Author: Kurt Helin

Trevor Booker

Trevor Booker hits ridiculous one-touch volleyball shot (VIDEO)


You’re kidding me. That shot didn’t just work.

Okay, it did. There was 0.2 seconds left on the shot clock as Utah tried to inbound the ball in the second quarter against Oklahoma City. With that much time on the clock the only legal way to get off a shot is a tip, so most teams run some kind of play trying to free up a big near the rim and throw a lob.

But Utah has Trevor Booker. He can work miracles. Apparently. He hits a tip shot from waist high off a bounce pass with his back to the basket from eight feet away.

That may be the shot of the year.

The Thunder went on to win the game 99-94.

Chris Bosh returns in “Tall Justice Two” (from Funny or Die)

Miami Heat v Atlanta Hawks
Tall Justice 2 with Chris Bosh from Funny Or Die

Chris Bosh can be funny. Especially as a meter maid.

He teamed up a while back with the people at Funny or Die — you know, the place Blake Griffin interned — to make a fake movie preview called Tall Justice.

Well, like any good movie, there’s a sequel. Good stuff from Bosh.

Hat tip to That NBA Lottery Pick.

And in case you missed out on the original “Tall Justice”…

Report: Celtics near deal to send Jeff Green to Memphis Grizzlies

Boston Celtics v Washington Wizards

Danny Ainge is wheeling and dealing.

In the wake of sending Brandan Wright to Phoenix, it appears the Celtics are about to finalize a deal that sends Jeff Green to the Memphis Grizzlies, reports Adrain Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports.

Marc Stein of ESPN confirmed this.

This is going to be for Tayshaun Prince (owed $7.7 million this season on an expiring deal) and a future first round pick. (That has been the buzz around the league for a while, anyway.)

For the Celtics, it’s about going all in on the rebuild.

For Memphis, it’s about going all in for this year. Which they should do.

The Grizzlies are one of the teams in the mix in the West as potential contenders but what they needed was an upgrade on the wing and someone who can knock down threes. Green is athletic as they come and is a career 34 percent form three (although that is down to 30.5 percent this year, something that might improve with the better looks on a better team). Green fits their needs.

If you’re about to put in the comments, “they should have just kept Rudy Gay” you need to go back to basketball class. Gay demanded and took a much higher percentage of the shots and offense in Memphis than Green will (the offense was too Gay centered before). The Grizzlies offense now will continue to flow through MVP candidate Marc Gasol first and then to guys like Zach Randolph, Mike Conley and Green. If he accepts his role Green is a big upgrade for the Grizzlies.

Green doesn’t really help their defense, which for the past month has been Memphis’ real issue. But if that end comes around they remain right in the mix.

Report: Celtics near deal to trade Brandan Wright to Phoenix Suns

Boston Celtics New Player Media Day

The fire sale of the Boston Celtics continues.

The arms race in the Western Conference continues.

The Phoenix Suns are tied with the San Antonio Spurs for the eight seed in the West with the now healthy Oklahoma City Thunder lurking just four games back. The Suns seem like the team that could end up on the outside looking in. Again. So they are doing something about it, reports Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports.

Sorry Oklahoma City but the Phoenix Suns will not go quietly into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light… or your playoff chances.

Boston had gotten Wright as part of the Rajon Rondo deal with Dallas.

This is a great deal for the Suns on a few levels. For one, that pick is lottery protected for the first two years of the deal, and with the Wolves likely in the lottery those years then it becomes two second rounders. No big loss for Phoenix.

Next, Wright is on an expiring $5 million contract, so he is not a long-term burden and the Suns can try to re-sign him this summer.

Then there’s this — Wright can flat-out play. And is a good fit in the Suns system. If you missed him when he was getting key minutes in Dallas as Tyson Chandler’s backup then you should know he gave them 8.8 points on 74.8 percent shooting, plus he was a good defensive rim protector. He had a PER of 25.8 in Dallas. He is athletic, bouncy, and loves to run the floor, and can be strong in the pick-and-roll with all those quality guards the Suns have laying around. Plus he can defend for them. He is a quality backup for Alex Len (sorry Miles Plumlee, it’s going to suck for you).

For the Celtics? You get assets toward rebuilding, plus you are worse this year so your lottery odds get better. If you’re going to rebuild, go all in.

Is this move enough to keep the Suns as the eight seed out West?. Maybe, maybe not. I’m not going to try to predict the bottom of the Western Conference. Do you think San Antonio or OKC will miss the playoffs?

But this makes things more interesting.

Under Armour releases first Stephen Curry signature shoe — Curry One

stephen curry shoe

Stephen Curry is one of the best and arguably most entertaining players in the NBA — and he’s wildly popular. Like second in the All-Star voting overall by fans and closing the ground on LeBron James popular.

It’s time the man had his own signature shoe.

Now he does — the Curry One from Under Armour.

The shoe was announced on Friday and will drop in a store near you on Feb. 13 — or you can buy it online, because really how often do you go to a store anymore really? Not so coincidentally, that’s All-Star weekend.

I’m not exactly a sneaker-head — like with art, I just know what I like and what feels good when I play — so here is what Under Armour said of the shoes in it’s press release:

Two new innovations, Charged Cushioning and Anafoam, provide Stephen with performance benefits that his game demands.

Charged Cushioning: The ultimate advancement in energy. The new cushioning system absorbs impact and converts it into a responsive burst to give your first step and change of direction unmatched explosiveness.

Anafoam: After studying a pressure map of the foot to identify where to distribute support, EVA foam and mesh were molded together to anatomically fit essential pressure points.

Additional performance benefits include:
· An external heel counter that eliminates sliding and keeps your foot locked in place.
· A midfoot TPU shank underfoot for maximum stability.
· A multi-directional herringbone outsole delivering superior traction and control.
· A padded mesh tongue with synthetic suede offering protection and increased breathability.

Of course, there will be a ton of colorways dropping over time.

This is a big grab for Under Armour, who wanted to break into the basketball shoe market in a big way and needed a face for their product. They took a gamble on Curry that he could blossom… sort of like Nike was trying to gain ground in the 1980s and gambled on some guy named Jordan. Not that Curry is Jordan or it will work out that well, but some gambles pay off better than others.

Curry will give these shoes a high profile, starting All-Star Weekend in New York City. That’s about as big a launch as one could imagine.