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Report: NBA owners to see “range of options” to alter playoff format


If the NBA had gone to a “best 16 teams” format for the NBA playoffs this season, what would have been different? Not much. Indiana/Brooklyn would be out, and both Oklahoma City and New Orleans would be in. That’s it. Boston would have still gotten the 16th and final playoff slot (and then had to fly cross country to take on Golden State). Yes, teams would have played differently at the end of the season, but the change was not as dramatic as it seemed mid-season.

Still, the imbalance of depth in the Eastern and Western conferences remains a talking point, and with that it is one of the things NBA owners will discuss at upcoming league meetings.

Howard Beck at Bleacher Report got Commissioner Adam Silver to comment on this.

Owners will be presented a “range of options,” commissioner Adam Silver told Bleacher Report. But the discussion is only in its “early stages,” Silver noted, and no action is expected for a while.

“There are no quick fixes,” Silver said. “Frankly, if there were quick fixes, we would have already made them.”

Also, there are not fixes that owners easily will agree upon. You can bet owners in the East are not thinking “I’d be happy to give up a couple playoff games worth of home game revenue to make bloggers happy.” It will be contentious.

And there are a lot of grounds to be contentious about.

Proposals to seed teams one through 16, without respect to conference, raise concerns over travel, rest and scheduling, issues the league is now grappling with.

Yet it’s hard to dismiss the cringe-worthy sight of losing teams making the playoffs in one conference, while a stronger team in a superior conference is shut out—and even more so when that happens eight years in a row.

“I don’t want to overreact to any particular set of circumstances,” Silver said, urging caution.

One thing that could get tweaked is the rule that guarantees a top four seed to a division winner. This season Portland will be the four seed, but without home-court advantage in the first round, because they won the Northwest Division. Their record should have them as the six seed in the West. But to change that gets into questions of schedule balance and tradition.

Which is to say, don’t bet on any changes.

At least under Adam Silver the owners are talking about it. That is a start.

New York Knicks get “One Shining Moment” treatment for 2014-15 season (VIDEO)

Phil Jackson Press Conference

It’s not the highest quality video, but the sentiment and effort are spot on.

Ladies and gentlemen, your 2014-15 New York Knicks.

(Hat tip That NBA Lottery Pick)

Breaking down Eastern Conference playoff scenarios: Bulls, Pacers control their destinies

Chicago Bulls v Atlanta Hawks

Only one night is left in the NBA season and yet just one playoff matchup is set in the East. That said, things are a little more settled in this conference than out West, and we have an idea how this likely shakes out… then again, nothing as shook out the way we expected in the East this season. So why should it now?

Here is how the East playoffs stand heading into the final night of the NBA season.

No. 1 seed: The Atlanta Hawks have officially locked up the top spot. They have home court throughout the Eastern Conference playoffs.

No. 2 seed: The Cleveland Cavaliers’ have locked up the two seed and will face the Boston Celtics in the first round. Maybe the better way to phrase that is they will tune up for the playoffs against Boston.

No. 3-4 seeds: Thanks to Jae Crowder’s leaning, contested, is-that-really-the-shot-you-want, game winner that put the Celtics in the playoffs, the Bulls control their own destiny for the postseason. With that Toronto loss to Boston, Chicago is one game ahead of Toronto for the three seed in the East — beat Atlanta (likely to be resting guys) Wednesday and Chicago finishes the three seed, Toronto the four. However, if the Hawks beat the Bulls, and the Raptors knock off slumping Charlotte (as expected), the Raptors would get the three seed. It’s all in the Bulls’ hands (or hooves, as the case may be).

No. 5 seed: The Washington Wizards are now locked in here and will start the playoffs on the road. Before the season, we expected more out of this group. A first round playoff win helps us look past that.

No. 6 seed: The Milwaukee Bucks locked up the six seed. That’s quite an accomplishment for a team most thought was lottery bound before the season.

No. 7 seed: With its dramatic win Tuesday, the Celtics have locked this spot up. Good on them. Brad Stevens deserves a lot of credit for building a selfless team in Boston. One where they share the ball,  cut hard and move off the ball, and play with an energy that is fun to watch. The Celtics did not get here on pure talent — a number of teams they beat out to make the playoffs have more raw talent — but rather on how well they used what they have. They run a beautiful, modern offense.

No. 8 seed: It’s pretty simple for Indiana — beat Memphis and you’re in as the eight seed. Despite all the injuries and the rough season, Indiana would get a ticket to the dance. However, Memphis needs this win, too (their only hope of getting the five seed out West is a win and some help). If the Pacers lose, the Nets can be in if they beat the Magic. And Brooklyn should beat Orlando. Either of these teams will barely be a speed bump for the Hawks in the first round, but both would like to get an invite to the prom at least.

Breaking down Western Conference playoff scenarios: Spurs, Pelicans both need a win

San Antonio Spurs v New Orleans Pelicans

Only one night is left in the NBA season and yet not one playoff matchup is set in the West. Which is insane. From our preseason previews on we at PBT (and NBA media everywhere) talked about how stacked and tight the West was, but this is uncomfortably close, like Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal. Here is where things stand going into a key final night of games.

