the Grizzlies wouldn’t finish with a top three seed. But things started happening. First the Memphis schedule down the stretch was brutal. Then came the injuries, with Mike Conley among others out. Then Monday night Klay Thompson happened — video game Klay showed up and dropped 26 points on the Grizzlies in the second quarter.

Thompson finished with 42, and the Warriors did what they do, winning handily. This was bad for Memphis. What the loss means is the Grizzlies cannot win the Southwest division, and with that will not be the two seed. San Antonio now controls that destiny (if they beat the Pelicans Wednesday the Spurs get the two seed). With this loss, combined with the Clippers and Rockets winning, Memphis fell all the way to the six seed. Which is likely where they land when the playoffs start, but it’s still wide open.

2) Thunder, Pelicans remain tied for eight seed in West, but you’d rather be OKC right now. The Oklahoma City Thunder got to have Russell Westbrook and they needed him — he scored 36 points, and the Thunder beat the banged-up Trail Blazers (who keep dropping like flies). The Thunder and Pelicans remain tied for the eight seed after New Orleans dropped struggling Minnesota (that’s 11 straight losses for the Timberwolves). The Pelicans own the tiebreaker, but you’d rather be in OKC’s shoes right now. Why? The Pelicans’ final game Wednesday is against the Spurs — and if San Antonio wins it gets the two seed. Gregg Popovich isn’t resting his big guns, and the Spurs have won 11 in a row. The Thunder’s final game is against those Timberwolves.

3) The Boston Celtics are in the playoffs. Chicago beat Brooklyn, which the Bulls needed to do to have a shot at the three seed in the East (but Toronto controls their own destiny, win Tuesday and Wednesday, and the Raptors get the three seed). What the Bulls’ win also means is Boston is in the playoffs. They will be either the seven or eight seed (likely seven to face Cleveland), but they are in. Credit Brad Stevens, who has got his young team to buy into a system where they move the ball on offense (and play better defense than they did earlier in the season). This was not the plan for the Celtics this season, but that they did it is impressive. And it will be a great experience for Marcus Smart, Kelly Olynyk, and the rest of the young Celtics to taste postseason play. For four games.

4) Pacers, not Nets, now control their own destiny for eight seed in East. This is the other thing the Bulls beating the Nets Monday means — Indiana controls its own destiny. Win out, and they get the eight seed in the East and a shot at Atlanta. Of course, that’s easier said than done with Washington and Memphis on a back-to-back, but it’s possible.

5) LeBron James drops another triple-double. Because he can. Just a reminder that LeBron James is very, very good at this basketball thing. Cleveland beat Detroit in a game without playoff implications, but LeBron was entertaining putting up a line of 21 points, 10 rebounds, and 11 assists. He’s playoff ready.

Kobe Bryant takes to Twitter to defend Russell Westbrook

Oklahoma City Thunder v Los Angeles Lakers

While Russell Westbrook has been putting up ridiculous lines and racking up triple-doubles seemingly nightly, his efficiency and the volume of his shooting has come into question.

With some reason. Back on April 1 he was 10-of-32 shooting. April 3 it was 5-of-20. April 5 it was 12-of-29. You get the idea.

So when he put up 54 points Sunday in a Thunder loss, there was some talk of his 43 shot attempts. That’s a lot of attempts. He used 51.7 percent of the team’s possessions when he was on the court. He was an unrepentant gunner, but with Kevin Durant and Serge Ibaka out what do you expect of Westbrook?

Kobe Bryant — the patron saint of putting up a lot of shots when your teammates are questionable — came to Westbrook’s defense.

Westbrook has certainly not always been efficient in putting up big numbers, but that has gotten too much blame for the losses the Thunder racked up. The bigger issue is the Thunder defense can’t stop anyone.

Offensively, things can get a bit stagnant when Westbrook takes over for OKC. But if the alternative is more Dion Waiters or D.J. Augustin, I’m okay with that.