No. 1 seed: The Golden State Warriors have officially secured up the top spot, not just in the West but in the entire NBA. They will have home court as long as they last in the playoffs.

No. 2-6 seeds: This remains the cluster… there are still eight different scenarios that can play out here depending on what the Spurs, Grizzlies, and Rockets do Wednesday.

Let’s break this out by team.

San Antonio controls its own destiny. With a win over the Pelicans Wednesday night they win the Southwest Division and are the two seed (meaning they face Dallas in the first round). However, lose and they could fall as far as the six seed depending on what everyone else does, it gets really complex. Gregg Popovich is not a fan of uncertainty; he’s not resting guys he will go for the win.

The Los Angeles Clippers are likely the three seed; they can fall no lower than that after beating the Suns on Monday. They can be the two seed but only if both the Spurs and Rockets lose on Wednesday (not a likely outcome).

Portland is the four seed and will still be the road team in the first round.

Houston could climb as high as the two seed, they just need to beat Utah on Wednesday and hope the Spurs lose to the Pelicans (in that scenario the Rockets are the Southwest Division winners and get the two seed with it). They cannot be the three seed (after the Clippers win Tuesday), so if the Spurs win the Rockets likely are the five seed. In one scenario, if the Spurs and Rockets lose but the Grizzlies win on Wednesday, the Rockets can fall all the way to sixth.

Memphis can now only be the five or six seed in the West. If the Spurs and Rockets win it doesn’t matter what the Grizzlies do, they are the sixth seed. The Grizzlies can climb to the five seed if they beat Indiana Wednesday while Houston loses to the Jazz. If the Rockets and Grizzlies win but the Spurs lose then Memphis climbs to the five seed also.

No. 7 seed: The Dallas Mavericks are locked in here.

No. 8 seed: The Pelicans control their own destiny. New Orleans and Oklahoma City are tied for the eight seed, and the Pelicans own the tie breaker. If New Orleans wins Wednesday, they go to the playoffs. However, the Pelicans are going to face a motivated Spurs team that has won 11 in a row and needs to make it a dozen to get the two seed. If the Pelicans lose all the Thunder need to do is beat the banged-up Timberwolves — losers of 11 in a row — to secure the eight seed. It feels like things have lined up for Oklahoma City.

Three Things We Learned in NBA Tuesday: We finally know one playoff series, Boston vs. Cleveland

Evan Turner, Jae Crowder, Patrick Patterson, Terrence Ross

If you watch closely every night in the NBA you can learn a little something. We know you are busy and can’t keep up with every game, so we’re here to help with those lessons from another night in the Association. Here’s what you missed while thinking it would be good for you to cuss more

1) We have our first playoff matchup: Boston vs. Cleveland. It took Evan Turner scoring 14 points and making plays. It took DeMar DeRozan resting. It took 18 Toronto turnovers. It took Jae Crowder hitting a leaning, contested, ridiculous foot-on-the-line two from the corner.

But finally with the Boston win we have our first playoff series set — Boston vs. Cleveland. No, it’s not going to last long. However, you have to be impressed with what Brad Stevens has done in getting the Celtics here. Their defense has improved of late, first off. More than that, they share the ball, they cut hard and move off the ball, they play selfless basketball that is fun to watch. The Celtics did not get here on pure talent — a number of teams they beat out to make the playoffs have more raw talent — but rather on how well they used what they have. They run a beautiful, modern offense. Good on them for getting here.

2) Clippers will be two or three seed in West. In their final game of the season, it was vintage Clippers — Chris Paul had 22 points and six assists and the Clippers built a 30 point lead over a Suns team that has packed it in. Then the Clips put in their bench and that lead shrunk and shrunk until Doc Rivers was forced to send a couple starters back in to secure the win at the end. Doesn’t matter now, it’s a win. With the victory, the Clippers secured at least (and most likely) the three seed. Los Angeles can get the two seed if the Spurs and Rockets lose on Wednesday. There’s a 50 percent chance the Clippers will face the Grizzlies in the first round (four of the eight possible scenarios that can play out in the middle of the West end that way), which would be a fun and physical series. I’m good with that.

3) Indiana still controls its own destiny, beat the Grizzlies Wednesday and they are in. There are two fascinating games Wednesday night in the NBA, and one is Indiana vs. Memphis — both teams need a win. That game becomes interesting thanks to one that was hard to watch: Indiana’s double-OT win over Washington, 99-95. The winning Pacers shot 38.7 percent and had an offensive rating of 87.2 points per 100 possessions. (Just for comparison, the worst offense in the NBA this season by far was the Sixers at 92.9 points per 100. This game was ugly.) Indiana got five points out of George Hill in the second overtime, and 24 on the night, plus a 25-point night from C.J. Miles to secure the win.

If Indiana beats Memphis, they are in as the eight seed. If the Nets lose to the Magic the Pacers are in. However, if the Pacers lose and the Nets win, the playoffs will swing through Brooklyn (for just two games, but they will go there).